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  1. This was my first plat I believe. Fantastic, can not recommend it enough. Some good games but there is an online trophy in Counterspy that I believe is unobtainable now.
  2. Tropico 5 had a complete edition back in 2016. It’s currently on sale on UK PS store. Did you mean a Tropico 6 that released in 2019? I haven’t played tropico 6 but tropico 5 is pretty good. JWE is also ok but I haven’t bothered with DLC yet. Not played the others but I am excited by Two Point Hospital. It’s in my backlog and I believe some of the people that made it also made Theme Hospital
  3. Thanks for replying
  4. I got over 3500CP (nearly 9000CP) in a private match but the trophy did not unlock. I think the settings were set to 3x CP so it would have been a little under 3000CP without this. If I got over 3500CP with normal settings will the trophy unlock in private match? I’m getting a bit fed up with the game so want to find out before I do it. Currently grinding out match trophies in 2 minute games
  5. Oh man I bought the GOTY Edition on PSN on sale over the summer as I had the standard edition on disk and it was cheaper than buying DLC. Wasn’t until after I found out they have separate trophy lists so now I have to do it again.
  6. @fsluca you can check the recent earners of trophies to see if online still works. I have earnt trophies in the last week on this. Easy trophies for the most part but the Flash KO has been giving me trouble. There are a few players on there that are not boosting. I suspected one in particular is the same player mentioned by @Wakayama_PT
  7. Thanks, I have the Standard edition on disk which I why I wanted to get the DLC. Normally a trophy stack is good but I was hoping to finish the edition I have not that I even have the plat yet
  8. Just read above that the GOTY edition has it’s own list. Bought it a few days ago as it’s cheaper than buying the DLC. If I buy the DLC that would allow me to 100% the standard version?
  9. Yeah I thought it worth a try as the DLC sounds quite fun. No but as it wasn’t that long ago that you did it I think it’s reasonable to be hopeful that I might be able to also do it. The US GameStop doesn’t work here in the UK either and gives the same access denied message. The Irish one didn’t have the game. I am not desperate so I won’t mess around with VPNs although having to make a US account doesn’t bother me neither does buying the US version of the game.
  10. Just visited it, doesn't have either DLCs now as far as I can see.
  11. FIFA 12 DLC? I need that too! Thanks
  12. What’s G2A? I will look into this
  13. I see you got a trophy in the Pirates DLC, what did you have to do?
  14. No worries
  15. Not sure how many needed in private but want to find out. Tried to send a message but your settings won’t allow