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  1. Same happend to me. I try to find Blair Witch in PS store. but stille not there. I look like not all lands in europe get yet, so hope it show up in friday.
  2. He go make one more game. It will be horror game.
  3. This game is really good! I have this on PC and was much fun of play this one. I go buy this to get trophies. Trophies list look easy to me. I challenges you to solve this game yourself without cheat or hint, if you buy this.
  4. I finally got this trophy. Hearts in Bearings on Heads run, dont matter. Just what you choose.
  5. So.. If it show up heart in "Bearings" in Heads run, fail I? I notes that I play Conrad and choose Steal the Speedboat or pick up knife. It show Steal Boat (heart) and Pick knife up (head), so I choose pick up knife and attacke Junior, both fail and corroct. It show heart in Bearings?????
  6. I did change password and get 2-step authorization. But why come I stille in the russian PS4? Not my PS4?
  7. If I can come in to his PS4, mean it he did access in my PS4 before?
  8. I used PS4 by Remote Play when I was not on home. Last I played remote play 2 months ago. Without problem. Today I try use Remote Play to get trophies by my own PC. I write the correct email and password as normal. BUT I login to other unknown russian PS4. I can watch he play. I can play that myself on the russian PS4! I can't believe it happend with me. I try log off and in, but it happend same to the russian PS4. I think I can make mess in his PS4 by delete or some. It is creepy. I dont do that. I just leave. I cant login to my own PS4. I lik to know how to login MY PS4 by remote play. Have anyone same happend as me? I did report to Playstation/Sony.
  9. Fallout Shelter Overachieve Much? Complete 100 objectives Platinum Trophy Collect all other 34 Trophies for this Trophy.
  10. I did always one shot down Zitadelle (the big robot) with the laser gun charge upgrade with full power up. The back of Zitadelle is the weak spot. I notice that the back of Zitadelle dont have much armor than front.
  11. Yeah. Just 10% discount. But It get problem with subtitles, and I reported. 😑
  12. Since I find that no one as make hats-list on internet. So I make my own list, which will share with you. It is incomplete list. Tell here if you have some rare hats that are not in my list. ------------- Steamworld Heist (PS4) (With «The Outsider» DLC) —Hats List— Incomplete collect in main game «Steamworld Heist Complete collect in «The Outsider» DLC ——————————— Rank hats: Hat - Uncommon Hat - Vanity Hat* - Rare Hat *Get hats from shops ——————————— Crew´s hats: Captain´s Hat (Capt.Piper) Fisherman Beanie (Seabrass) Trucker Cap (Sally) Warm Beanie (Ivanski) Cap (Valentine) Military Helmet (Beatrix) Purple Top Hat (Payroll) Brown Bowler Hat (Dora) Sailor Cap (Billy) ——————————— Hat-list: Captain´s Hat Fisherman Beanie Swab Hat Trucker Cap Pirate´s Hat Bandit Hat Warm Beanie Cap Classic Ushanka Heavy Chopper Military Helmet Air Force Helmet Purple Top Hat Fire Helmet Brown Bowler Hat Sailor Cap Welder Cap Cavalry Riot Helmet Beetle Disc Blast Helmet Buzzer Antenna Golem Cap Beetle Long-Tail Beret Military Officer´s Cap Bomb Deployer Goon Beanie ———————————— Uncommon Hats-List: Crown Hunter Hat Armored Top Hat Fake Head (Boss: Chop Sue) Ce Petit Pèteux Royal Crown (Boss: Red Queen) Ace Hat Vintage Rider Tudor Bonnet Fedora of the Night Poof Ball Hat Scrapper Captain Hat Copperback´s Cap «-DLC-» Flash in the Pan Long-Termer Dapper Flapper Malva Maverick Oh C´Mon Public Relations Laplander Jester Day´s Muse Junior´s Hat Beauty di Mare Summertide Dreamer ———————————— Vanity Hats-List: Corshat Top Hat Hat In A Cat Champion of Justice Soft Cap Dragoon Helmet Royal Wig Les Pleurnicheurs Party Pylon Caw-Kaa! War Crown Nurse Hat Joe´s your Uncle «-DLC-» Manana Cap Noodly Strainer Shortest Straw Shirogane Detective Ce Petit Haute Not-so-Square Hair Roseus Umbra Tantalizin´Turban Headphones The Wizz Gentleman´s Memento Hat Full O´Heart ———————————— Rare Hats-List Catch of the Day Lovely Hat Alive and Kickin´ Snowboard Set Unicorn Head Mask Unpleasant Antlers Bowler Hat Coffee-Stained Simulator Hat Alluring Fez Iron Cap South by Sou´Wester Greasy Blue Hat Royal Beret Hope it will help you
  13. I just start this game, so i play in Tutorial because i am very new to this game. so it say "First, you need to choose where your disease will begin. Start in China - navigate with the Left Stick, then press the R2 button to select it" I navigate with left stick as crosshair to the China (no problem), so i try press R2 on China, but it happen not. i press R2 in many times, it dont start. only i can move crosshair and menu. so I thought R2 button is destroy. I check other games (FPS games). but my R2 button work. but dont on Plague Inc. it look like this game cant read my R2 trigger. I tried delete and reinstall this game many times. but dont work. what do i to do?