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  1. All I would hope for is the means to fast travel. Game was pretty solid overall, minus the story, but no fast travel suuucked. And I'm well aware of the crystal things that you got like two of, those don't count.
  2. I feel your pain man, happened to me a few years ago. Stopped my run at platinum in fact. Just couldn't be bothered to play through it again when I know for certain I did them all.
  3. Officially done with tedious collectables in games, even if it costs me a platinum.  Life is just too short for that shit.

    1. ShadowStar83x


      Sometimes that's the only way to go.

    2. Rowdi


      Yeah, I don't get any enjoyment out of collectibles either. I yt that shit asap where I don't have to spend any more time than absolutely necessary on them.

  4. It's a hard one for sure. You're going to have to commit yourself to it completely if you want that plat. Aside from trophies it is a really good game if you take the time to learn it's systems and should be played by anyone who likes dark gothic horror or difficult strategy games.
  5. This presidential debate is a fucking train wreck. Kinda funny, but mostly just sad.

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    2. Jak


      Sigh... what Trump do now?

    3. Rowdi


      It's like an inside joke where both parties got together and agreed to pick the worst candidate possible just to see how the American populace would react. I dislike one and loath the other. God help our country.

    4. spacemonkey3k
  6. If you want nearly impossible play I Am Bread. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.
  7. I prefer the Occultist to the Vestal in almost every situation. His heal is very rng based but it works better for me than Vestal's nickel and dime heals. Just don't put a Leper and Occultist in the same group or you're gonna have a bad time. Having an Arbalest and an Occultist in the 4th and 3rd position respectively lets you wreck the enemy back line. Jester is a good swap for Arbalest if you don't have another stress relief character somewhere. Man at Arms, Hellion or Leper are all crazy good for the front position. Hellion throws out stuns all day, and the Man at Arms with riposte and protection going is a wrecking ball. Plague Doctor and Houndmaster are super good in almost any party I've had too. The only class I can't click with the Graverobber. Not sure how to utilize her just yet.
  8. Here's an awesome tips link for anyone interested. Goes over lots of stuff.
  9. I'm crazy excited for this. Can't wait to get brutalized by all manner of horrible creatures. I'll plat this game if it kills me, or my sanity.
  10. This, except mine is titled "Whatever." I plan on using literally none of that stuff, ever.
  11. This is the most bullshitty trophy I have ever encountered. Imported my save to keep my powers and little did I know I had too few coins on that save to make it to 10k coins by the end. Only after HOURS of scouring the first two levels for coin did I realize this. May not even bother finishing it now, so pissed.
  12. Not so patiently awaiting a release date for Darkest Dungeon on PS4. Come on already!

  13. Agree. As a game it's very good but as a MGS game I just can't get into it. To me there's nothing particularly Metal Gear about it, you could inject almost any third person action game involving guns and guards into it and it would be the same experience. Granted I've not finished it, and I do give it a lot of points just for being able to approach a situation from so many different angles, but to me it's not the masterpiece so many have declared it to be.
  14. I found it to be the easiest overall as well. Most of the game is a cakewalk, souls-wise, with a few exceptions. Darklurker and Fume Knight had me raging more than a few times, and I won't even go into the blue Smelter Demon. The apparent ease of DS2 may be due to how many times I played through it though. For the OP, wearing the ring that prevents your health from decreasing past a certain point makes it really no different than DS3 insofar as having more health when embered and less when not.
  15. Ho. Lee. Shit. My eyes were not ready for that much awesomeness. Laughed my ass off when the kid shot Kratos in the arm, that was too good.