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  1. Final Fantasy XIII trilogy tops the list. Never got a chance to play it on PS3. How about some Taz the Tasmanian Tiger? I thought those games were fun as a kiddo.
  2. Trophies seem reminiscent of OG Valkyria, with more of them, which is appreciated! Can't wait for this one.
  3. Are evasive skills worthless for trophies? I see a trophy for super and ultimate attacks but not evasive. I can probably skip some of the grind if so.
  4. I honestly don't think there is a worse character or challenge in gaming. My brother calls me 'noob' for not being able to do it but the controls suck and honestly this just blows. I am a grown adult and have no time for such bogus in my life!
  5. In case anyone is seeing this, I logged on this morning and all the appropriate trophies popped. All is well.
  6. Started playing Fortnite PvE and have gotten through a few missions but no trophies have unlocked. Definitely did shield defense 1 and befere and after science so I should have those trophies. Is the game glitched?
  7. Agree wholeheartedly. I picked it up thinking it seemed cool and because it has many horror icons, but I've sunk who knows how many hours into it. As far as a game just for trophies, the grind is enormous but it will be very enjoyable too. Hell even my wife will get home and say 'can you play DBD' since she enjoys watching.
  8. I'll just sit and hope for Microsoft to release Banjo on PS4 but any new platformer is welcomed!
  9. Is Fortnite a good alternative here?
  10. Oh boy, I'm afraid to find out. In no particular order: 1. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 3. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 4. Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 5. Nioh 6. Horizon: Zero Dawn 7. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories 8. Kingdom Hearts 2 9: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep 10. Batman: Arkham Asylum 11: Batman: Arkham City 12: Batman: Arkham Knight 13: Bioshock 14. Bioshock 2 15. Bioshock Infinite 16: Call of Duty Infinite Warfare 17. Far Cry 4 18. Alien: Isolation 19. Final Fantasy XV 20. God of War II 21. God of War III 22. inFamous: Second Son 23. inFamous: First Light 24. Metro 2033 25. Metro Last Light 26. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor 27. Bully 28. Yooka-Laylee 29. Nier: Automata 30. Bloodborne 31. Furi 32. Murdered: Soul Suspect 33. Dreamfall: Chapters 34. A bunch of telltale titles Actually not as bad as I thought! Cheers, friends.
  11. No news on release date, but the developer did tweet this today:
  12. There are no DLC trophies, but would anyone familiar recommend buying the DLC to help with the trophies? Or maybe the DLC is generally fun and worth it.
  13. I've been eyeing this game on steam for awhile, but I am not a big PC gamer, so seeing this here is great news! Hopefully the controls are not too clunky.
  14. Cleveland Sports (Browns, Cavs, Indians) and the Colorado Avalanche!