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  1. Thanks I’ve got the trophy now but will play yours
  2. Hi I need this too. PSN ID: giggedy will return all plays Ediy: I have the trophy now
  3. Not for a while, lately I have been trying to finish PS3 and Vita games so I have been playing them mostly. I have not really used my PS4 for weeks
  4. They could in the PS3 version so I expect they probably can in the PS4 version. I'm not sure how helpful that is though
  5. I still haven't finished the first XCOM. Does it work for that aswell?
  6. Thanks, guys but no need. It is fixed In case your are interested...I found out this morning before work that the iPad and amazon fire also had problems that I wasn't aware of as I don't use them and I noticed that a couple of times in last few days my PS Vita needed to be signed in manually. When I got in from work I was told there were no further problems so I retried the PS3 and it has seemed to work but I haven't tested it yet. It looks like it was the router maybe despite not really having the same problems with the other devices that the PS3 had. Sorry for the waste of time and thanks anyway.
  7. Turns out I don't know how to post pictures
  8. Yeah should be able to post pictures. MY Router and TV are different ends of a large room so I'm not sure my PS3 will reach both
  9. Yesterday I tried to log in to PSN with my PS3 but it had lost connection to the internet. I tried to reconnect but the PS3 can't find an IP address each time. I have tried connecting using Easy and Custom methods, I have tried resetting my router, I have restored my PS3 to factory settings, I have tried changing the channel of my router, ensuring media connection is disabled and nothing works. Each time the wifi is detected and has a signal strength of 100% but for some reason, it shows up 2 or 3 times on the list. When I put in the password it takes a long time then says 'the key information exchange timed out. The WPA key you entered may not be correct.' It is worth noting that there is no problem for my iphone or PS4 and no one else has mentioned problems with another iphone, ipad or amazon fire. My laptop can also connect but for last few days the connection some time drops which I think must be connected. Any ideas of what is going on and how to fix it?
  10. Basically GDPR are new EU laws that come in to effect on 25th May that deal with how companies deal with personal data. It affects any company anywhere in the world that deals with customers/clients/business partners etc that reside in the EU. There are some pretty large fines for companies that fail to comply.
  11. It was delisted in North America a few years ago. As i said I played it using a UK account and therefore from UK store. You can of course download it onto PS3 with a HK account but I don't know if you can then download it on to PS VIta as it would have been bought using a different account. I am not sure on this though. I have checked, and it has also since been delisted on the UK store. We now only have Duke Nukem Forever and the 20th anniversary edition of Duke Nukem 3D which I believe is the same as the North American store.
  12. It's cross play so is the same version for both consoles, I got it on PS Plus. I don't know what you mean by 'hook it up'. I played wirelessly. As i said in my post in February, it does weird things to your stats. If I remember correctly I meant that, it would count the kills from the PS3 but not the PS Vita after the first match. Then after the second match would add the kills from the PS Vita in both the first match and second match but not the PS3's second match kills (the first matches kills were counted however). Then after the third match it would add the PS3's kills from the second and third matches but not the PS Vita's kills from the third match (but would count all PS Vita kills from previous matches). Was weird but I'm sure all kills from both systems counted just not quite in real time.
  13. I played against myself using a UK account, the same account on my PS3 and PS Vita at the same time.
  14. Found the DLC missions under free play not campaign so I likely could have been able to play them all this time. Feel like a bit of a tit now.
  15. Also, it's worth mentioning the German account also couldn't access the German DLC but could also access the German base game.