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  1. Here we go again. Strange, I play mostly killer and this type of survivor is 1/10 I'd reckon. Of course, go online and you must imagine a mob of asshole playing this game only, if you have never played yourself.
  2. Deathgarden - the newest game from Behaviour Interactive, the makers of Dead by Daylight, is coming to PS4 next year. The Steam release is happening this week. Trailer here: This game is a 5v1 asymmetrical game with the one person playing as a hunter in first person and five runners in third person. Looks like a good one!
  3. I got this trophy while the killer was across the map, so not sure what the actual requirements are, but it came pretty easily.
  4. @Maxie Mouse agreed, BUT they can let us know when it was submitted for approval. It shouldn't take more than 2 weeks and we are pushing that boundary already. If we just knew the submitted date I think a lot of us would be happy.
  5. I know this is going through certification, and that is out of the developers control, but MAN I wish we could get some transparency on when this will be available to us.
  6. You may be right. I don't really follow the team, I just know they have a lot of talent. Also, only 10 teams have made 13 or more World Cup appearances. 8 of those 10 have won. Only Belgium and Mexico have not. Seems like it is about time!
  7. Also a tribe fan. Always hopeful and our team has the best record after the last four years, but man the MLB is loaded right now with some great teams, especially the AL. It's going to be real tough. I like our chances if we can make the World Series though. Fortunately our division sucks so we should end up with a post season spot plus missing the wild card team.
  8. I'm not bold enough to predict scores, but I predict Belgium will at minimum go to the final. Belgium over... Argentina.
  9. I'm a lifelong Cleveland fan (Browns, Cavs, Indians), but I now live in Denver. In 2015, the Broncos won the Super Bowl, which was a lot of fun, enjoying my current city getting a championship. However, when the Cavs won in 2016 that was 100x better since my team I have followed for 25 years finally made the promised land. I say follow sports because they are fun but keep that one home team as your main drive and that will make it more worthwhile. Additionally, just picking the big boys isn't as fun if they are 'expected to win every year.' The heartbreak is a lot of what makes winning so fun. The big boys being teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, Patriots, Steelers, Warriors, Lakers, Celtics, Real Madrid, Barcelona, etc.
  10. Heroic Training Slowly finishing the grind on Xenoverse. Have 4 mentors to go and about 30 skills.
  11. Looking at the Jak & Daxter games for Vita, but can't decide if I should go PS4 instead. I've heard there are issues with Vita performance and the PS4 bundle has the racing game....
  12. I've seen it said here, but I would reiterate, that things you almost certainly cannot do without a guide are always a bit annoying. I did Three Fourths Home, and there is a trophy to get a specific line said, and I tried it 3/4 times before going to a guide because if you do not say exactly the correct sequence, you cannot get it.
  13. I legitimately thought this thread was going to be a Horizon: Zero Dawn kart spin-off. I am disappointed now.
  14. This game has been out for non-consoles for awhile, and had good reviews when it came out in 2015. It will be playable with or without VR from what I am reading.
  15. Mass Effect Trilogy Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy Infamous 2