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  1. Very interested in this. For those who don't know, this is a "4x" game most often found on PCs, so I am curious to see how this will transition to console.
  2. I'm not so sure. I took a peek at ( has never been on sale.
  3. This looks like an enjoyable puzzle game that has been on mobile for a few years. Depending on price, I may just pick this one up. Would be nice on Vita.
  4. This is looking a lot like bomberman.... I grew up with the N64 versions of that game, this would pique my interest from a nostalgia perspective.
  5. Thanks! This is very helpful! I will probably check it out on a sale.
  6. This would be the first game I preorder in awhile. My wife loves HP, so I could probably get her into it too!
  7. I'd love a real time strategy to play on PS4, but I've always found console RTS to have clunky controls. How is this one?
  8. Why do I buy games during sales? All I've done is make PS Plus redundant. 😅
  9. Great game, but give us Final Fantasy XIII trilogy!
  10. I backed this game what feels like YEARS ago and haven't heard anything in awhile. Happy to see it is still alive!
  11. Last August I hit 100%, genuinely thought they were done making trophies. I'll be on this weekend to hash this out, likely.
  12. I've grinded on this game to get the Master Jedi trophy, but the simple fact is, I am no good at the game. Anyone know of a shortcut to help out on this one?
  13. I'm interested in this game, but I can't find anything about it online. It is looking like horror, and potentially VR, both things which would interest me.
  14. Here we go again. Strange, I play mostly killer and this type of survivor is 1/10 I'd reckon. Of course, go online and you must imagine a mob of asshole playing this game only, if you have never played yourself.
  15. Deathgarden - the newest game from Behaviour Interactive, the makers of Dead by Daylight, is coming to PS4 next year. The Steam release is happening this week. Trailer here: This game is a 5v1 asymmetrical game with the one person playing as a hunter in first person and five runners in third person. Looks like a good one!