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  1. Beat the first one yesterday!
  2. Added 100% Number 8 and Number 9: The Swapper I have seen this game get some love and more hate. It was a short game but I found the puzzles to be interesting and felt good after solving a lot of them. Dragon Fantasy Book I Another shorter game. I enjoyed that the story had 4 separate parts, and it was an easy 100%. On to book II which has a platinum.
  3. Not sure if this is enough to move me from Hatchling to Drake since it is not a platinum, but I got the Dragon Fantasy Book I 100% yesterday. Moving on to Book II so that will push me up either way. I know it has 'dragon' in the game but otherwise dragons played very little part in the story. I guess there was one during the Intermission M story.
  4. Dragon Fantasy Book I 30.68% Uncommon The Fantastical Dragon! Complete the main storyline in chapters 1, 2, and 3. Had a fun time running through this. Will be moving on to Book II next which has a platinum.
  5. [deleted]
  6. Hello! I would like to join this! I currently have one Platinum - PS3 Walking Dead Season One. Thanks!
  7. Drag-On Dragoon 3! Just signed up for the Dragon's PP
  8. Sign me up! I am working on Dragon Fantasy and have most of these games in the backlog.
  9. The Swapper - III Would have finished the game in one sitting, but didn't have enough time.
  10. Well that is certainly a bummer!
  11. How about the original Plants vs Zombies on the PS Vita - it has a platinum! Also a great game. Sign me up for a n00b zombie hunter as well. Have Dead Island and will get Zombi with PS Plus, so I will begin climbing the ladder.
  12. Two more games you could consider adding are The Swapper and rain. I am playing through them now and if you take the time to read everything then it definitely has an emotional side to it.
  13. Hello! It looks like I am a tourist, because I have Plat'd Far Cry Classic. I am sitting on FC3, BD and FC4 so this will give me motivation to play them.
  14. Last night, I got the trophy for killing people stealing your drops pods and decided I might just test the waters on the blast mode. Somehow got into a 1v1 game (didnt even know that could happen). I got the score up to 3-1 and just camped and waited for time to expire. Got the trophy. Pure luck really. Ended up 5-1 because of a few sniper kills near the end.
  15. Sign me up as a Jedi Youngling! I am working on Battlefront, and have all but one trophy in Super Star Wars thus far.
  16. Sign me up! I own all the games from a PSN sale awhile back except Arkham Knight, but haven't started them yet. This challenge will get me to start 'em up.
  17. Also got my first platinum this year, and now I am at 5: 1. Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale (PS Vita) - 17.17% 2. InFamous (PS3) - 13.51% 3. The Walking Dead (PS3) - 52.34% 4. Super Exploding Zoo (PS Vita) - 18.28% 5. FarCry Classic (PS3) - 32.18% Working on Bioshock, but I do not think that will be done this year.