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  1. Sounds cool, I am all for an expansion of the franchise.
  2. Been watching Yu Yu Hakusho for the first time since I was a kid. Not sure I ever got past the dark tournament then, so Chapter Black has been a real treat.
  3. I don't think there are online trophies, unless you count all of them because it is an 'online required' game. There are a few online trophies in Hitman 2, but they took under an hour to knock out.
  4. Yes
  5. I would not suggest buying this game for trophies. I would suggest buying the game because it is load's of fun and will consume you for years to come! 😀
  6. Let's see.... Dead by Daylight Drawful 2 Star Wars Battlefront Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Umbrella Corps Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Call of Duty: Black Ops III (these zombies trophies are really rare huh?) Dragon Ball: Xenoverse The Division Lords of the Fallen Super Star Wars 11 total
  7. Interested, but have a feeling like Umbrella Corps, this will immediately die. It's unfortunate but true.
  8. Was this thread just made to complain about a game most of you have never played before? The Devs are allowing you to use all the new features of the new game in the old map. The two old games on sale cost about the same as an average DLC or even less, just bought both for under $30. What the devs did is fantastic, and if that ruins your desire to grab this game for trophies, then that's okay, but no need to come here to complain.
  9. Can do it on any difficulty. I rotated between let the game begin and the forest/desert hive to keep it somewhat interesting. Also keep in mind there are 3 other hives that have to be done to get to the Elite Heroic Hive, which has it's own separate trophy. Might as well get those done first.
  10. Mine are my rarest platinums, with a few favorites sprinkled in
  11. Whoever is concerned about the 3 sniper multiplayer trophies, just do it. I installed the game for the first time ever today and had all 3 done within one hour. You can matchmake, and they are quite easy to "complete." You only need to finish the objective, not the challenges.
  12. Only play games that you actually want to play. Some people, myself included, will throw in games they don't like to boost the profile. No point in that.
  13. I will offer an unpopular opinion, I am happy to see trophies from the old maps again. More reason to go experience them again. Hell, I was hoping H3 would outdo H2 for total trophy count.
  14. Some games allow you to earn DLC trophies, but some are locked behind a paywall. So purchasing the DLC gives you the ability to earn those trophies, even if you could complete the tasks earlier.