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  1. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I keep scoring penanlies after touching the screen and the trophy isnt popping
  2. I'm playing on the easiest difficulty, but it's just really frustrating
  3. I'm a fairly good gamer, but I can't even get into the top ten let alone win! What am I doing wrong, cause I'm crashing and falling all over the place
  4. I've never played any of the classic dooms, at least not properly, how hard is nightmare difficulty?
  5. The only solution is to speedrun the level
  6. So I've never played a borderlands game, until now. I've enjoyed it for the most part, now I'm at a point where I'm unloading all my ammo into certain enemies and doing very little damage and being killed instantly. How do I upgrade/get better weapons?
  7. I have it now anyway, it's because I did 2 missions with bots, i just replayed them with friends and got it
  8. I've complete all missions, no trophy?
  9. I complete every mission on insane, from start to finish and the achievement didn't pop? Any suggestions?
  10. I used the red brick cheats to save time, I know you can use them on ps3 without any problems and the trophy pops. But I used all 20 and got all the red bricks and I didn't get the achievement? Do you get locked out for using the cheats 😑
  11. add my psn mriaborat9 for the zombie trophies help!!!!!!

  12. Unlocking all the characters sounds difficult/grindy, but 10 wins is nothing
  13. I-FaNTaSTiCzZ-l Call of Duty: Black Ops II Unfortunetly the platinum "Mod" for this game was unpreventable, as I joined a friends lobby who was messing around with the menu and gave everyone the trophies. I had no control in stopping this, however I have hidden the game and would like to be reinstated back on to the leaderboards if possible.