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  1. Works absolutely fine. I use it quite a lot on my Samsung
  2. Yeah I was in a crew with someone that I think I met on this site because we were trying to boost something else and we just searched for a crew vs crew event and luckily one of the people that was on our crew was better than all the players on the other crew and so were we.
  3. I assume you mean podium placing. I got it without boosting whilst trying to complete challenges (I think that is what they were called) so I could get increased earnings for The Breadwinner trophy
  4. Did anyone find out if it can still be bought? I am in UK.
  5. If you do it during a match then yes. Got it today doing that
  6. #35 Fifa 12 (no that isn't a typo) Football Legend Can't get 100% as the DLC has been delisted
  7. I got 100% in 2 weeks and 21 hours according to this website. I haven't check the platinum but obviously it would be less. If I hadn't done the DLC before getting last base game trophy it would have been quicker. I only played it a few hours a night abd some days not at all so if you have time to play it more it can easily be done in less time
  8. #34 Rogue Warrior Platinum Frequently cited as one of the worst games ever but I didn't think it was that bad. Despite this, it is not a game I would recommend. The gameplay was ok but the game was short and the graphics were nothing special. The online is dead and was a chore to boost but isn't difficult. Also calling the Platinum trophy 'Platinum' is just lazy.
  9. Yeah sounds like it could be, I think it was mainly NA players when I was boosting then found another group that let me join to finish the matches. Also it's random who is the alien in infestation so it may take a few tries especially if you have randoms getting involved
  10. #33 Burnout Paradise Burnout Paradise Elite (2.4%/13.12%) Not a difficult game at all but quite fun.
  11. It's interesting that the first post states that it is region locked only when individually searching. That makes sense because when I got the Six Pack trophy it was with a mixed group of EU and NA players in two parties but on later occasions we were searching individually because there would only be 3 or 4 of us available at a time at it didn't work. We did it as two parties but all of us added each other first.
  12. No problem. If i remember correctly I think an Infestation match requires 4 people but it might work with 3. I think you can search for games with party members in some modes such as Team Death Match and Mixed Species Team Death Match but not for Infestation or Death Match as party members are always on the same team I believe. You definitely can search for Survivor games as a party as that is co-op.
  13. You only need 3 people for team deathmatch (one player on each of the three teams). The game will say waiting for X people then that number will reduce until the game just gives in and lets you start. I'm not sure about the other match types but I think it is probably 3 as well. More players makes the trophy for 20 team kills in 60 seconds in a Survivor match easier (this is PVE). The main tricky trophy is the one where you need to play a match with 6 people on your friends list. Oh and beware there are a few players that clearly have been playing this since it came out and they are REALLY good at it
  14. I think you probably wont have too much trouble finding people that want to boost AVP but the region is (semi) region locked. By that I mean I managed to connect with NA players a couple of times out of several tries (I live in the UK) but a player from South Africa could not join a game I was playing with other players from EU. Also the XP trophies are realistically impossible without using the glitch
  15. I'm on holiday in Greece and in the hotel bar it's oops I did it again