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  1. Currently playing Natsuiro High School. My (nearly) three years of Japanese is absolutely awful, but I can roughly understand some parts and quests!

    1. SinisterPledge


      You need more than "N-nani?!" and "Baka!!!"?

  2. Honestly, I'm hoping that the PS5 is a huge flop.
  3. (Though I've also got the PS3 version of Okami.)
  4. I followed the guide on this site to the letter, yet somehow, I didn't get the trophy...
  5. My favorites are 5 and 15. My least favorite is 9.
  6. LoveR DLC costume censored. https://twinfinite.net/2019/04/lover-costume-change/ Vote for costume -> told you can't have the winning entry -> get offered something else instead.
  7. Hmm... https://www.oneangrygamer.net/2019/03/sony-inexplicably-removes-closers-ps4-trailer-from-youtube-store-page/81163/
  8. So the West will be getting a completely different version of Judgement (Judge Eyes) than the ones sold in Japan before being pulled... https://twitter.com/SEGA/status/1109077533121613827
  9. From what I can gather... https://twinfinite.net/2019/03/one-piece-world-seeker-hot-spring-mission/ This scene has been removed from the U.S. version and the European version is heavily censored. Or the European's only get it as a DLC code?
  10. There's now a part of me that would love to see the older Dragon Quest games remade in Unreal Engine.

    1. iGGTheEnd


      Same here,  or even just port some of them over for the time being would be great too.

    2. mecharobot


      I don't know, I had this strange feeling in my gut when I was watching side-by-side DQ XI S in both 2D and 3D and realizing that the latter is just a makeover. What truly is the point?

    3. PooPooblasterAOK


      Yes please. more DQ!

  11. Even further censorship on the PS4 version of DoA X3 Scarlet. Despite the fact they're removing the malfunction items, they're now also removing the swimsuits that have those mechanics. https://www.oneangrygamer.net/2019/03/dead-or-alive-xtreme-3-scarlet-bikini-malfunction-censored-on-ps4-but-not-nintendo-switch/79623/ Switch version is still okay!
  12. I just opted for Nanashi.
  13. DMC V (might be) censored?
  14. This will be my first foray into the Dragon Quest series.
  15. I see. That's too bad.