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  1. Nier Automata is the only one for me, I think. Loved that game!
  2. I fully support you not buying the game for these reasons or any other I might not know of. I am curious why you wanted to be the one to post the game in this forum? Why not leave it for us who are excited and don't care about Rowling.
  3. I think we should argue about the merits of buying games day one.... kidding! I've decided to hold off on playing this until the seemingly enormous amount of bugs are cleared up. Hoping we get DLC character trophies too!
  4. It's funny, I read this and still did it. Had to go to the NW corner of the map and kill 2-3 extras.
  5. This happened with the Silent Hill release too, the trophies will show up. Have faith!
  6. Wonder how this will work in regards to trophies. If we have the PS4 version, will we have to re-earn all PS5 trophies? Will they auto-pop? Will there be a merged list?
  7. I think this game is looking great, personally. I am imagining that there will be DLC characters too, like Catwoman. Not sure if they will include additional story or just repeatability to the main story.
  8. I never see Royal Fumble as it is, so surprised to see it being less featured. Can't stand Fall Mountain and get that about 90% of the time
  9. Hex a Gone is a lot of fun, I never feel jipped when I lose that one
  10. Coming to the forums to see people losing it and so angry over a free game, like our friend Thrillhelm, is starting to be one of my favorite passtimes. Great game, Mediatonic. Keep it up!
  11. No I don't think in a million years the trophy should be changed. There can't be game mode specific trophies either since the game will almost certainly cycle game modes in and out. Wouldn't be too good if you can no longer earn a tail trophy because the tail game isn't in season 2 or something.
  12. This is helpful, thank you!
  13. I'm a big fan of Monto.
  14. I got this some time ago, but I never had any issue with this trophy. I had long ago gotten the three civilian songs and just had to cycle bars to get the rest. I don't say this to brag, but to tell new players: ALWAYS look for that song icon while walking around. It comes around quite a bit just while doing activities on the overworld, and trust me its a lot more fun when you just run into it than to have to search for a random event.
  15. One time or daily?