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  1. I opted for the lewd image of the girls from Infinite Stratos naked and comparing breast size in an onsen. (So I can't really show mine.)
  2. Yes, I'm sure. I've also imported loli dakimakura into the country a few times without any problems, so...
  3. They can't release it digitally on the UK PSN because that falls foul of the "it can't be sold in the UK." This has actually been clarified a few times. The good news is though, unlike Australia, it's not illegal to import the game into the UK or own a copy.
  4. Could you share a photo of the back?
  5. Currently waiting on Tokyo Xanadu eX+ to arrive. Shadow of the Colossus arrived yesterday and I'm absolutely loving it, esp. since I never played the PS2/PS3 versions. Got more games I need to order at some point, too...
  6. I know it's Black Friday and all, but I haven't seen anything except this drop in price: £24.99 down from £49.99. So not bad.
  7. Wow, this is great new-- Surprise, surprise... 😭
  8. Should arrive tomorrow! \o/
  9. I named mine "Neko no Me." (I hope somebody gets this.)
  10. Finally did the Bacarrat one after restarting Premium Adventure with my clear data... now I'm stuck on the 950 Karaoke one. ;_;
  11. I'm having a hell of a time trying to get 4,000 in Bacarrat without those cheat items (because I used them...) Spent about four hours so far with no luck. *edit* Screw it, I'll just start PA all over again...
  12. I love this game. I've played it so much I actually know where every single item is from memory. Excalibur II and the skipping one might be the only thing holding me back from Platinum, though.
  13. How can it be hard to patch if the Limited Run version is fixed?
  14. Which arrived on Wednesday. And... (Arrived today) Which should hopefully arrive tomorrow...