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  1. Although I can't afford to buy anything right now, do the Final Fantasy pixel remasters have Japanese language support?

    1. Jigsy1


      Since stuff for reading comprehension is always good. (Plus I found FFV easy enough to follow along to.)

    2. Cave Johnson

      Cave Johnson

      So far I've only played FFIV, and there are about a dozen other language options included in the Japanese version. Based on that I'd assume every version is the same, but you never know. Regardless, you're better off buying the bundle from the Japanese store; depending on your currency, you'll get a decent discount due to how weak yen is right now.  

  2. I haven't played the pixel remasters, but assuming this hasn't been changed, you can use Lv.5 death on the statues in the basement of Val Castle for good ability points thus speeding up job learning. (Though I'm assuming end game has better AP.)
  3. My PS4 controller has now finally reached a point where it can no longer hold a charge. Yay life...

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Jigsy1


      Didn't look cheap. £50 for a new controller. I'm not paying that.

    3. LadyGallethX3


      That's pretty cheap, considering that's like 2 lunches here..


    4. Jigsy1


      £20~£25 I could deal with, but def. not £50.

  4. I'm going to need to work my way through Natsuiro High School again as I failed to get any of the girls. orz

  5. Good thing I waited to buy this game. (Esp. since money has become an issue over the last year.)
  6. A very late reply, but I found Kokoro incredibly annoying to defeat (and this is on Easy mode). And I can't even do any damage to the last boss without him killing me pretty much instantly. And to make matters worse, the passive abilities don't seem to do anything.
  7. From what I've heard from other people, they changed a bunch of stuff, so it's not the same as the PS3 version.
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    2. Jigsy1


      I wonder if this means the rest of the Senran Kagura games will come to GOG now, especially since Shinovi Versus came out last week...

    3. Arctic Cress

      Arctic Cress

      I thought this meant XSEED but it's actually Marvelous EU. Thankfully XSEED isn't one to remove any of the games they've worked on in the past from their website.

    4. mecharobot


      No Senran and the Extra remake is stalling, if I'm even buying it after stunts like this and the rune factory disaster


      I guess there's still the fantranslation of CCC to look forward to

  8. Could have done with a "Get Hyper Sonic/Hyper Knuckles" trophy, but other than that, it's an okay list.
  9. And now I enter the last chapter in my no crystarium run of FFXIII. I guess I should do FFXIII-2 NCU after this.

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    2. Jigsy1


      Weapons and armor get levelled up, so, there's that?

      And Fang is starts at lv. 2.

    3. KingGuy420


      Nice. Still sounds brutal. I've always found 13 a bit harder than most FF's. No crystarium is next level lol.

    4. Jigsy1


      It's tough, but mostly time consuming. I hit chapter 11 around 50 hours into the game, then spend 150 hours getting just enough money together to reach chapter 12.

  10. And now I reach Oerba...

    1. Satsuki-sama
    2. Jigsy1


      Yeah. Been doing a No Crystarium Run since December.


      Practically breezed through the boss at Taejin's Tower with overpowered weapons.


      Next boss is going to be tough, though. Esp. given how annoying he was in Chapter 9.

    3. Jigsy1


      And Barthandelus defeated~

  11. After a three month break, it's time to get back into the swing of completing this No Crystarium Run in FFXIII.

    1. EmberGhostSquad
    2. Jigsy1


      I got very burnt out trying to dig up Chocobo treasures for gil to upgrade my stuff...


      Still need to tackle Taejin's Tower.

  12. Yeah, finally did him in the end using Shio and Sora and abusing Elixirs. Stage 4, more or less following the wind tunnel and pounding him with Yuuki's danmaku. Finally platinumed!
  13. Try doing the last boss on Infinity + Calamity. As soon as I get to stage 3, the fucker one-shot kills me...
  14. Getting really fucking tired of Sony harassing me to subscribe to their newsletter every single time I login to my PS4.

    1. enaysoft


      Yep, 5th time it's happened to me.