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  1. Well, the events over. I wish I'd been more active and accomplished more but, amongst other things, I've been working more full-time to backfill a colleague. Here are my results/changes: 4/13 done Core 3: The Walking Dead (Vita) - 0% => 100% Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight - 0% => 100% Gun Club VR - 11% - Has a mode with zombies as mobile targets; classic zombie action film stuff. Additional 10: Alien vs. Predator - 2% => 5% Beyond: Two Souls (PS3) - 30% Dead Rising 2 - 88% Destroy All Humans! 2 - 0% -=> 100% Saw - 24% Styx: Master of Shadows - 6% => 100% Until Dawn: Rush of Blood - 33% You Are Being Followed - 0% => 23% <-- this was made ineligible since 50 people beat it in under 6 hours Zombie Apocalypse - 14% Zombie Army 4: Dead War - 0% Thanks for hosting this event blu3st4rdust305!
  2. I'd like to participate as well! Core 3: The Walking Dead (Vita) - 0% - Features zombies or 'Undead', a staple of Hallowe'en festivities. Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight - 0% - The heroes are called 'Phantom Thieves'. Phantoms are spooky Hallowe'en-like creatures. Oh, and you can wear costumes of iconic Sega characters. Gun Club VR - 11% - Has a mode with zombies as mobile targets; classic zombie action film stuff. Additional 10: Alien vs. Predator - 2% - Alien and Predator are both classic sci-fi/horror movies. The game's Marine campaign is probably quite scary too. Beyond: Two Souls (PS3) - 30% - Weird supernatural storyline starring Kitty Pryde and the Green Goblin. Dead Rising 2 - 88% - Zombies. The spookiest part will be finding a co-op partner. Destroy All Humans! 2 - 0% - Aesthetic of a 50s sci-fi film. Saw - 24% - Adapted from the slasher flick series that is, according to Guinness, the "Most Successful Horror Franchise" Styx: Master of Shadows - 6% - You are the creature lurking in the shadows. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood - 33% - VR shooting gallery with a creepy atmosphere and all the classic horror-themed tropes You Are Being Followed - 0% - No idea what this is about. The description mentions the 'unknown'. What's scarier than that? Zombie Apocalypse - 14% - Once again, more zombies. Zombie Army 4: Dead War - 0% - Nazi zombies? Supernatural and societal horror rolled into one nice package. I need to think up my games so I'll try to have them here in a day or two. Maybe a dumb question, but are these trophies supposed to be popped on Oct 31, a specific time frame, or at anytime?
  3. Just FYI, I've conferred with BOBA and they confirmed the same username. (A photo I took also shows BOBA's username alongside the probable hacker on my 'Players Met' list)
  4. To preface, I'm aware that Rockstar Games are prone to hackers. So far I've only seen one in Max Payne 3 (health would go down to nothing but they wouldn't die; they also didn't shoot so I guess they're an 'ethical hacker'). Last night I was playing public Deathmatch on the Marty's Bar map. There were 2 other players. One player, who's currently ranked in the top 100 trophy earners for a European country, took no damage from bullets. I'm fairly certain I wasn't lagging and there were definite hits and/or grenade damage. As well, the car in the street near the Bar entrance (and the main church doors) exploded and shortly disappeared. I saw it eventually reappear when it fell from the sky. Has anyone experienced similar? Does this appear to be a case of hacking? If so, does it go against our site rules and how should I report it?
  5. Sign me up too please!
  6. How have you been banned, exactly? Is it this account or another? (It seems that you're on the leaderboard on this account.) I don't know if this is right forum area to make your appeal.
  7. Hey, thought I'd join in on this list too! I've platinumed: Assassin's Creed II (PS3) Assassin's Creed III (PS3) [platinum but not 100%] Assassin's Creed III: Liberation (Vita & PS3) Assassin's Creed Rogue (PS3) Assassin's Creed Unity Assassin's Creed Syndicate Assassin's Creed Origins Assassin's Creed Odyssey Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry (PS4) So I think that puts me as a Veteran and Liberator
  8. Bump This is happening to me too in Canada. I see people earning the trophy so anyone know of a fix?
  9. Hi, After first posting to this event Dec. 1, 2017, I think I'm finally on the board! I've just finished Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories (PS3: 4.94% plat). Does it qualify? Edit: Dang. Looking at it now, the game was probably higher than 30% when this event started. Just to clarify, do games have to be <30% completed when this event started?
  10. It's still working for me... So maybe I guess it is the 25th
  11. @donut_plz Thanks for helping Toogie with this event! In the past week I've completed my bonus 'summer' game, Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension (which has already been updated). I remember liking the show back when it first aired. For what it is as a kid's TV show game and side-scroller, the game is solid if a bit basic. Since they got the show's creator's involved, I think the writing and dialogue is where it shines. Other than that, I've been playing Detroit and looking for games to fill out/swap with my current camp roster. If its okay I would like to add: Proteus - 100% (now) = Go Hiking [so that another complete game for Cabin 6] Hue - 0% = Be a Hermit (puzzles; the protagonist seems to be alone at the start) And swap: Beyond: Two Souls - 30% = Tell a Ghost Story (swapping out Yakuza: Dead Souls) Metal Gear Sollid 2: Sons of Liberty - 32% = Shoot Something (swapping out Hitman: Absolution) Thanks!
  12. Ah, sorry about that! I'll write them out this time and take this opportunity to add a few more too. Shoot something = Hitman: Absolution - 36% Make friends = Alpha Protocol - 1% Play a sport = - 21% Do a crazy stunt - Mirrors Edge Catalyst - Plat (just now) Hang out at the lake = Hydrophobia - 0% Survive = I Am Alive - 0% Tell a ghost story = Yakuza: Dead Souls - 25% Bonus Summer Vacation = Phineas and Ferb Across the Third Dimension - 0% Please let me know if you have any questions about my justification!
  13. @xMissFantasy Happy Birthday! Work was so busy I almost forgot today was the start of camp! My initial games are: Shoot something = - 36% Make friends = - 1% Play a sport = - 21% Have a great time everyone!
  14. I'm a fan of your events Toogie so I'd like to sign up for camp too! I'll come up with a selection of games by the start of the event! 🙂
  15. It looks awesome! Great job!