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  1. yes my bad, didn't realise. sorry
  2. There is a surplus of copies in australia. On a daily basis, i see new listings of the evil within on ebay for usually ≤$15 AUD. But maybe it won't be worthwhile as the shipping costs could be excessive
  3. is this still obtainable or is it currently unobtainable?
  4. A friend i was boosting this game with discovered this. You can purchase the emp mk 3 in the item section of any mech you own(i think it's mk3, it's mk something i'm sure of that) for roughly 2500 credits and it will still count towards the "EMPowerless" trophy. Basically, this saves you hours of boring grinding, and approximately around 20k credits.
  5. APC, i highly doubt you would be able to get weapon skill to level 20. it's a huuuuge grind and i'm not sure if i have the patience to get it. I'm only level 9 and iv'e been playing for 2 weeks. But as for the other trophies, you can certainly get them all. Unless you like the game i would advise you to stay away as it's so repetitive and boring, just my take.
  6. ye, thank you very much edin
  7. Thanks for the replies. I am currently using that guide and it's quite helpful
  8. Thanks Big-Brady, worked a charm. My trophy did in fact not pop after putting in all 868 codes (i had to do 870) until i went and got the Dilo note
  9. I was thinking about going back on this as servers are shutting down, but i'm struggling to find any sort of guides out there
  10. is the squads mode only temporary? i saw on a youtube video that it has a timer of 11 days remaining.
  11. thanks for all the replies guys, i appreciate it. what i gained is it's all obtainable but breach mode is absolute nards.
  12. If it is, what should i expect in regards to the online trophies, and are they obtainable from the start of the story?
  13. the offer is temporary but permanent when added to ur library
  14. idk if that is something to be inclined about. Typically, support pages are ran by idiots that don't really have any basis to what they're doing or saying. but that is a very big assumption, as the only chat/ticket feature iv'e really partook in is with EA, and we all know about the magnificence of them....
  15. this has happened to me multiple times. A few years back i was infamy 7 or 8 and my game data just corrupted. Unfortunately, there isn't a fix. I'm currently saving my game data onto 2 different usb sticks just in case i accidentally overwrite a current usb save with corrupted data, thus i can fall back onto the other usb. The game is extremely buggy and is nothing like the pc version. Hopefully payday 3 is less buggy