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  1. Day One Games for 2021 Update :ps:

    Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart - ✅

    Returnal - ✅
    Guilty Gear Strive - ?

    Far Cry 6 - set for October



    Day One Games for 2022 :ps:

    Elden Ring - set for Jan! 

    God of War - I dont mind it being delayed. Please deliver!

    So far...

  2. Platinum #65 :platinum: Transistor


    No Hades on PlayStation for now for I thought I'd jump on another game from Supergiant Games. I can honestly say, now I want to play ALL their titles 🙃 Great, they got me!


    Great game! Enjoyable platinum!

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    2. KingGuy420


      Bastion is undoubtedly worth your time.

    3. MidnightDragon



    4. MossyOakRcn42



  3. Over 5 hours in and no crashes. I did do a run of exploring 3 worlds as much as possible only then did it not close the app properly. The game did not crash. I did however encounter music stuttering 👀
  4. After playing the game for 3 hours with headphones (3D audio) and the haptic feedback I can honestly say this is the kind of immersion I can't wait to experience more in single player games. The Dual Sense makes you feel all kinds of environmental ques as well as gameplay ques and I have got to admit...I want more of this!
  5. WE ARE LIVE! 😄

    Hi there. Just wanted to say I enjoy what you guys do at TheCyberNerds channel. I wasn't a fan of reaction videos until I saw you react to the Infinity War trailers. Since then, this has become my guilty pleasure. Love your energy. Also love your jokes man, never change. Cool to see that you're an OG trophy hunter as well. I should probably check your gaming content too.


    Keep up the great work!

    1. Blitz-tek


      WE ARE LIVE!

      Appreciate you! Yeah I love collecting trophies! Gaming content is in the baby stages but be sure to check it out too!

  6. Need to get the DLC packs ASAP
  7. I would say DMC 5 to Bloodborne!
  8. Platinum #64 :platinum: Ghost of Tsushima


    Wow...this plat can be quite boring to get 😂 never would have thought it

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    2. Burek_san


      congrats :yay:

    3. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      Congrats. Yeah, I was fed up with this long before I had cleared the map, it was a pure endurance run just like every other Ubisoft-style open world game with a forgettable plot.

    4. Blitz-tek


      Thanks all!


      @Stan Lee Yeah I don't know what it was but it just fell flat. The multiplayer on the other hand is still fun

  9. Bayonetta has been slain! ^^


    I really enjoyed the game, I guess after playing DMC5 this was much easier than it may have been but that's another game crossed off the list. Took me 16 hours and 18 seconds, if only I had been 18 seconds faster haha

    1. Blitz-tek


      Nicely done, and in record time too! 

      Now only if Bayonetta 2 and 3 were to come to PlayStation...can someone contact Nintendo? 😂

  10. I am not much of a fan of horror but this is what I could get from your list that I would like to play I found Asuras Wrath disc...that was a killer to get! List noted! Mini Ninjas might be a maybe for me too An X-men game on ps3? How am I only hearing of this now!? Quite a list here! Should help me get to 100 games played on ps3 Yeah I have noticed some PS3 trophies are quite mad to obtain. Feels like later gen are now being more generous Nice games. Got the remaster for Colossus on PS4
  11. Ive got Muramasa Rebirth physical so since so many recommendations are for it ill definitely get them! Ah how could I have missed these! Ill add them. PSN Profiles should have some kind of 'list' feature I dont think I have heard of any of these so...I will check them out for sure!
  12. With the recent rumor of the PS3, Vita and PSP stores closing SUMMER THIS YEAR Are there any Vita platinums you want to go back and complete from a game you need to download? One that comes to mind is Severed from PS+ *If you have any recommendations of any game or previous PS+ games to go back to for a platinum let the community know
  13. With the recent rumors of the PS3, Vita and PSP stores possibly closing THIS YEAR Are there any platinums you want to go back and complete from a game you need to download? I brought Remember Me and now have to go back and play that. Zone of the Enders HD Collection from PS+ *If you have any recommendations of any game or previous PS+ games to go back to for a platinum let the community know
  14. The PS3, PS Vita and PSP stores will be closed permanently in the summer?!


    This is mad! More reason to #StayPhysical


    1. DaivRules


      Still just a rumor, nobody from Sony has verified yet. 

    2. Blitz-tek


      Appreciate that. I hope it is nothing but a rumour

  15. Hey man, how's things going? If you need any assistance or advice for Resident Evil 5 or Diablo 3 let me know. I'm currently going through the RE5 DLC at the time of posting but I have a LONG way to go!

    1. Blitz-tek


      Hey what is good? I see you are doing real well with your platinum hunting! Keep it up!


      I am almost done with Diablo 3 just got to do the bounties. I have no clue how you done them so quick lol


      RE5 I dont mind going back to that...might have to buy the game again

    2. LancashireLad87


       I did the simple ones that require you to either kill Zoltun Kulle, Magda or ones that have kill so many enemies in a stage but the first 2 are the fastest bounties in the game.


      Yes Resident Evil 5 is great, if you need help with professional let me know, I have a headset as well.

    3. Blitz-tek


      Thanks for the tip!

      Cool ill be looking for a copy 😁 and ill let you know