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  1. DiscoKing is as legit as they come. #FreeDiscoKing
  2. You look sus because what you did seems like you made backup saves for trophies at different points and quickly pop them all. It has been a very long time since I played this game but if you planned all that just for the fastest time. It could be legit.
  3. Glitching the boss inside the ramp is the only way to achieve that trophy. It shouldn't take that long to do it once you know where the ramp is and run their immediately.
  4. Really never played the game myself and can't tell by looking at the list. But looks like someone just reported you for because you the fastest achiever at 17 hours. If so, silly reason to flag someone. It be happening though.
  5. There's no new patch but if you check the trophy list. Those glitched trophies have been achieved. Of course, there there's a possibility they were hacked or it either internal unlocks. It'll be good to keep an eye out for any updates. Patch is currently 1.11 with the 3 glitched dlc trophies.
  6. Saw this thread a few days ago and I still believe he legit. I didn't read every comment but I just don't see anything wrong.
  7. The reason you got flag was because you acquired all of the costumes in the game as the 2nd trophy which is impossible. I saw this person's thread but they don't have your issue: I haven't search google or anything, or PST.orgs for any other info. But that 2nd trophy is the issue I notice with your list.
  8. I like the Trophy title names the most. Brings a lot of memories back to me from the show.
  9. Anyone here still waiting for Gaming Monitors that support HDMI 2.1? Just wondering. Most sticking with TVs.
  10. Thank you. I might be back at it again when PS5 is here. Been focusing on my health.
  11. If anyone wants to use a Walkthrough for all Trophies with Text, please free to use my Guide here: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/onimusha-warlords/333164-onimusha-warlords-platinum-walkthrough-speedrun-7-10-hours-text.html#post6342134
  12. If anyone wants a Platinum Walkthrough. Feel free to read and use my guide: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/onimusha-warlords/333164-onimusha-warlords-platinum-walkthrough-speedrun-7-10-hours-text.html
  13. I don't think it really matters. They have too many cheated games. Their The Amazing Spider-Man for Vita for example has 1000 enemies defeated for their 2nd trophy. At the bottom if the list they have the 500 enemies defeated. Seems fishy.
  14. His entire profile is messed up. Even Resident Evil 0 and 1 are all over the place and out of order.
  15. I'm sure he off the board but even his Titanfall 2 trophies are cheated.