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  1. I can confirm that this still works on the latest patch of the disk version (BLES01902) I originally tried this bag duplication glitch on other heists but I couldn't get it to work for some reason. So I ended up playing the game in its base form, without any of the payday patches installed and still couldn't get it to work. So I end up going for this trophy and get lucky enough to get the garage escape after the 1st day on my 1st attempt. Unfortunately when I got the garage escape I only had 5 bags as I wasn't expecting to get the garage escape after the 1st day. Anyways, knowing this I just decided to give the duplication glitch a try and me being almost certain it wouldn't work was very surprised when it did. I turned 5 bags into 10 and the trophy popped as soon as the mission ended. TLDR: The bag duplication method still work
  2. I had this issue. To fix it, what I did was: Settings > Application save data management > Save data in system storage > Deleted the fall guys save data Then open the game back up, and press "accept all" on the Eula agreement and the remaining trophies should pop FYI deleting the falls guys save data does nothing to your progress as it is all saved online within the fall guys servers. It just wipes the settings within the game
  3. What a fantastic guide. Using your method got me the trophy in roughly 2 hours. The only difficult part about getting this trophy is wrapping your head around the game, but once you do, it's actually very simple. I would also like to point out 1 thing I noticed. I found that most times I reloaded a save, the path that I initially created was altered, due to some of the path being blocked by objects. As you skimmed over here: I eventually combated this by making a save which was only had a couple more quadrants to clear (making sure I had enough star dates), and slightly changing my path every save till I got lucky enough where the rng factor of this game didn't screw my path and I was able to complete it.
  4. congrats. any tips on how to complete 500 tasks the most efficient way?
  5. is still does. did it yesterday. simply open up the game, create a lobby using na servers then open the game up again, and join the server you just created. rinse and repeat to your content
  6. you change the region in game, here's a guide: I was able to join a server multiple times using this post. It only worked on NA servers. It took a couple tries for me to successfully create an NA lobby as I almost always get disconnected.
  7. Thanks for clarifying. Steam has it on sale for just a few dollars more than the playstation version, no biggie.
  8. so it's just as simple as owning the game and opening up multiple tabs?
  9. play the game mode where there are two types of different game types which alternate ( I forgot what it's called, mosh pit? well it's the game mode which alternate are called hot and heavy and hot pursuit ) anyways, when you land, find and drive the 2 door convertible vehicle, (looks similar to a mustang) you'll see a huge flare over supply stashes. I believe the flares are blue or green. These vehicles seem to spawn all the time at the same spots every game, I landed at the vehicle next to a set of small modern houses near array and the construction site. anyways, go to these flares and you'll find supply stashes and you'll eventually get lucky. sorry if I'm missing any details, haven't played in a while. I got mason in around 2 games of trying this method. good luck.
  10. I've got the same issue as you all. iv'e got 4 irl friends that live around a 5 minute drive from me, we all searched at the same time and nothing. couldn't get into a match. I'm going to get a vpn and make it so my region is UK. I know a few people that did this and were able to get into multiple games and get the trophy. I'll keep this post updated. EDIT 1: got the vpn working. very simple process. will begin searching. matchmaking already seems much more active. hopefully i'm able to get into one EDIT 2: found 2 games in a row with 2 separate partners but matched the same sweat who was playing classic friendlies with his 3 million coin team. lost both games. EDIT 3: found my 4th game, messaged my opponent asking for a win and he gave it to us. If it wasn't for that very kind person, this would be so much more difficult as i had play with 300 ping
  11. last fifa there was a trophy very similar or identical. regardless, it tasked you with playing x amount of games and I got it by just quitting out of a ton of squad battles games. I doubt EA would have implemented anything to stop this. they couldn't care less about trophies, it doesn't bring dough in
  12. thank you very much for that. iv'e been waiting nearly a year for the price to be reduced.
  13. Anyone know exactly what I have to do for this trophy? Iv'e heard different things and I'd like if someone would be able to provide a finite answer Edit: the trophy is for having 400 pieces of your own armour destroyed. I got this prior to playing my 100th game. isn't grindy at all