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  1. This is helpful, thank you!
  2. I'm a big fan of Monto.
  3. Very interested in this. For those who don't know, this is a "4x" game most often found on PCs, so I am curious to see how this will transition to console.
  4. I got this some time ago, but I never had any issue with this trophy. I had long ago gotten the three civilian songs and just had to cycle bars to get the rest. I don't say this to brag, but to tell new players: ALWAYS look for that song icon while walking around. It comes around quite a bit just while doing activities on the overworld, and trust me its a lot more fun when you just run into it than to have to search for a random event.
  5. Amazon UK has started selling pre-orders for a game called Watch Dogs Legion. In the description, it says all NPCs will have full voice acting and animations, and you can play as anyone. Also note that this is the "leaked" sub-title of the new Assassin's Creed.
  6. One time or daily?
  7. I actually enjoy this game. I don't have a deep history of Resident Evil playtime, so perhaps that allows me to just enjoy the small map shooter for what it is. The worst part of this game from where I am sitting is the boosters. About half the time I get on, I find a 2v2 match, meaning I am the 5th player and it is now 3v2. I usually quickly get a rude message to "get off, we are boosting." Only once have I ever been asked to join. So I want to say, Dear Boosters: if you are in a public match and I join, you have two options: play the darn game, or be nice and invite me to join. I don't understand the mentality that you somehow own the game, and the best way to ask me not to interrupt is to be rude. Cheers, Denvirus EDIT: I'm talking about this game, Umbrella Corps. Not "every game ever."
  8. They are up now.
  10. It is strange that we haven't seen a leak or anything. Nobody would be happy if the DLC didn't have trophies.
  11. Probably coming when the update comes out.
  12. I think perhaps I did not articulate myself well enough. This game allows for SIX players in any given match. If I jump on and find FOUR boosters, then it's really not my job to decide not to play the game so they can get what they want. At the very least, they could ask nicely. I have not had one person say: "Hey, we are boosting, do you mind jumping off so we can finish?" It's usually: "Get off now, kid. This is our session, F you." If you want to boost this game, get SIX players, or don't be a dick. It's not random if it's a public match. 👌👌
  13. It looks like this game has been delisted from digital purchase. If I buy the physical copy, will it still play?
  14. These look significantly less grindy than F13 the game, which is the ultimate grind. Same developer, maybe they learned their lesson!
  15. The Divison is taking longer than it should because of empty Last Stand servers
  16. Currently working on Assassins Creed IV on PS4. About halfway done with multiplayer then I will dive into the story. Also pulling back out the Vita to try and get some stuff I missed there. Considering diving into the world of VNs, not sure where to start.
  17. I'd love a real time strategy to play on PS4, but I've always found console RTS to have clunky controls. How is this one?
  18. Attack on Titan 2. I'm not up for that grind!
  19. It's rare to see a game with every person having 100%, was this game just built and put on the store for trophy hunters to download and plat? 😂
  20. If you are only starting to 100% the game, I'd say no. I've been playing non-stop since October 2017 because I really love the game and still don't have 100%. As far as fun factor, hell yeah pick it up. And remember, you are trying to have fun, nothing else!
  21. Let's go even older for BioWare and say KOTOR I & II, plus Jade Empire!
  22. This looks like an enjoyable puzzle game that has been on mobile for a few years. Depending on price, I may just pick this one up. Would be nice on Vita.
  23. Started playing Fortnite PvE and have gotten through a few missions but no trophies have unlocked. Definitely did shield defense 1 and befere and after science so I should have those trophies. Is the game glitched?
  24. I honestly don't think there is a worse character or challenge in gaming. My brother calls me 'noob' for not being able to do it but the controls suck and honestly this just blows. I am a grown adult and have no time for such bogus in my life!
  25. Recently pulled this game out of the backlog to begin playing it (from 2013!) and wanted to reach out to the community to ask two questions: Which colossi was your favorite to fight? Which do you think was the most difficult? I am only through 6 so far, but will update when I have a more accurate opinion.