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  1. And what about trophies for non-host? Are they awarded for both players or just the host of the session?
  2. @Merco - do I have to play on Hardcore to get trophies, or normal is good enough? And if I start the game solo, can I join or invite my friend later on, when I know the game a little bit better? You know - continue with my character etc. Or do we have to start the journey together?
  3. There seems to be a problem with almost all of these trophies, but that isn't one of them - You simply have to be a passenger, enemy has to drive. On the sad note... I'm still waiting for the 50 grenade kills to pop - I've killed a lot more and still nothing...
  4. Inside Job is buggy - I've just cleared Stronghold straight after loading my game, with no one noticing me, as I was running from my safe house to the moment I turned the valve. No alerts, no red indicator, used only RC bomb/incendiary, and one perfectly aimed crossbow headshot - f#cking ninja... NO TROPHY ☚ī¸
  5. Technically it's OK, in terms of performance it's fine, fps are stable, but texture pop-up is a serious issue.
  6. That is literally my only concern.
  7. Really? I've seen March 17th in every retailer and online stores in Poland.
  8. I didn't have any DLC, but I figured it out - the game indeed installs after booting and the progress can be seen, once you enter Resistance mode - then it'll show what percentage it's on.
  9. There is a retail version of this??? Now I can buy it! 😀
  10. I have a physical copy of the game - played it for a while than I have deleted it's installation files. Now I want to come back, but it won't let me resume my previous game - "The selected save game requires installation of game data which is currently not installed. Please try again after more game data has been installed" - I get, that there are some games, that need additional installation after booting it (Watch Dogs 2 i.e.), but at least those have some progress of that process displayed. In Homefront the Revolution there is no such thing... Or is there?
  11. 75 people have the platinum on it, and couple of them even got 100%, so maybe it's not that bad now...
  12. I don't mind the trophy list - on the contrary - I love it. Seems like the list, that lets you simply enjoy game with no stupid requirements, missable ones, and stuff that you have to mind, instead just playing the game.
  13. Assassin's Creed - the one I'm missing on my profile - other PS3 AC's are covered in platinum CoD4MW - my first game ever on PS3, and my favourite online shooter at the time. I know that remaster on PS4 got the trophies, but they're not, what I was expecting - I was hoping for a lot of multiplayer trophies
  14. My first ever PS3 game was Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare - I basically bought PS3 to play this game, after I saw how much fun is online play
  15. I recently started playing it, and I'm enjoying this a lot The game has been patched, they added a lot of random events in Freeplay... Gameplay is really satisfying, flying around, exploring this beautiful scenery, shooting - even that shallow/cliche story got me invested. And no disconnect problems for me - played Anthem for like 6 hours today, and not a single bug, or disconnect.