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  1. Guess my neighbour needs loud japanese screaming again either it is a game or animu movie or just loud music~ ♡~(´ ꒳ ` ✿)
  2. Citrus chapter 37 LMAO I even charged my mobile to have internet access... since I still have no internet at home... >_> Well the chapter was like; Boo @ cover, hell yes for Matsuri and some Harumin fun, hell no Tachibanas are back
  3. Dawn of a New Legend Digivolved a Susanoomon. It is always hilarious when you play a game and got a trophy for not knowing why lel... I wanted just to digivolve my KaiserGreymon and MagnaGarurumon as I saw a yet unknown Digimon... Funfact it is cool to play a game since long im german... then again so many translation fails lmfao... no wonder I am.always adressed as german girl to not known german properly when u got teached so bad lel... Yes no trophy for Noire btw as I forget my Vita on work and I hardly imagine my boss continues my Lily grind lmao EDIT: Lol... dat censor by Greymon
  4. Heartthrob: Blanc Maxed Blanc's Lily Rank with everyone."Friends are good to have." As said if there is no Uni in a game then I go for my 2nd faved char first Now the next also lan ie is lv80 all others between 60-70 lul
  5. LOL, don't mind me... I'm just "stalking" here. xD



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    2. Iris Heart

      Iris Heart

      LOL, if someone thinks that of you, they definitely are making a istake, because you are an awesome and incredible girl.


      LOL, OK, OK, I won't be trying to make you feel like a bad host. But, we can look for some scrumptious crepe after that. xD I treat you.


      LOL, kalve udders. No, she has perfect size and beautiful boobs. xD

    3. Matsuri Mizusawa

      Matsuri Mizusawa

      Welp like I care I still have an aggressive delinquent side so they think just right lol


      Lol ok...? If you feel better then? Lol

      Hopefully it looks at least good xD


      Lol... didn't know u where also into this huge sizes now

      As dunno it isn't perfect so

    4. Iris Heart

      Iris Heart

      LOL, aggressive delinquent. Well, remember that I am an aggressive old man too. 

      LOL, well, if you don't like crepes, we can go for another thing. ;)


      LOL, Iris's breast isn't so big as other girls, dunno, like Senran Kagura or Valkyrie Drive girls.


      Actually, she is one of the few girls that I like that can have a big breast. My favorite character for a long time was Excel from Excel Saga. And she has not big boobs.

  6. raccoondamage.jpg

    LOL don't stalk me if so write something :awesome:


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    2. Iris Heart

      Iris Heart

      LOL; I wish I would be 27 again. xD LOL, I am not like other guys, I barely cry. But... it's a fact that I am not an idiot like them. 


      LOL, dunno, if you watched KillBill, you could catch the reference here.




      You are right, if you compare her to the manga, she has not eyebrows. Well, yeah, and even I show them his faults, he just ignored it and called me a funny guy. Ugh, the worse.

    3. Matsuri Mizusawa

      Matsuri Mizusawa

      LOL dunno I don't want to rewind time I am cool with my age thus my looks are annoying tho... I wanted at least to look like an adulter woman xD

      Lol wait I ha e tissues here u can cry all day long if not Insmack hunders onions in ya eyes xD

      Hmmm maybe? xD


      I watched Kill Bill... but the pic doesn't ring something for me :x


      Makes me think... no Eye-brow chan in the latest chapter lol xD

      Poor one in anime...

      Welp we got rid of this false jerk xD

    4. Iris Heart

      Iris Heart

      LOL, I don't think you wanna rewind the time when you were a gothic lolita. :P Even I would pay a lot for seeing you in your gothic dress. LMFAO, onions in my eyes. Definitely, that would make me cry with that.


      Oh, it's that asian girl that kills with an iron ball, remember? The one who saw how her parents were killed when she was hidden under the bed. 


      LOL, maybe eyebrow-chan will have a new pair of eyebrows in the second season of the anime.


      LOL, Yup and we aren't dealing with more "I'm fine with that :3" replies.

  7. Item Inventor Developed 50 different items."You've sure made a lot of items.I guess you're quite the pro now." Need to synch after work then tho~ Tralala Lily and Lv grinding
  8. No Surviving! Dealt 9,999 damage."That was really something!Nothing can survive a hit like that." Meh if there is no Uni in the game then I build up my 2nd faved char as strongest out first lul Got this with Blannie as she already is with lv70 the strongest in my team (all others are between lv 40-60 lmfao...) Also grinding out her Lily trophy first alongsides Noire's due to ED reasons lul
  9. Chapter 7 Cleared Cleared Chapter 7."Go figure. Trouble comes whenwhen you least expect it..."
  10. #149: Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations Adventure Time Earn every Trophy in the game Haha... what a funny, weird and strange game it was Now time to prepare my 150th game then lul
  11. #149: Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations - Surely WTF... xD

    This game was funny, weird, strange, but still somewhat cool lel

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    2. Matsuri Mizusawa

      Matsuri Mizusawa

      Thx guys and girls :)

      @silentreap47; Unfortunately I only own this game digitally. Was there out another game? If so I would buy it as I loved the cartoon xD

      @Iris Heart; Lmao... surely if he was a girl I would love him back lel Nah he was cool but I do loved the strange Lumpy Space Princess <~ lmfao... a lot xD

    3. Fidel
    4. Iris Heart

      Iris Heart

      There is an alternate dimension where the gender of the characters is inverted. xD Thst King is a Queen. Maybe you are thinking of her. xD

  12. Record Loss Gather the equipment needed to re-record Finn's record Later I grab the plat.. after work lul... Still the game is funny but also so stupid and somewhat retarded lmao EDIT: Goodbye dear Satan with my now made 667 post... :'(
  13. Great... next wednesday I need to go to the police station and make a statement for a sexual harassment attack which happened last week... I kinda feel meh 'bout this sh♡t
  14. Since me is lazy... I got some screens right after work yesterday but was to lazy to post them so I do it now during my shift lel Ah btw... too lazy to make special shots or ultra HD ones but u can see at least my small collection in these pics lel... EDIT; Yes I know somewhat messy it is but welp Awesome! Post 666 on Friday the 13th lmfao
  15. Sign Here, Please Made your first purchase from AMAZOO.nep."Spend your money wisely,and then gussy up my room!" Aaand started 2day at work even it is for me kinda useless to play since it only contains Noire and no Uni... Mimimimimimimimimi!!!!!!111111 jk... Welp... at least this is the only game to plat alongside VII VR to have all Nep plants up to date then lel