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  1. Hi! I've just bought this controversial title without any knowledge about it having a multiplayer mode of any kind. Hence my question - are those 2 trophies are still obtainable? I wanted to create boosting session, but Naughty Bear isn't even an option there.
  2. Meh... I thought, since you started this thread, that for this milestone you will choose something with a little bit more prestige to it. My 100th platinum has to be special, which will be extra tricky, because I basically play and plat only the good games (yes, I have about 3 crappy ones platted, but that's it and never again), so it could be anything. I thought about The Evil Within 2, which I absolutely love (one trophy left), or maybe The Last of Us again (got the PS3 plat), or maybe The Witcher III again (probably my best game ever)... Still have to get #99 first though - lately I don't have that much time, and I'm stuck at #98 for quite some time now... Wonder if I will achieve my milestone by the end of this year.
  3. Social Lubricant from WATCH_DOGS was nerfed a bit after many complaints.
  4. Many times on Call of Duty World at War I came back though, and prevailed (twice, on previous and this account). Call of Duty Classic on Veteran was probably the game that beat me. And beat'em up challenges in Batman Arkham series - I'm just no good with fast paced combat in any games.
  5. There you go - completed in 32 seconds... pussies 😎 https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/1855-ninja-gaiden-σ2-plus/Subwaymonkeyy This guy really is something - most of his collection has "missing timestamps", and most of the games are completed in 30 seconds or so
  6. That GT's "Mein Leben" run looks fishy as f... Looks waaaaay to easy, plus - PSN Profiles says that no one has this trophy yet: https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/6857-wolfenstein-ii-the-new-colossus/27-mein-leben This video of his is not even public - something stinks here.
  7. They did chanege something on PSN for sure, maybe that's an issue. I was banned by Sony because my "inappropriate PSN ID" couple of years ago, made a deal with Sony, so they changed my PSN ID, but I lost my 1636 trophies (17 plats) because they were attached to the PSN ID somehow. Since then I managed to retrieve my 14 lost plats, but that's not the case. Three days ago I noticed I have 92 platinums, instead of 89, that I was convinced I had. Quick look on my PSN Profiles account, and it seems, like I retrieved ALL TROPHIES from my previous PSN ID (still the same account, only changed name). I don't know how, or who, but I don't mind Since then there have been some incorrect data on my PSN Profiles account, mainly considering the order of my games (my first platinum in milestones - it says Brutal Legend, it should be Dead Space, but I got my second platinum in it, so it shows BL with it's original, much older date). Anyway, since I noticed that incorrect order issue, I managed to get 2 trophies from GTAIV (including a platinum), and over 10 trophies from Far Cry 4, and still PREY is the last game I played, according to this site.
  8. Still not fixed for me. Shows PREY (PS4), as my last played, though I managed to platinum GTAIV since then, and earned a lot of trophies in Far Cry 4 (PS3). Maybe that's an issue - it doesn't react to PS3 games? My recently earned trophies are displayed correctly on top of the page, but it doesn't reflect game order on my list. PSN TrophyLeaders got it right, though there is some "hidden trophies" issue, but after manual update it seems to be OK.