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  1. Hmm... Hear me out @Havok_Knight and, this might seem out of left field, but there's a pretty good chance that the reason has something to do with 100% shards unlocking a whole playthrough before 25 and 50%. Despite OP's story, this glitch is, as Sergen said, a very common indicator of save file usage.
  2. Bump This is happening to me too in Canada. I see people earning the trophy so anyone know of a fix?
  3. A look at Ijoker's tophy list shows he got the 'earn all shortcut trophies' before earning all the shortcut trophies. Since current glitch discussion appears to all be about the trophy not unlocking after getting all the trophies, I'm curious as to how he got the opposite.
  4. Yes, if you're not disputing the accusation, look at the instructions in the link above to learn how to hide the game.
  5. Hey, so in the thread you linked it appears that the issue is that star rating decreases/were lost. Assuming you're saying this is what happened to you, how would this explain the reverse order of (and time difference between) your Time Trial star rating trophies? Wouldn't you need to re-do the trials and thereby earn the stars again and get the trophies in order? Disclaimer: I haven't earned these trophies yet
  6. Hey guys, As interesting as it is to read emboldened text, discuss forum decorum, and philosophically debate the applicability of logic, we're not really adding anything to this dispute. So, why don't we just calm our goats and wait for CRT to weigh in?
  7. Psst, @Kazuma_Lucas MMDE cleared all the recent Ninja Gaiden flags since they were a mistake. You're all good now!
  8. I think OP's flagged trophy matches the 'glitch' referred to in this thread. It appears others have encountered the same thing.
  9. It's the PS3 ed. I can't make a report. If I had to make an educated guess (and assume nothing's been changed), it's 'Metahuman', 'Feel the Burn!', and 'Around and Around We Go' since they were earned at the same time. Sidebar to above: why comment if you're not going to quickly check each version for 3 closely earned trophies as per the apparent report reason?
  10. Disputer appears to be back on the leaderboard so it looks like we're good here.
  11. Hi @Sewoatsri, Could you please post the exact reasons for the flags? We can't see them and they'd help us understand what we're supposed to be looking at (and how we could chime in about your innocence). Though I haven't played it, how did you get Twin Robots' trophies to pop so fast? You're faster than the next fastest people by a wide margin. (Could someone with knowledge also looks at the current #1 fastest Twin Robot 100% achiever?)
  12. It appears to be the PS3 version since I'm unable to report it. Thanks for pointing out the other things @Golem25 I quickly scanned the PS4 version; it looks more viably completed. Report it if you see something egregious.
  13. How'd you go about completing the game in about 4.5 hours (half the time as the next quickest person)? Also, what's up with the order of your brutal combo trophies? Edit: I'm getting an error when I try to compare games, though I see some in common. Is this a glitch or does this mean games are in the process of being hidden?
  14. Uncharted: Based on a quick glance, the noted headshot and treasure trophies look like they're in order. GOW III: How did you defeat a mid-game boss (Kronos) before beating the first boss? Plus, how did you beat the final boss (Zeus) mid-game?
  15. Hi, After first posting to this event Dec. 1, 2017, I think I'm finally on the board! I've just finished Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories (PS3: 4.94% plat). Does it qualify? Edit: Dang. Looking at it now, the game was probably higher than 30% when this event started. Just to clarify, do games have to be <30% completed when this event started?