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  1. Have a nice Tuesday, Yvicchi. I missed you lots yesterday (still today for me).


    1. SateleLightning


      take care Yvi. Big hugs from France

  2. The World Moves PHASE 1 completed. Just imagine a useless review text about the game here as always
  3. The Sapphire Star Solve the mystery of the Elder Crossing. Dat endgame monster was cute lol But I always have an interesting factor of cute. Who cares about stereotyped girls cuteness addictions. Hell if so I would scream to death for Palicos... I scream more in agony for dat pets... tho lol I love Odagaron btw found it cute... especially when it squeaks when a Deviljho grabs it... Oh boi had a session with @Iris Heart and unlike yesterday we didn't shareplayed Miku instead (I loved how we even was watched by someone else during Miku lol) I made him force watching me playing with Uni in VIIR and let him enjoy my fangirl mode LMFAO...
  4. Since my laaaaaast update I got every Nep plat so far... so... dat lazy raccooon Tanuzomi is now done... until I go and grab any import version again just to enjoy Uni yet again... and again... and again lel Today VIIR, some weeks ago the Noire game and dunno what else I haven't since my last update here lol
  5. #164: Megadimension Neptunia VIIR Trophies CompletedAcquired all of the trophies And with this just gotten platinum I have all Nep plats so far. As always it was enjoyable to play as Uni even it ended again so short lol I want her to gave her own game dat would be awesome Good game as every Nep one if u like them. If not welp still cool as there is Uni Nihihi...
  6. #164: Trophies Completed Acquired all of the trophies. And got it. That RNG wasn't so bad as the cards back then lel Seems my Uni blessed me with much luck
  7. You Again?! Bounty: Defeated God of Woe. Yesterday... not was active here so yeah got it yesterday alongside around 10 or more trophies? since the last time. Not much left for platinum as I speed up everything in my usual pace just for unnecessary facts; Most of the time I idled around tho and was lost in time as I doted for Uni LMFAO... she is btw also the one who only needs 1 UR armor and only 1 more UR processor part for the trophies. Yeah I know... it is soooo totally unexpected for me
  8. @Sora9427; I btw posted an figure collection already of ALL my figures here. Guess 2 or 3 sites ago lol And even u don't look for them I already sent them tobya remember lel Whatever here are my so far 3 Miku figures. More are still coming. Dayum damn Youmu print I got years ago from a friend lol Surely love dat Tell your World figure but out of all those 3; Factory Tyrant is my fave. But hey I do love Heart Hunter, too lol I need those World is Mine printing aka figure aka whatever, too leeel... Oh for all 3 Mikus my Celestia from DanganRonpa was fibally moved to her Dangan fellows lel; Genocider Sho, Junko, Komaru and Kyoko lel...
  9. Since I forget her on Friday and Saturday on my jobplace I could today make the photo Yeah I was running extra to my work to grab her since I have the keys so whatever lol Ah yes despite the; Tell your Workd figure I also bought friday tickets for the EU Miko Expo lol; @Iris Heart, @Sora9427
  10. Hello my friend !!! Take care

    1. Tanuzomi


      Hey there :highfive:

      Thx pls do the same and nice aunday I wish ;)

      *sunday gee...

  11. God damn yes! =D Grabbed 2 VIP tickets for the Miku Hatsune Expo 2018 in Cologne Can't wait alongside my best friend to get there
  12. Dangerous Hunt Defeated a Dangerous Enemy. Gee when playing with my Uni I totally lost track of time and end up still awake at 2am... while I need to wake up in 4h for work lool... Oi! Raccoon's needed to be treaten with care and lazyness Only loveable girl u mean; I corrected you... jk lol...
  13. I swear I can't wait for my; Tell your World figure hnnng Sweet Eevil yeah... would be cool if the real "Sweet Devil" refered module "Honey Whip" where available as figure, too meh Also wait 'til as said to Sora 'til I got my Tell your Wotld figure I know. Sounds so easy but my work is very profitable and unless many of friends I don't crave for drugs, alcoholic stuff, cigaretts or spend time going to bars every weekend so I rather buy games, figures, BR or other merchandise and claim the title of the boring anime nerd of my friends... LEL... I see...
  14. On a New Level Blood Devolution reached Level 80. + #163: EscapeeObtained all Trophies! And grinding for B+ Blood Crystal took me longer as Lv up my Thumby to 81... lol... Well what can be better as on the hottest day having a day off instead working in the greenhouse, got my Miku figure and a plat? Game was cool, easy, short and funny. Kaguya FTW! Now up to Nep VIIR and for tomorrow in my lunchbreak then; Ar nosurge+ on new Vita game
  15. #163: Mary Skelter: Nightmares EU EscapeeObtained all Trophies! That was a pretty easy rogue like game. Enjoyable. Funny, cool gurls; Kaguya bae lel And a bit grindy compared to my last trophy not Lv wise funny... no it was the item I needed lol So... the nexr Vita game on my screen will then be Ar nosurge+