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  1. Love it. This game is singlehandedly killing my trophy hunting career. Obviously it has trophies, but I have no desire to play anything else.
  2. I've searched online, but I have been able to find very little about it.
  3. Asymmetric horror game (think Dead by Daylight, Friday the 13th, Evolve) White Noise 2 will be released this coming Friday, October 13th. Please see here for more info. The game is already out on Xbox, so we have a good idea of what the trophies will look like: Trailer below:
  4. Biomutant looks awesome
  5. Some light research on this game online shows it on the Oculus website, so I am guessing this is a VR only game?
  6. Spy Chameleon Decent free PS Plus game. The puzzles were fun enough but the challenges could be very frustrating. 🙆 Table Top Racing: World Tour I went into this with no expectations and actually quite enjoyed it. Once you have the courses and mechanics down it is a fun one. Credit to Blanz_ for helping me with the online races, although I don't think he/she knew they were helping. Both achieved yesterday. TTR on the PS4 and Spy Chameleon on the Vita.
  7. This will be a worldwide release on February 18th, 2018. Exciting times for the Vita yet to come!
  8. Hi all - I was thinking of jumping on the Destiny train with same sale prices for the collection that I have seen, but I am worried that 100% will become unattainable once Destiny 2 comes out in a few weeks. Can someone explain to me if this will be the case or if Destiny will still be worth it?
  9. Strangely, I found the drifting levels for both the DLC and regular game to be... of medium difficulty. Obviously didnt use the donut drift since it was patched out, but just learning the courses and where to drift and where to boost (this is essential). The million point one only took me about 5-6 tries. My tip is to always save the boost for where you will find yourself on a straightaway that is difficult to boost on. Anyway, still have a bunch of other races to clean up, but all the drifting is done so I am happy. I found this one to be the hardest I've completed so far, but if you leave the race and start again the opponent mix up changes (or at least order changes) and sometimes you can roll an easier set to beat.
  10. I think he is trying to say that you are in the PS4 forum, but are not looking forward to any PS4 games. Edit: Kingdom Hearts III? Does that count? Also Lords of the Fallen 2.
  11. I don't think this upgrades me, but figured I would share that I added MWR to my plat ranks so now I have: PS4: Advanced Warfare PS4: Modern Warfare Remastered
  12. The whole press conference being Knack 2 did make me laugh though!
  13. Ouch. Hopefully she got some further enjoyment out of it with some of the great games the PS3 had to offer!
  14. On PS4 working on Lords of the Fallen and Battlefront (it's just a long way to level 100) and Titan Souls on the Vita.
  15. I'd also add in Banjo-Kazooie / Banjo-Tooie. Both great games that would be awesome to port around.