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  1. thank you. I'm not surprised by this answer but you can never be sure
  2. if I have 5 missions ready to turn in with my 3 co-op partners, will everyone get the trophy or does the trophy only go to the person that turns in the missions.
  3. last fifa there was a trophy very similar or identical. regardless, it tasked you with playing x amount of games and I got it by just quitting out of a ton of squad battles games. I doubt EA would have implemented anything to stop this. they couldn't care less about trophies, it doesn't bring dough in
  4. thank you very much for that. iv'e been waiting nearly a year for the price to be reduced.
  5. Anyone know exactly what I have to do for this trophy? Iv'e heard different things and I'd like if someone would be able to provide a finite answer Edit: the trophy is for having 400 pieces of your own armour destroyed. I got this prior to playing my 100th game. isn't grindy at all
  6. I recommend not buying it. very unenjoyable, basic and repetitive
  7. Thank you for the tip, iv'e tried it 7 times and have unfortunately not got it working. However I will persist as recommended and hopefully get the trophy. I'll give an update
  8. turns out it was just the game itself. I reinstalled it and thankfully I'm not experiencing any. freezing. so glad it's been dealt with
  9. @Kolmthank you for the response! the disk does look clean but I may need to take a closer look. edit 1: turns out my disk is super scratched up. no wonder the guy I bought him from sold it for so cheap. *facepalm*
  10. for some reason every time I get to certain points in heists, my game decides to freeze. constantly. always at the same time. I am not level 8000 and It's really really annoying. I have just reinstalled my game and hopefully that fixes it. would like to know if I'm the only one experiencing this issue
  11. no problem. the game itself Is surprisingly enjoyable and the 100% isn't difficult at all. in fact, I pretty much got the most difficult trophies "the pacifist", as well as "long live the crown" legit as my partner was already dead prior to the crown spawning. Boosting isn't 100% necessary but it can help in some instances like getting the "full fusion" trophy and another tip, the "leave no one behind" trophy can be boosted with one other person. simply invite them to your squad and queue ranked squads. have your partner eliminate themselves either to storm or another player and then they can head over to the closest/safest respawn point and revive them. simply repeat and the trophy will pop. it can take a few attempts but the opportunities will come by
  12. my bad, what I meant was I went into lobbies with randoms and just teamed up with my boosting partner in solos. to start a solo match takes at least 7-9 players. not sure of the exact number
  13. you can just queue at the same time with your teammate and coordinate with them throughout the match, focusing on specific trophies. that's what I did
  14. and would anyone else be able to confirm how grindy this trophy is? was thinking about starting this game
  15. Tdm wins do contribute to the 10 win trophy. A tip, since you can start a Tdm with 3 players, if you want to get wins super quickly, change server to Australia and turn cross play off. queue with you and your friends/alts and the game will start after a few minutes of queuing. After,all people from one team can leave, instantly ending the game and giving the other team a quick win. This makes it much quicker but.i actually found playing tdm pretty enjoyable so it won't feel to grindy to do it naturally, and the game mode is pretty active on NA central with cross play on. Solos however can only be started with I think a minimum of 7 people. I tried queuing with 3 other people and we could not get into our own game. I was able to boost the trophies in solo's with just one other person and we didn't run into any difficulties. Oceania, with cross play off, is the least populated region but I wouldn't recommend playing on It for anything else other then going for quick wins in tdm