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  1. The Crew
  2. Medals would probably be best. Was just being sarcastic. I would prefer it if they didn't have anything like that, now I have started caring about trophies it irritates me that I can't complete some games. Makes my brain itch. Its like thrush for the brain.
  3. I thought that but thought that was also bad. Maybe you could earn something with a Nintendo reference, when you complete a game you get a 'Master Ball'
  4. What would they be called? I'm thinking 'accolades' because 'certificates' is just bad (and I can't think of any other names).
  5. Or maybe some sort of trophy?
  6. OK thanks, then I'm not sure if they count because I can't remember if that message showed up
  7. I have been trying to get the trophies for 10 wins in ranked matches but I am not sure how many I have won. I have won about 3 or 4 matches due to the other team disconnecting, do these count towards the trophy?
  8. You got most of the sentence correct, and i would say that your mistakes here are acceptable on the internet. 'I' should always be capitalized. To answer your question: Severs have been open for some reason ? don't know why :confused: Servers has an 'r' in it as already pointed out also this is not a question and therefore does not require a '?'. 'D' should be capitalized after a '?' and there should not have been a space between the '?' and the preceding word. In addition, sentences can not be ended with a ':' but only with a '?' or '.'. Glad we cleared that up and frankly I'm surprised no one else mentioned these quiet glaring errors. Also you get detention for your terrible English homework. Further to this topic the OP's English is a shit tonne better than my Croatian or my French or any other language that I am not a native speaker of and also a lot better than most peoples second languages
  9. purple monkey dishwasher
  10. It might not be called exactly that, its what Red makes after Hoagie gives him the parts to make it. It powers the ChronoJohn so Hoagie can get back to present day so it is ate in game but if I miss out optional parts and just do speed run it shouldn't take too long
  11. I stayed up last night to do game from start to finish following a guide and I missed the trophy for trying the Super Battery on the ChronoJohn and used it straight away on the plug so I have to reply the game to do the trophy. What's the fastest way to get to this point?
  12. Without checking I don't think I have even earned one trophy for Pumped BMX
  13. I I think GameSpy going tits up was the reason for the outage of RDR and presumably GTA4 as well that's why they brought the servers back because they also were not intentional
  14. This year I've been going back to my old games and finishing them off Great I've heard NHL games are a nightmare to complete
  15. Yeah the game is a mess with lots of bugs and it is so unstable but I eventually got there. Took more than two years though