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  1. I think the game is done with now, the levels have disappeared and I cant see the leaderboards
  2. I just watched a guide on YouTube on how to beat each section easily. The guy I watched however used the fire bolts in certain areas. Do these negate the trophy or are they allowed?
  3. Try winning an online division trophy, I've not got it downloaded anymore bro
  4. Sorry, just had to check the trophies and yeah you can play single player seasons, I did it a couple of months ago so I'm not sure if they're still up?
  5. Boosted it, theres barley anyone on the game so you wont find matches most likely. However if you can find someone to boost it with, you cant play the same opponent twice, so you'll have to make a new account each time sadly
  6. Yeah the mines I run all the way back to the top, turn left and go through the door and instead of turning right to the barrel I turn left and use my microphone. From there I go to the planks of wood in the first room and wait for the enemy to come through, I then circle around the planks, get up and make a run for it down the mines. Every time I've done this the second enemy has never been anywhere to be seen. I can do chapter 1 first time every time, and chapter 3- to the end first time every time. Its just chapter 2 with the arrows
  7. Yeah I figured that with the mines, however I found a strategy that works 9 times out of ten. Throughout chapter 1/2 everything felt the same though
  8. I dont think it is random, just the pressure of dying. I've taken silly deaths so far, and have been able to tweak them out. So far I'm able to complete chapter 1 every time, but nick and laird always find a way to put an arrow into me 🤦‍♀️
  9. I haven't played this game for a year or two, and randomly just done a nightmare run. However it felt much easier, I only conceded 7 deaths, 4-5 of them were just forgetting where to go and wouldn't happen again. The game feels much easier. My question is, does insane difficulty still base itself on nightmare?
  10. I didnt have my psn account on at the time, however it was fully updated and had one of my other accounts on, so it should still be fine if I connect my account?
  11. Hello, I've had issues with my internet recently and haven't been able to connect my ps3 to it, in the mean time I have earned trophies. If I eventually connect my account to that user I understand they'll be missing timestamps, will that get me removed/banned?
  12. Can this game be played from start to finish, obtaining all trophies for playstation now?
  13. Yeah I randomly figured that out, I'd never played any motocross games until that point
  14. I've just scored 50+ goals with a player and the trophy didnt pop. I was player against the computer vs TOTW on beginner, would this have effected it?
  15. Well that's not to bad I guess, aslong as all my data is still their, it should be fine... thank you