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  1. This will probably be the last one I need to get at this point. I have tried almost everything and nothing has popped. I dont know if it is bugged but I need help. Any tips, characters, situations, best place to pull this off? Thanks in advance
  2. Yeah I have tried the HARM training room while 'counting'. So it doesn't matter that her health is depleting? Where these done in the story mode? I might have to restart when I have completed the other trophies
  3. Collecting all comics is not necessary especially for the platinum. What is happening with the Hulk HARM mission? I didnt have any trouble with any of these
  4. That is crazy! Thanks for the tips guys! I guess blocking and dodging all the way!
  5. I got the best age of 20 on NIGHT CALL and no gold sramp. Am I missing something?
  6. Glad there is a new way going to try this to get it out of the way
  7. Yes strangely enough, some spells did allow you to convert back to mana even when they were enhanced and they also stay enhanced once you learn them again. So no need to upgrade!!! Gotcha! Awesome stuff!
  8. This are some good tips! One thing I learned late that you haven't mentioned is that you can convert spells back for mana to unlock other spells to do their challenge rather than wait to get the mana to do so. For me depending on what challenges are available I have been leaving the abilities until last because they are so easy to complete and do not need to be in battle to complete. I tend to do the ones with circumstances as soon as because some places only provide that chance one in a while e.g. fighting Nightmares, defeated by vulnerability
  9. Had to almost double the amount of fights I was in for it to unlock. Worries me for other trophies as double ring out is over 100 on my badge and not yet got the trophy
  10. Not going to be a short platinum that is for sure. I think there could be some missable ones too!
  11. The question many is many?
  12. Happy New Year Trophy Hunters! What games are you looking forward to this year? Here is my list - SF VI Wild Hearts Resident Evil 4 Remake Dead Space Remake Forspoken Lies of P Atomic Heart Tekken 8 Diablo IV Suicide Squad Final Fantasy XVI Armored Core VI Jedi Survivor Spiderman 2 Also out of those games which one do you think will be a easy list and which one do you think will be a hard list? Easy List - Spiderman 2 Hard List - Armored Core VI
  13. New Year Trophy Hunters :platinum: 

    Missed the mark last year so...
    Platinum goal for this year is 85 

    Get to 65% Completion

    Reach Level 420
    Got a lot to clean up on but the lineup for this year is looking crazy!

  14. Platinum #71 :platinum: Elden Ring

    I have over 100 hours trying to finish this game! 

    Epic game! Epic boss fights! Awesome music! 

  15. Yes I would say that they are. I have 88 ranked fights and 37 player fights with no trophy. Going to see if 100 ranked fights unlocks it
  16. Whatever in the nightmare fuel this thing is called!!! And they say SoulsBourne games are not horror games 🤢
  17. It bugged on me on ps5. I put them in my chest one by one and trophy eventually popped! Many thanks! I was losing my mind!!!
  18. Finally unlocked. Now double KOs is the issue 😂 trophies are bugged
  19. Never used bots. Only done match matching. It is actually mad how this still hasnt unlocked
  20. 400+ wins later and still waiting...
  21. Glad Grounded or Permadeath are not included Liking the misc trophies Overall I am just liking to enjoy the game as it is. If it warrants a second playthrough so be it. My 1st playthrough is on Survivor regardless
  22. Was Playing: Saints Row (2022)

    For a reboot I would have thought they would have went in with new new mechanics for the game but the experience just feels familiar and well...stale.

    They haven't moved much in terms of development. Which isnt bad...or good. 

    A game for funs who like Saints Row from the last couple of titles, but what about everyone else? Possibly aiming for a new, younger gen who haven't ever played Saints? 

  23. Platinum #70 :platinum: The Last of Us Remastered

    I have played this game countless times and only getting the platinum now? 😂

    One of the best games of its time!
    Trophy list is very doable. The only tedious ones would be the difficulty and MP trophies!

  24. Platinum #69 :platinum: Hades


    I must be addicted to Roguelike/roguelite games because I keep coming back and I love it!
    I love the devs behind these games! They don't seem to miss! But this trophy list ain't it! They really...REALLY wanted you to get the hours out of this one!

    The grind was off putting! Glad the experience overshadows it!

  25. Platinum #68 :platinum: Sifu


    Such a great game! I recommend this game and recommend going through the trophy list!

    I would just wish it was a longer experience! 

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      Oh I havent thought about the 70th milestone. Might have to be Hades 🤔

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