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  1. That's great to see more classic games coming to the 3DS. I just wish that they were compatible with other versions and not just the "new" one. Anyway, I'll probably be getting Earthbound, F-Zero and Donkey Kong Country.
  2. Wow! It looks fantastic! I'm super hyped for this game to come out, huge Ace Attorney fan! I can't believe I didn't find out about this sooner! I'm hoping it gets a worldwide release!
  3. I don't have many games at the moment, I'm sticking to playing Uncharted 3 Multiplayer, I might get Ground Zeroes soon so I can play the precursor to The Phantom Pain. I plan to get TPP after I beat Ground Zeroes, it shouldn't take too long.
  4. Haha Hi there mate! It's nice to have you here, I joined not too long ago myself (joined in December of 2015 but haven't really become active until recently) It's a super great community so far, everyone is respectful and helpful, I hope you enjoy your stay here and I'm sorry to hear about your sad Tekken percentage predicament. Have a great time on PSNProfiles.com though!
  5. If you REALLY don't want to then you can still enjoy the series without investing time into the first one. However I personally believe that the first one is still a great game even if it hasn't aged as well as the other Uncharted titles. It still have clever dialogue, fast paced shootouts and a cool story. It's a pretty easy platinum too so if you choose to start it, the only problem you might be facing is playing the game on the harder difficulties. Anyway that's just my opinion! I hope you enjoy your time with the other titles in the series at least! (if you choose to not proceed with the first one.)
  6. Assassin All Snakes Slither Almost Slightly South In Norway Devious
  7. Ugh that's a huge bummer. I mean it has all the makings of a great reboot of the first MGS game. What a waste to have this project fall to the wayside.
  8. Oh I guess it's a thing of ignorance on the user's end then. Since they're coming to the forum and not knowing how to create a session. lol Thanks for explaining!
  9. May I ask why the increase in boosting is a bad thing? I thought that the sessions were specifically made to obtain grinding trophies that otherwise would take forever to get. Is the increase in the amount of boosters having a negative affect on regular MP sessions that people are having or something?
  10. Thank you! I've been apart of forums before and they sure can be quite addicting! Boosting has been growing? Huh that's news to me, I don't think I've ever boosted in a game before. I suppose I can check out the sessions and see what exactly it means I'm doing. I'm guessing the methods and time spent differ depending on the game. Much appreciated Little Lamb! Cute lamb picture might I add. Thanks a bundle! Everyone is fantastic here! Haha I know, I was just trying to come up with a catchy intro title and I was debating what to call this thread. lol Everyone is great in their own way.
  11. Wow nice!!! You like Iris Heart? I do too! I also really like Vert as well she's also pretty awesome! Their both my favorite characters in the Hyperdimension Neptunia games.
  12. Oh you're speaking specially of the Japanese version of MLP! Haha silly me, It's hilarious that I didn't catch that sooner. That joke literally went over my head the first time I read it. I forgot that she voiced Twilight Sparkle. I'm so used to people referencing her for her anime voices. She's definitely one of my favorites for sure!
  13. Haha thanks! I can see someone likes Kurisu from Stein's Gate! She's a pretty cool teenage genius! Appreciate it! I really like your Persona trophy card, totally radical! Well so far so good! I really like it here. Everyone is certainly unique and a blast to chat to. Love your flower avatar, it's quite nice! 0.0 Well, judging from her vast array of roles and considering that she's in damn near everything, I can definitely relate. lol You may not sense it from my introduction post but my likes are so spread out that I enjoy many different things in my digital entertainment palette. Thanks for your warm welcome!^^
  14. Thanks GoodbyeBread! I'm pretty talkative so I don't see making friends here to be a problem for me. lol Also cool! You seem like an awesome individual so I'll add you when I get the time. I'll also "like" your post later (I ran out of likes for the day) Thanks for the informative post damon, I'll read these right away! At first I thought you were a moderator. lol You definitely should be because you sure act like one! Thanks Waffles! I can tell you that we'll be getting along real swell! I love MGS to death my friend. Nice avatar of Chico by the way!