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  1. Thanks, I have the Standard edition on disk which I why I wanted to get the DLC. Normally a trophy stack is good but I was hoping to finish the edition I have not that I even have the plat yet
  2. Just read above that the GOTY edition has it’s own list. Bought it a few days ago as it’s cheaper than buying the DLC. If I buy the DLC that would allow me to 100% the standard version?
  3. Yeah I thought it worth a try as the DLC sounds quite fun. No but as it wasn’t that long ago that you did it I think it’s reasonable to be hopeful that I might be able to also do it. The US GameStop doesn’t work here in the UK either and gives the same access denied message. The Irish one didn’t have the game. I am not desperate so I won’t mess around with VPNs although having to make a US account doesn’t bother me neither does buying the US version of the game.
  4. Just visited it, doesn't have either DLCs now as far as I can see.
  5. FIFA 12 DLC? I need that too! Thanks
  6. What’s G2A? I will look into this
  7. I see you got a trophy in the Pirates DLC, what did you have to do?
  8. No worries
  9. Not sure how many needed in private but want to find out. Tried to send a message but your settings won’t allow
  10. For the trophy you don’t need to do anything except the story missions so you can leave the friends stuff until after. There is only one friend that you might need to keep an eye on and that’s the depressed one. Cant remember his name but I can’t do activities with him and can’t be bothered to redo game Edit: I think it is Dwayne
  11. Yeah I guess as I earned the trophy or trophies a while ago and regularly update my profile. I just bought an external hard drive and I am in the process of installing games on it including this game so maybe that would have an effect. Although I would imagine the fact I’ve synced trophies before means a PSN error is probably the cause Edit: my profile states I got my only trophy today. I thought I already had early one or more trophies. It must have auto popped due to the level up requirements I’ve read about so I think I simply haven’t noticed it pop
  12. Yeah you are right. Weird it wasn’t showing before. Not sure why
  13. I have this game and have earned one or two trophies but this game is not showing on my profile. I do t think I have hidden it as I don’t know how and have no reason to do so. In I deathly for the game on the website the trophies so have early aren’t showing on the trophy list either. Any ideas of what is going on?
  14. Thanks guys. I did it no problem on my old laptop but hadn’t set it up on my current one. PlayStation website didn’t mention controller mode so will look in to that but I think the game won’t work. I tried to play it on PS4 after adding it to list on laptop but it wasn’t viewable on PS4. Might just buy the game but it’s only for 2 trophies and I already have the Plat
  15. I have a question about the hidden games. Borderlands 2 Ultimate Edition is no longer searchable on PS4 but I’ve found it on PC but it won’t open to play and I’m having trouble connecting my controller anyway. Any ideas on how to proceed?