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  1. Did anyone else get Rosetta without playing all 64 EARL types?
  2. Finally got my 0% item trophy. Though I did have to redo the entire run to get it.

  3. Well, I fucked up. Now I've had to recopy my savedata from chapter six to start again. orz

    1. Spaz


      What game are you referring to?

    2. Jigsy1
  4. Oh yeah. I never thought about dropping from above. It'll have to try that in a bit. Currently running around the system interior post Hall of Memory. *edit* afaict, the carrot is unreachable. Falling from the sky just drops me in the snowy area.
  5. Actually, once you've got the Red Orb, you can enhance your time powerup well enough from that other red door to go visit the green->red->purple door area(s) in order to buff yourself (extra health, time, bunny dolls) before the fight. You need to get to the door from the 1s switch for the green area really quickly then reverse time and sneak through. Getting to Endymion is a little tricky though, since when you fall in the lava, you die. Though in my case I lucked out and Bunny parried when she fell in, allowing me to jump out and continue.
  6. Well, after nearly two hours of trying, I finally make it to the Hall of Memory.

  7. Anyone know if the Golden Carrot (healing item) counts towards the item count? Or is it impossible to get due to the height of that ledge? Also, that rainbow egg weapon? (Answered my own question on that one. Automatic when you get five eggs, and no.)
  8. Halfway through my 0% item run in Rabi-Ribi.

    1. Jigsy1


      On the plus side, I can now buy healing items.

  9. Ugh, Chelsea in Bunny Must Die is absolutely annoying to control.

  10. Completed Final Fantasy IX at level 1.
  11. Originally Yuki. Then I found out she's voiced by Yuuki Aoi, so I renamed her to Yuuki.
  12. Around £39. Brand new when it was available was like, £70, and newer copies are like, £130ish now.
  13. Got Kaeya as a Gatcha drop. Wasn't really happy about that until I found out he can freeze water. Time to explore the Ocean!

    1. KingGuy420


      Isn't he a free character through the story? 

    2. Jigsy1


      I think so. I'm pretty early in the game, though.

  14. Trying to download Genshin Impact. Just keep getting told "an error has occured." 😢

  15. Secondhand copy at a reasonable price. Decided to get it before it becomes an insanely priced, incredibly rare collectors item (maybe).