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  1. I've played a bit of Bannerlord and a ton of Warband and have the plat. Personally, it was a really fun list (disregarding the MP ones lol) and I think this will be similar. It looks like the family oriented trophies might be a slog. However, I don't remember anything to do with having kids when I played Bannerlord, because I don't think that was in the game when I played. Maybe it was, and I never got to that point to find it. The combat is super fun though so the 10k kills will be a fun grind I am sure.
  2. You have to be careful. When I did this, it didn’t pop Handy Man. You should do that quickly, and then boost to 45. This is because when you do the level boost, it automatically upgrades all of your equipment. There is technically one upgrade left, but it requires a lot of rare materials so I didn’t even bother. I don’t even know if that would pop it. As for the level 20 trophy, that actually doesn’t pop instantly. You need to get level 46 which is when it popped for me. You have to get the max level of 55 anyways so it’s no big deal. Otherwise, it is definitely recommended to boost Bayek to 45. It saved me a lot of ton of time. But just be weary about those two things while making sure you allocate your skill points accordingly to the stuff required on the trophy list. Hope this cleared it up for you, I had to dig a bit to find all this out.
  3. Grabbed my physical copy for 13 bucks. I think it got delisted because of the large amount of licensed music especially from big artists like Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada. Keeping that stuff up for long periods would be a licensing nightmare in itself, not even counting the Olympics branding! Great DLC and aforementioned soundtrack though. Still kinda scummy of Ubisoft to not give any update as to when it was being delisted but that's the life of trophy hunting sometimes.
  4. Speedlunky was not that hard in the first game if you beat the game a few times. Unless this game has a bunch of crazy mechanics that aren’t true to the original, it shouldn’t be too bad.
  5. i can help boost this if you want 👀
  6. No because EA took down the community creator so a few of the trophies aren't possible at the moment. There is a chance they might bring back some features, as they did before because of the Skate 4 announcement.
  7. DLC is all offline
  8. I played it the other day to see how bad it was and some of the time I would get into a lobby with like 5 people and sometimes I would just be by myself.
  9. Organ Trail Complete Edition. It's a zombie survival version of Oregon Trail. In my opinion, the original on PC had a better story, but it still is a brilliant game. Doesn't have a platinum but it is a very chill game.
  10. Hey, I did this about 2 years but it was incredibly glitchy. I believe I recall it popping further along than expected. I think by the time I did the Everlasting trophy, Rampage eventually unlocked. It could be bad connection, but the servers have been bad for a really long time so I am not sure. Good luck on the plat! I wanna return to this game sometime cause it is good fun.
  11. Yeah, I've began to collect some info but the problem is I don't own DbD on PS4 so I can't actually put up a guide for it on here. I'm not sure how I could do it without buying the game itself. But I've been replaying all the killers (even DLC) to jog my memory of all the best tactics for each one. Any ideas?
  12. I'll start writing up my guide tonight! Thanks for the input! I've definitely tried every aspect of the game so hopefully I can help folks out!
  13. I'm late to this but I am a PC gamer with around 500+ hours on this. This is one of the hardest games I've played yet to get 100% on. It's the same on PC, except you need 100 hex totems instead (lol). It's a super fun game but it can be frustrating if you are playing survivor. I plan on writing up a guide because there isn't a good one on here yet.
  14. they are fun
  15. Pretty much all the cheat codes in GTA 3 have some pattern that makes it easy to remember but I was able to nail each code activation in under 2 seconds.