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  1. 1500 Japanese Yen (14USD) for it on the Japanese Store so maybe could be at least 10 US Dollars
  2. I wonder how much it will cost
  3. Power: A "P" that grants Kunio the ability to punch or kick enemies across the screen. To makes this item appear, Kunio has to hit an enemy with a jump kick when the last two digits of the timer are as follows, depending on difficulty level: 32 on Level 1, 25 on Level 2 and 11 on Level 3. so you just have to clear level 2 With the bikers you should hopefully have all 3 trophies 🏆 😇 Between 5 to 10 minutes roughly.
  4. Thanks Dr_Mayus and AvengedEvil really appreciate it.
  5. Hey thanks.....how do I hide it by the way?
  6. I completed the Asia version which crashed a few times but somehow I got the platinum and shows on the vita but when syncing with the PlayStation network it shows I have the platinum but some trophies are missing which doesn’t make sense. Any help would great. This is the first time I’ve ever encountered this problem. Could it be that Duck Soul crashed multiple times when playing I didn’t open anything else but the game? I use the vita method here it has always worked fine, I don’t know what went wrong.
  7. Thanks 😊
  8. Local multiplayer for 2 to 4 players.
  9. I would have said Bizzy Montana. I think artjai0966 has played almost all of them. He’s from Thailand and is usually one of the first to play these arcade games. I can’t wait to play this tomorrow
  10. Actually this is their 4th croc game
  11. Sadly there hasn’t been an EU release but soon their going to release a new puzzle level
  12. 16 April 2019
  13. 16 April 2019
  14. 5th/6th for EU/NA