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  1. Was meant to be an image of Ron Burgundy, you know the one, can't get it to show.
  2. Always happy to boost - send me a message

  3. Did no one else read where he said his disk drive doesn't read games anymore?
  4. I would say backagain23 is pretty committed.
  5. Got the trophies last week, forgot to update it until now
  6. Got the trophies last week, forgot to update it until now
  7. Yes that helps, thanks.
  8. I read the thread but do the ribbons persist once earnt or just for the session? As I stated. I have not played the multiplayer so I have zero knowledge of the mechanics of the ribbons etc.
  9. If I use a PS Now trial on 2 dummy accounts to have 2 alts (one on PS4 and one on laptop) to get these trophies would it help to get combat ribbons first? I heard having them increases points per kill/head shots etc. I have had the game years but not played multiplayer so I have no idea how it works. I would like to increase my chances of getting at least some of the rank related trophies.
  10. It didn't work for me but I may have done it wrong. I just self boosted until I got the kills, I had around 300 anyway as I didn't want the trophies to pop all at once. Doesnt take long. i made sure bother systems killed each other one at a time so I was getting quite a few each match and minimizing loading. Does weird things to your stats though
  11. lol no chance of that. Thanks. I don't have more than one PS3 although I have considered getting another for boosting. I can probably do 20 hours a week but I work shifts so I can't commit to boosting at a regular time. When I'm not at work I can't be sure I can play due to family being at home. I think I can safely say I won't be getting this platinum unless it dies down. I am working on Far Cry 2 anyway and that is a headache.
  12. How much time do you realistically have to out in? With work and family I'm not sure I will be able to do it
  13. I now have 5 rare crates to trade for items. I need a painted item, a certified item and a very rare item. You can have them back after I get the trophies.
  14. They don't pop straight away. They pop if you shoot a civilian lying on the floor. If you see a civilian lying the floor it is a hacked lobby. To avoid hacked lobbies select single player on the main menu and then go to a fresh online lobby from there. If you do trigger the glitch you will start to get blurring on your screen that may make the game crash but you will keep all your progress.
  15. I need a painted item, certified item and a very rare item, will give back after getting the trophies. I have a three rare crates I don't need you can keep for your trouble