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  1. Thanks for doing this giveaway its not everyday people give stuff for free
  2. Reinstall ed it and beat perfect chaos again but no trophy same with shadow next step is to start over on a new game and see if they unlock
  3. Im currently redownloading it and will try again later I also have the shadow running into walls thing so hopefully a reinstall fixes that
  4. I baught the eu digital copy of this in the sale (while back) and I just noticed I dont have beat perfect chaos trophy?? Wich is impossible seeing as I just got to egg dragoon last night I heard theres a few glitchy trophies mainly the kill 100 enemies one and a few others anyone else had this or am I kist gonna have to earn it outa place
  5. Never pkayed one of these games before can anyone give some info on what its about
  6. Thanks for this hope they do some more free games