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  1. I don't see this one on the main list: https://gematsu.com/2018/12/haruoto-alice-gram-snow-drop-for-ps4-and-ps-vita-delayed-to-march-28-2019-in-japan Just noticed the other comments, though. Doh!
  2. If I remember correctly, hidden treasures as denoted by (!) also boost rankings. And there are a lot of these.
  3. Sony finally issued a "think of the children" statement about their censorship policy. https://www.oneangrygamer.net/2018/12/sony-japan-president-says-ps4-censorship-policy-is-to-match-global-standards-and-protect-kids/72781/
  4. 7even was on my radar originally. Then I dropped it when Burst got censored because I knew it was going to suffer the same fate. Now everybody loses because it'll just be a stripped down version.
  5. There was one potential teaser image for Final Fantasy Type-Next a while back... ...but since Hajime Tabata left Square Enix last month, it's probably never going to happen now; which is a shame, really. Also, on topic, Cater, Sice and Nine seem to be favorites in terms of fighting abilities. That said I do try to use everyone, though.
  6. My laptop's hard drive picked a great time of year to enter a cautioned state, ugh.

    1. knoef_NL


      A what for state? I have no clue what you mean :')

    2. Jigsy1


      S.M.A.R.T. health. It's gone from Good to Caution.

  7. Yeah, the way they phrased the answers to the questions makes it sound like they edited the game to a point where Sony doesn't need to intervene with their Holy Beams of Chastity™. Unless that's still pending for the Western version...
  8. I saw an article yesterday which said that the Yuragi no Yuuna game only sold 5,000 copies because of the PS4 censorship. Compared to a similar game like Omega Labyrinth Z which sold >15,000K copies and the first one (for Vita) sold 25K.
  9. There's another character yet to be announced, so your wish could come true. I hope it's Lisa Hamilton, though.
  10. Apparently the two new characters from this version are actually coming to Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 (2016 edition) as a paid DLC. Not sure what other things will be coming over as paid DLC. But I have no idea how the hell that's going to work, esp. if they plan to remove jiggle physics. Unless Sony plans to issue a retroactive censorship update like they did with Mary Skelter 2.
  11. So this is getting an updated port of Venus Vacation for PS4 and Switch for release in March 2019; though only a Japanese version has been announced at the moment. Two new characters, Misaki and one that has yet to be announced at the time of this post. And, as per Sony's new policy, it's censored. No Gold or Black Fan, gel items, jiggle physics, certain costumes will be removed... Guessing the pole dancing will be removed too. Switch version is uncensored, though. https://www.dualshockers.com/dead-or-alive-xtreme-3-scarlet-ps4-switch-differences/
  12. If it's possible, try get seven pairs.
  13. I remember Idea Factory saying they wouldn't bring games over if they had to be censored. Steam version aside, I'm guessing that was a lie on their part?
  14. This game has been confirmed censored, by the way.
  15. So I was playing Rabi-Ribi last night and I managed to get the "About eight kilograms." trophy. Yet one of my maps lists 32 items collected out of 33, but the item % is 100 for all maps. Anyone else experienced this?