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  1. Only unlocks if you do it in 60 seconds not the 2 minutes. That why he says to try and do it within 1 minute.
  2. Imprint mode will still unlock trophies as enemies are optional to fight against.
  3. There are two places they appeared. One in Uva where you first start seeing electric robots. They come out of those lamp like stations and you have to direct the bird to pick one up and drop a spider on the station spawner thing. It'll destroy it and the trophy unlocks. The other place is the Port Loop but apparently you can't revisit place again in free roam. The devs said they are going to release a patch on some things and fixes. They are also looking at respawning the spider nests in the game. So at the moment, that trophy is indeed missable and you need to start a new game. If you already completed the game in both modes, you'll need to delete your save file if you wish to restart from fresh. There's no way to restart a new game without deleting your save file. That might also be patched in the future updates.
  4. May I ask how you destroyed yours? Because I originally thought there was one way to destroy them which is to direct your falcon to drop a spider bomb on it. Did you use one of the bombs in your inventory. As for the spawns. Those seem to be the only thing that doesn't respawn making it missable if there is another way to destroy them other than using the spiders to destroy the spawner they coming from.
  5. That is a good question. I'll check it out again.
  6. Chickens are north of Hava, They are in that small area at the top directly below Eliya. You need to hit them with the baton then falcon attack them to kill them.
  7. I'll give it a double check to be on the safe side of things.
  8. I looked at your trophies and you are just missing the goat snack trophy. All you have to do is kill a goat and then cook the meat. You already have all the cards. You don't even need the cards for the snack trophies, just the meat and the ingredients. Anyway, the goats are in the area where you find the lizards. Go through that gate and make the first right. I hope this helps you.
  9. Do you have 15 cards? There's a total of 15 which you can check in your inventory.
  10. I have not recorded the locations for all the cards but will speedrun the game showing all locations of those huts. However, if memory servers right. I think the goat is the one in the area after crossing the minefield where you head to the UDA. There will be a save fountain on the hill. To the left are two sandwolfs. Its the same area in the game where you can farm 175 and reload your save file. I'll upload a credit farming method on my youtube. Anyway, blue hut in that area if you hug the back walls. There's two cards in there actually.
  11. Hi, you already have it because the final gear is obtained by unlocking the trophy to Birdie?. You get it as a reward, so be sure to talk to the instructor. Then you put all three pieces of gear on the falcon. If you look at the end of my Birdie? video, you see I mentioned to talk to the instructor. The item is also at the end of the video.
  12. I wasn't timing myself but it under 6 hours if you know what your doing. I would say 5-10 Hours is a good estimate.
  13. I did my entire game without VR so it be easier for me to write things much faster. It is also great with VR enable as well but not necessary for the Platinum since it optional.
  14. Nothing is missable in the game due to there being a free roam at the end of the game. Trophies are simple too and the only one that might give you a few retries is the Lightning golf minigame. I made a video guide for a few of them here: (I also found a method to farm credits which I will upload in a bit)
  15. I'm pretty sure this is Ultrawings Flat rather than a VR version of the game. I think it it got a non vr version as a different trophy list https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/8964-ultrawings https://blog.us.playstation.com/2019/04/05/the-drop-new-playstation-games-for-april-9-2019/