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  1. See this is the good stuff right here!!! Not looking forward to "Beat the Tofu level" in RE2 though.
  2. Windmill trophy glitched on me. Edit: Boot licker randomly popped after leaving my alt's online game. I have only assigned 2 factions and my alt none.
  3. Thanks bro! That's exactly what my issue was.
  4. I haven't gotten my fast travel trophy.
  5. Just out of curiosity what version of the game is this running on?
  6. I am now going to start using Nishki in my day to day vocabulary.
  7. I appreciate this post very much!
  8. Just to throw this out there, since I had to go into NG+ 4 times...don't ask but I think the trophy had to be done in 1 playthrough because my last mini game needed was the photography thing even though they all had cleared on them from previous playthroughs. I redid everything except that one because I know for a fact I did it already on my previous playthrough but when I finally gave it another go, the trophy popped as soon as I quit out.
  9. Bump as well because this is extremely helpful!
  10. Yea they confirmed on Twitter that Sony didn't appreciate the humor, for the record its was very poor humor. Like orchestrating and selling a black woman to be the monkey for a monkey grinder just to take a finders fee for selling her is horribly not funny. Also there is the pedophile joke where the kids get approached by a creppy man in a van that tells them he has a petting zoo inside and when the kids tell Rufus "The rules say you shouldn't go into a strangers van" he replies that rules are meant to be broken and hops into the van.
  11. Thanks my dude! I'm actually starting up the game now so it's good to know.
  12. I mean honestly trophy hunters are a niche group as it is and elitism really shouldn't be a thing when we are already such a small group. So my belief is a plat is a plat I mean yea there are "God tier" plats that deserve a "wow!" but whatever plat someone gets is A-OK in my book :-) GET THOSE PLATS PEOPLE!!
  13. 2020 and still no one has gotten the trophy.
  14. 100% won’t play if I can’t plat it, which just boils down to MP grind heavy games or Call of Duty games with zombies in it since those are stressful. It’s not like I’m missing out on a lot of games since I play a whole lot. I’m 100% ok with being like that because like I said I haven’t felt like I’ve missed out on anything 🤷🏾‍♂️