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  1. The only solution is to speedrun the level
  2. So I've never played a borderlands game, until now. I've enjoyed it for the most part, now I'm at a point where I'm unloading all my ammo into certain enemies and doing very little damage and being killed instantly. How do I upgrade/get better weapons?
  3. I have it now anyway, it's because I did 2 missions with bots, i just replayed them with friends and got it
  4. I've complete all missions, no trophy?
  5. I complete every mission on insane, from start to finish and the achievement didn't pop? Any suggestions?
  6. I used the red brick cheats to save time, I know you can use them on ps3 without any problems and the trophy pops. But I used all 20 and got all the red bricks and I didn't get the achievement? Do you get locked out for using the cheats 😑
  7. add my psn mriaborat9 for the zombie trophies help!!!!!!

  8. Unlocking all the characters sounds difficult/grindy, but 10 wins is nothing
  9. I-FaNTaSTiCzZ-l Call of Duty: Black Ops II Unfortunetly the platinum "Mod" for this game was unpreventable, as I joined a friends lobby who was messing around with the menu and gave everyone the trophies. I had no control in stopping this, however I have hidden the game and would like to be reinstated back on to the leaderboards if possible.