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  1. This can be done with playstation plus. I did it yesterday but took approx 3 hours. This is exactly what I did. I went to player created maps, open most liked and went to the first map and tried to start a maultiplayer match (X on PlayStation) it would say something like game is full. Then I would repeat this over and over again on the same map and it would eventually start. Some times it would say problem connecting or this map is currently not available. Sometimes it would try to connect and then say problem connecting to host and sometimes it would simply crash but rest assured 100% it will start. Then simply quit, rate and repeat on the next map. Keep a log on a note pad to see where you are up to because you can’t rate the same map twice. It felt like to me when I was doing this that I was forcing my way into the server every time I moved on to a new map.
  2. I roamed for hours hacking everybody with no luck. I decided to stop hacking all together and just look at the profile and sure enough about 5 minutes later i found it. Give it a go.