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  1. Sign me up too please!
  2. The Batman and Baraka combo challenges seemingly unlocked at essentially the same time. As well, though this isn't proof of anything, it's a bit weird that the challenges were completed in alphabetical order (exempting the two unlockable boss characters, Darkseid and Shao Khan). [In fact, even Captain Marvel is in the correct alphabetical spot if you go by his new official 'Shazam' name.]
  3. Hey, thanks for your honesty. Unfortunately porting/loading a save (even if it's your own) to pop trophies isn't allowed by the rules. Based on the situation you described, it's very likely that the CRT won't lift this so the likely outcome is you'll have to hide it to get back onthe leaderboards. It's probably best for you to hide any other trophies you may have popped in the same way too!
  4. @Sergen, respectfully, I think you need to cool it. You've been repeatedly posting the same thing in a lot of these disputes and, apart from inflating your post count, it's not achieving anything productive. As a whole, I think hBLOXs, Rejim, and StacFace92 make good points. -The 2 disputes you constantly bring up are from several years ago. Find us a more recent example of inconsistencies and I'll be more inclined to support you. -The disputer doesn't appear to be a casual trophy achiever and was aware the GTA trophy wasn't obtainable. Yet they went ahead with the hacker's invitation anyway. -A whitelist has the potential to be majorly abused because, in cases like this, you'd be in the clear as long as you tell a nice tale and no one can prove you actively searched for a hacker (or hacked it yourself). The underlying hacker situation that restricts freely playing certain games sucks but, come on, do you seriously think this is a case of a "trophy website playing god"?
  5. I got you @ChenZheCHN. Flagged the coin trophies 👍
  6. It seems like you mixed up the first two quotes in your last post. In any case, the 2 flag leeway is intended to give people benefit of the doubt with modder/hacker encounters and rule ignorance. The unfortunate reality is that you've hit that limit because you have games with illegitimate trophies. Baring a CRT decision in your favour, there's nothing you can really do about those now. If you hide the games now you won't be 'branded' as anything and you keep whatever other standings you had. (There are people who hide trophies for both legit and questionable reasons) If I were in your position and cared about my standings, I'd be extra cautious going forward. If you get illegitimate trophies because of hacking, hide that game right away (you lose the trophy points but keep the account legit). Be careful with the older multiplayer games on the PS3, especially the AAA mainstream games. Use a burner account for problematic games (if you really want to play them) or avoid them altogether. Or abandon this account and start a new one so there's no chance of a 3rd flag. It's really your call now.
  7. Hold the phone, what happened to the PS4? And who is this 'he'? (Unless it's a mistranslation) Isn't this the same PS4 you're using now? Not to seem too pessimistic, but now he'll mention he turned it off but conveniently forgot to mention this fact until now.
  8. I think he meant the screenshot that is automatically taken when a trophy is earned. (Instead of the trophy info) Those should be in your PS4's gallery in a folder for Tearaway Unfolded or when you select the trophy in your PS4's trophy list.
  9. Now that we've hashed it out, the whole situation is either unlikely or isn't allowed. This game does have a couple known glitches but not for the problematic trophies at hand. Giving you the benefit of the doubt, I'm assuming you're saying trophies only glitched around the time you completed Act 3. However, you hadn't yet finished Act 2 when those scrap trophies popped. Somehow (without finishing Act 2) your brother earned you tonnes of scrap and the trophies didn't pop when he would've earned them. (If he got scrap on another save on the same account they should've popped naturally alongside any other trophies he earned.) As @AJ_-_808 said, if your brother earned scrap on another account, you loading that save and getting the trophies isn't allowed. As well, servers went down in 2020 so I'm fairly certain you probably didn't get the scrap challenge naturally either.
  10. Well, I think the major issue for both games is that their singleplayer story trophies all popped at the same time. Technically that's impossible since, even if you played offline, the times would sync up to real-time the next time you connected to the PSN (which you've obviously done since then). Something can be flagged at anytime. And if you want to flag the other people using save swaps, hacks, or whatever, do it!
  11. Okay, so if I'm understanding you correctly about Mad Max: You played the game in 2018 and stopped. You returned to the game in 2020 and started playing a new game (because your old save was corrupted). You eventually found an uncorrupted version of your old save in PS Plus storage and loaded it. This save was in Chapter 4. The 'scrap' trophies popped right away because your old save had lots of scrap metal (that your little brother got for you before the save corrupted). Is this what you're saying?
  12. Hi, I have a question. Apart from the Chapter 3 story trophy, how'd you go about getting scrap so quickly? From what I can see, it appears that you played the game for a single day in 2018. Then, upon continuing the game in 2020, the two scrap related trophies pop immediately. That's a bit fast, no? (Especially since you seemingly hadn't built 2 projects in Jeet's stronghold yet.) Plus, do you happen to remember when you completed the 'Scrap collector' challenge? Did you get it back in 2018?
  13. Probably has to do with you getting the platinum before the 100% trophy. How'd that happen?
  14. How have you been banned, exactly? Is it this account or another? (It seems that you're on the leaderboard on this account.) I don't know if this is right forum area to make your appeal.
  15. Hey bud, You should check out your other thread's resolution. Given all your flagged games, I don't think you're going to return to the leaderboard. You can keep using the site if that doesn't matter to you OR you can make a new account and start from scratch. Although there's probably no reason to do so, if you still want to dispute Arkham Origins (and any other game), you'll need to unhide them so we can chime in.