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  1. Happy Goo (New) Year, everyone!



  2. RllZey.jpg


    Alright, here we go! The order came earlier than expected and now I don't really know what to play next 😅. Due to the reduced loading times I am very tempted to finally play Street Fighter 5. But God of War, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ghostrunner and Session are waiting too.


    Right now I am playing The Last of us Part I and I am happy that I've skipped all other versions on my account and that the requirements are easier than before. That leaves the pure experience without worrying about multiplayer or any hard modes. Anyway let's see how the following weeks will play out...

    1. Blitz-tek


      The PS5 is awesome and you got it at a good time!

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  3. 100 platinum trophies!!!. Very proud of this milestone! :)

  4. Plat #512: Skyrim (PS5)


    Despite its myriad glitches, despite its lackluster trophies, despite its (at times) idiotic story turns, I still love Skyrim. It probably ranks as one of my top 5 games of all time.


    Maybe this time I’ll finally get the 100%. 

  5. SD Gundam Battle Alliance releases tomorrow and since I already pre-ordered the digital deluxe edition, I am good to go. Next month, I will get Valkyrie Elsium from Gamestop.

    1. Blitz-tek


      I love Gundam but the way my backlog is set up....

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  6. #200 - Horizon Forbidden West

    1. Blitz-tek


      200?! Damn! Congrats!
      Difficulty rating out of 10?

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  7. #408: Shovel Knight

    5 years later, I finally got 'er done. 

    1. Blitz-tek


      5 years? Sounds like something I would do! Congrats
      Difficulty rating out of 10?

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  8. :platinum:#1,450 PS4 version of Sakura MMO

    1. Blitz-tek


      1,450?! Damn! Congrats?
      Difficulty rating out of 10?

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  9. Breaking news!!! Last night I managed to earn my 1st sub 1% platinum trophy for Super Street Fighter 4 on the PlayStation 3! Technically it's my 2nd because I have done all the hardest trophies in Wipeout HD but I was unable to finish the online due to server closure. Unfortunately at the time of posting I'm stuck at 97% of the trophies because I still require help with the 8-player team battle trophy which I'm hoping to get in the foreseeable future. 


    This is my 10/10 submission for the platinum challenge, since I've already completed the majority of my hard games in this challenge the only roadblock is Dead Space 2 which I won't be starting for a while but I'm hoping to get round to it in a few months.




    Super Street Fighter 4 (PlayStation 3) 

    (PSNP 0.63%/Sony 0.20%)

    Hardest trophy: Trial Athlete


    The trophy guide is very well written and easy to follow so well done to @Sergen. I personally found the game a pleasure to play, I loved the cell shaded graphics, combos were satisfying to pull off my only criticism would be the excessive online grind and many of the combo challenges being impractical. Other than that a great 2D fighter that I'd recommend to anyone who enjoys a challenging game because this game is not for the faint hearted. 


    My playtime at 97% of the trophies is 72 hours and 6 minutes. As far as difficulty is concerned I hold King of Fighters 13 above SSF4 as I had to purchase DLC characters to make up the last 10-15 combo challenges to hit 200 for the trophy. I'd rate KOF13 a 10/10 so SSF4 would be a solid 8.5/10.


    Finally I would like to thank everyone for their encouragement and to my boosting partner @M3M0-L30N_2 for his assistance with the online trophies!


    Favourite Character: Oni


    Oni by Jackywang on deviantART | Street fighter characters, Akuma street  fighter, Street fighter wallpaper


    Although Oni isn't part of the base game I tried him out and he's very enjoyable to play. He's Akuma's final form and man does he do some damage! I must be drawn to evil characters because I like Juri, Oni and Evil Ryu whilst the good side I enjoyed playing as Ryu, Gouken and Rose.


    My least favourite characters were charge characters because I've never been a fan of them. I managed to beat all of the arcade secret bosses Oni, Gouken Akuma and Evil Ryu on my first attempt which I was quite surprised with. If your using the 2 player method, please make sure that your not counting any first attacks, ultra finishes or perfects against the 2nd player because they DON'T count towards these secret bosses! 


     @Rebourne07 @Destructor-8 @KindaSabbath @Shrooba @Yuber6969 @AJ_Radio @Copanele @FreshFromThaDeli @Gommes_ @Blitz-tek @Groudon9000

  10. Platinum #68 :platinum: Sifu


    Such a great game! I recommend this game and recommend going through the trophy list!

    I would just wish it was a longer experience! 

    1. Blitz-tek


      Oh I havent thought about the 70th milestone. Might have to be Hades 🤔

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  11. Happy New Year Trophy Hunters!


    What is your platinum goal for this year? Your 1st? 120? 2600? 

    I'm going for 80 platinums this year! Need to clean up while enjoying the new for sure!

  12. Day One Games for 2022 :ps:

    Elden Ring 

    God of War  

    Suicide Squad
    The Day Before!

    All set for 2022 😁 these games look awesome!

    1. Blitz-tek


      @snakebit10 I still need to play Zero Dawn 😂 The back log is mad

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  13. Day One Games for 2022 :ps:

    Elden Ring 

    God of War  

    UPDATE! Suicide Squad

    Need to pick a forth game 🤔

    1. Blitz-tek


      Quite the list @Infected Elite I usually try and get at least 4 for each season of the year...I should have honourable mentions

      @MidnightDragon I don't think I have heard of The Cruel King I will check it out

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  14. Breaking News!!! Moments ago a lad from Lancashire secured his 30th platinum trophy




    We asked lad87 what he thought of the trophy list, this was his reaction 'The game makes you complete everything the game has to offer, every side-quest, mini-game and completing the ENTIRE sphere grid with EVERY character. Having said that the most obnoxious and frustrating trophy is without question 'Lightning Dancer' I literally had to do this trophy in stages, I would do 10 of them then pause the game for a few minutes, rinse and repeat. When I got close to the finish line my hands were shaking and my nerves were shot, what an awful trophy that is'


    My completion time was 102 hours and 15 minutes


    Expect a Final Fantasy X HD mini-review in the next few days, needless to say I'm happy to have one of my favourite childhood games completed. Best of luck to @Stan Lee with his remaining trophies, I'm sure you'll join the FFX Platinum Club alongside me, cheers!

    1. Blitz-tek


      Congrats! One of my fav games of all time!

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  15. Reflecting on my first year as a member of PSNProfiles


    In a few days I have been an active member of the community for a year and I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on my experiences and observations of the past year. For the most part my experiences have been great, the vast majority of people were warm and welcoming and I get along with everyone I've either played with or given advice to. One of which I speak with every weekend and played various games with since meeting him through a boosting session for Persona 4 Arena.


    I've helped 2 players complete the team missions trophy in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and offered advice to a few people pertaining to the become the master trophy for Titanfall 2 which to this day is probably one of the hardest bronze trophies I've earned. As a community member I've met some great gamers and people who have kept me motivated when I was defeated and felt like giving up.


    In life there's always the other side of the coin where my experience or impression of a few individuals has been tainted for their perceived elitism. After 'calling them out' as politely as possible as I'm not hear to spread negativity, they weren't prepared to divulge the information requested. I wouldn't consider myself elitist in any shape or form, everyone has different qualities and weaknesses as a gamer and I'm no different.       


    When reviewing another players account I try to rate everyone equally, and focus on the positives. I try to provide as much detail as I can to show them were my rating comes from. As an arbitrary number without any substance doesn't hold much weight in my book.  


    If someone called me out I would show them my ability instead of hiding from it. Perhaps they're not as good as they think they are? Which is fine but if your going to brag you should have something to back it up. I'd like to think I'm humble or modest when it comes to gaming, not sure if anyone else gets the same impression. A good example would be Rob Pearson from PlayStation Access.


    Growing up Rob felt that he was really good at Crash Team Racing until he raced some players at a convention. I suppose the morale of the story is 'no matter how good you think you are, there's always people better than you'


    I would like to shout out a bunch of people who continue to motivate me and have been great people to talk to.


    @Copanele @FreshFromThaDeli @AihaLoveleaf @Groudon9000 @DrBloodmoney @Blitz-tek @ChromeSaw @Spookyentertainm @Wodenshot  


    Stay humble! 

    1. Blitz-tek


      Keep up the trophy hunting! I am glad some of my recommdations have rubbed off on you! 

      We will be sure to game some more in the future! 


      Keeping it 100% :platinum:

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  16. Platinum #113 - Rogue Legacy



    Gah! My thumbs! Roguelikes/lites are another genre I never really got into, although I see the appeal. The core gameplay loop (explore, get loot, die, spend loot on getting stronger, repeat) is very addicting and perfect for occasional gaming, as it can last you weeks or months. The main game is fine, the platinum is extremely rough, as you have to beat some crushingly difficult bosses, and then do a low-death run. This is the worst part; dying less actively breaks the gameplay loop, which makes the run terrifying. It's not more fun to win, it just feels even worse when you lose, and I think that's a bad experience.


    Verdict: Not for casuals. Play it if you're into roguelikes, avoid otherwise.

    1. Blitz-tek


      Insane! I tried and I won't get it so respect :platinum:

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  17. :platinum:#805 PS4 version of EVE rebirth terror

  18. Plat #324 Angry Birds Star Wars (vita) - I think I am going to watch the Holiday Special, Episode 8 and the Ewok movies to remind myself when this series used to be good.


    Those high score trophies can go Force themselves.



  19. WE ARE LIVE! 😄

    Hi there. Just wanted to say I enjoy what you guys do at TheCyberNerds channel. I wasn't a fan of reaction videos until I saw you react to the Infinity War trailers. Since then, this has become my guilty pleasure. Love your energy. Also love your jokes man, never change. Cool to see that you're an OG trophy hunter as well. I should probably check your gaming content too.


    Keep up the great work!

    1. Blitz-tek


      WE ARE LIVE!

      Appreciate you! Yeah I love collecting trophies! Gaming content is in the baby stages but be sure to check it out too!

  20. Platinum #64 :platinum: Ghost of Tsushima


    Wow...this plat can be quite boring to get 😂 never would have thought it

    1. Blitz-tek


      Thanks all!


      @Stan Lee Yeah I don't know what it was but it just fell flat. The multiplayer on the other hand is still fun

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  21. Bayonetta has been slain! ^^


    I really enjoyed the game, I guess after playing DMC5 this was much easier than it may have been but that's another game crossed off the list. Took me 16 hours and 18 seconds, if only I had been 18 seconds faster haha

    1. Blitz-tek


      Nicely done, and in record time too! 

      Now only if Bayonetta 2 and 3 were to come to PlayStation...can someone contact Nintendo? 😂

  22. Hey man, how's things going? If you need any assistance or advice for Resident Evil 5 or Diablo 3 let me know. I'm currently going through the RE5 DLC at the time of posting but I have a LONG way to go!

    1. Blitz-tek


      Thanks for the tip!

      Cool ill be looking for a copy 😁 and ill let you know

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  23. The PS3, PS Vita and PSP stores will be closed permanently in the summer?!


    This is mad! More reason to #StayPhysical


    1. Blitz-tek


      Appreciate that. I hope it is nothing but a rumour

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  24. :platinum: Platinum #176 Prototype 2 Remastered PS4 :platinum:

    Uncommon: 29.30%














    Difficulty: 3/10.

    Enjoyment: 10/10.

    Challenge: 9/10.

    Music: 8/10.

    Widespread/Explosion/Violence: 9/10.

    Genre: Platform, Hack and Slash, Beat em up, Adventure, Action, Science Fiction, Survival, Sandbox, Open World, Blood and Gore.

    Grind Difficulty: 4/10.

    Platinum Time: 1 day and 4 hours.


    Description: Same thing before from last year 2020. James Heller a crazy wild man son of a bitch with a big rage and a great sense of humor. Honestly, this was the funniest 2nd sequel that I have ever played and some of the things Heller say was hilarious and he takes it more seriously and never lost his sight better then Alex Mercer. Halt there's no fucking halt I got a fucking squiggly line key and a fucking triangle with a name on it what the fuck kind of keyboard is this anyway?! Fuck off. I hate computers. Highly recommended for this game.


    @ImMagnetz I was abit slow at first on Far Cry 3: Classic Edition and had to rate it 8/10 for the grind difficulty. If I was faster, I would of got it done in around 1 day at least and would of given it a 5/10.

  25. Hey man, how's things going? If you need any assistance or advice for Resident Evil 5 or Diablo 3 let me know. I'm currently going through the RE5 DLC at the time of posting but I have a LONG way to go!

    1. Blitz-tek


      Hey what is good? I see you are doing real well with your platinum hunting! Keep it up!


      I am almost done with Diablo 3 just got to do the bounties. I have no clue how you done them so quick lol


      RE5 I dont mind going back to that...might have to buy the game again

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