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  1. Who knows. Only Annapurna knows. You can ask them on Discord or follow the news on Annapurna's twitter. ---- I don't care about Autopop. I can't wait to play it again. Special on Echoes of the Eye DLC. I love this DLC!
  2. It's strange that they don't have that issue right. I have both the digital (PS Plus) and the physical PS4 CD. Both of them will not be free on the PS5 store.
  3. Agree. I use PS5, it look mess. It makes me miss PS Now. They were very neat side. But remember we are at the beginning.
  4. Here go we again....
  5. Yea... More challange will be fun. But remember that it is not only adults who hunt trophies. I reckon there are some kids who want to hunt for trophies too.
  6. I copy this from Steam: Work it Successfully finish 1000 jobs. Note: 1000*2min/60 ~=33.3 hours. Speechless. Note: Finishing a job without even completing any tasks does not count, I tested it already. **************************************************** **************************************************** | WARNING: Contract does not count towards this achievement! | | WARNING: All 1000 jobs must be done in one single playthru! | | (other profiles and wiped saves does not count!) | **************************************************** ****************************************************
  7. $45 for Standard, $50 for Deluxe. I think it's too much for the old games:
  8. It looks like there will be untouched trophies. Have tried to contact them via facebook. They read it, but do not answer like they do not care about it.
  9. They want us to do their job without giving us a salary.
  10. It is possible they don't want to sell to both Mircosoft and Sony. But perhaps still in later.
  11. Thank You! It solve the issue. I finally get the radio subtitles. I have reporting to Square Enix about the bug.
  12. Yesterday I started GOTG on PS5 for the first time. I'm addicted to reading subtitles on the game. But found that it has problem with subtitle. Everyone is fine, but dialogue via "radio". Subtitles will be lost when the radio arrives. I tried to re-download, without success. Then it becomes unplayable for me. Is not fun without knowing what they are talking about. I checked others who play via twitch and youtube, it looks like they are okay. I find it difficult to understand why exactly what is happening to me. Wondering does anyone experience the same as me?
  13. I got freeze when i sleep in my bed for save for often times. It happend AFTER my Tavern. I see DLC Stranger Sins have still problem.
  14. My Name is Mayo is my worst game, but I play this for get Platinum. So it came My Name is Mayo 2 and I buy/play this for Platinum... Sooo... It came physical in only 1 April from Limited Run Game. I orded my worst physical game. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ If you don't belive me that My Name is Mayo get physical. Here: