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  1. True, but at least I tried.
  2. I spent a little time collecting my thoughts and organizing them into a handwritten letter which I'll be mailing to Sony over in the U.S. tomorrow.
  3. Finally made a start on Lost Song after all these years.

    1. KaiserMaglorix


      It's always nice to finally start up a game after getting it years ago, have fun with it. ^_^ 

  4. I posted this on a YouTube video a few months back, but It's still useful to throw out every time this stuff happens: Censorship, by it's very nature, is an insult to the audience.
  5. According to Tom's Twitter, this is a new policy of Sony's (or at least Western Sony)...
  6. Apparently there is a trophy, so it'll be removed.
  7. And Japanese import it is. (Though I really need to stop slacking on my studies...)
  8. So I've almost completed Re:Hollow Fragment. Is there any order I need to play the games in or can I just dive into any of them freely after this?

  9. Yes, in answer to my question. Black Paw Gloves and White Paw Gloves do the opposite. Black Paw Gloves gave me more starting P and White Paw Gloves allowed me to maintain the shot type. When they should be the other way around.
  10. I did notice you can jump from the start<>end of a folder by pressing L1/R1.
  11. Are some of the accessories bugged? For example, the Gauze Eyepatch claims that it makes the hitbox smaller, yet I haven't seen any evidence of this. (Even after comparing two screenshots I took.) The Black Paw Gloves claims that it maintains the chosen shot type even during focused movement, yet I don't see any evidence of this either. It just keeps doing the same as not having it equipped. Not sure what it was like before the 1.10 update.
  12. Spent the entire day playing Azure Reflections and I still can't make any progress. Fairly sure that eyepatch accessory doesn't even do anything either...

  13. Was on sale.
  14. Should have watched anime today (though did watch one episode of SukaSuka) but instead ended up watching all Disenchantment. Can't wait for the second season.