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  1. I think it's pretty clear just telling people what you do with their data is absolutely not the only thing that's changing with GDPR. I recommend reading/browsing this (https://www.eugdpr.org), it has pretty good info and it's explained in fairly simple terms. In my job it was almost as simple as just letting other companies know what we were doing with their data because our infrastructure was pretty good already, in fact I still have a half day meeting coming up to go over GDPR (again). ('user' data basically also means 'company' data) And yes I did mention in one of my earlier posts that companies that have to shut down their games because of it, have most likely been doing shady shit with your data for years and don't want to pay for either innovating their infrastructure or the massive fine they could get.
  2. Some companies do list GDPR as their reason for shutting down though, so they're just lying? I wouldn't be surprised if Sony gave more than just your PSN username to the companies they work with, in fact I'd be very surprised if that's all they gave. If those companies keep, for example your email, on their servers, their infrastructure needs to change if they're not already sufficiently protecting their servers and/or databases. It's not only about informing people what you're doing with their data, it's actively protecting it. If they keep your email, password, etc. unencrypted on their database/server, they have to change it. 'The controller shall..implement appropriate technical and organisational measures..in an effective way.. in order to meet the requirements of this Regulation and protect the rights of data subjects'. is actually part of an article of the GDPR. The fact that companies say they're removing their games because of GDPR either means they're actually doing it because of GDPR, using it as an excuse or they have been doing shady things with your info for a long time and don't want to get caught doing it from the 25th of May onwards. (Just so you know, even a computer IP address is considered personal data)
  3. Adhering to PSN ToS doesn't necessarily mean you're adhering to all new privacy regulations in GDPR. Some games are shutting down (or saying they are shutting down because of GDPR) because their current infrastructure doesn't have sufficient measures in place to protect and/or guarantee the privacy of their user data. GDPR requires stricter measures handling user data (like only saving user data that's actually needed for the service you're providing, letting users know which data you are keeping, and strict rules about how you save the data). My guess is that their actual servers don't have enough security or something so they have to restructure. Some companies don't feel like investing in that restructure so just decide to remove their game, or temporarily down servers to restructure (Hitman).
  4. In my personal opinion, I don't think they should be declared illegal, people just need to keep themselves in check and/or seek professional help if they need it. But let's put that aside for a sec, every country has to start following this same idea or it's gonna amount to a whole lot of nothing. If it doesn't become a worldwide ban we're going to see something along the lines of what's happening with GDPR right now. That's something that is being implemented in Europe (and just see how fucking tiny Belgium is in that regard) and some games already close servers, etc. because they don't want to deal with it (also goes to show what the fuck are/were they doing with your info anyway that they can't adhere to some new privacy guidelines). Long story short, unless lootboxes become illegal worldwide it's not gonna happen. (and we're going to have to do a shit ton of importing when they don't sell their games in specific countries). Also knowing Belgium they're gonna do absolutely nothing about it, they usually do some research, draw a conclusion but are shit at implementing it
  5. Only a few I regret and that's just because I bought them digitally and I'd rather own them physically now.
  6. I'd love this functionality. Also just 'booting up' a game doesn't always load the 0% trophy list, there are more than a few games that basically need you to earn a trophy before it'll show up. I did it for most of the games I own and iirc Metal Gear Solid 4 and Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two were two games that I booted up but didn't sync a 0% list.
  7. I don't remember when I posted last, but a quick check reveals that I got an extra 3 plats, so I'd like to be upgraded from Disciple to Veteran. I've got the following 9 games platted and I'm only missing Revelations and Chronicles. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Assassin's Creed II Assassin's Creed III Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Assassin's Creed Liberation HD Assassin's Creed Origins Assassin's Creed Rogue Assassin's Creed Syndicate Assassin's Creed Unity
  8. A few new plats to add to the collection, no new 100%'s this time. First up is Claire. Another game of what I like to call pixel horror. It's very doable (with a guide, but I'm sure it's quite fun without one as well). The scares aren't too bad and it can be completed in an hour or two. #56 Claire (PS4) Completionist Acquire all trophies. Date obtained: 18/03/2018 Rarity: Rare Enjoyment: 7/10 Next game is 99Vidas. Man, where do I start with this. It's a pretty decent arcade beat 'em up when you play on 'Izzy' difficulty. It's not too long, the enemies aren't too annoying and you don't have to grind lives. The other difficulties however feel like they've been added without thought. Random enemies get added to boss battles, you get stun locked by enemies more often. All in all the later difficulties (mostly Elite) screw with you so hard all the fun you had in the beginning doesn't matter. I mean, I had to grind lives for the final stage (where you do 3 earlier boss battles and the final boss) and I lost a total of 40! lives. #57 99Vidas (PS3) You, the Master of Unlocking... Prove you're worthy of the 99vidas by earning all the Trophies Date obtained: 15/04/2018 Rarity: Ultra Rare Enjoyment: 5.5/10 Crossing Souls was a very welcome change after 99Vidas. I could tell you a lot about this game, but you just have to experience it. So, just go play it. #58 Crossing Souls (PS4) You've done your homework Congrats, you can now go out and play. Date obtained: 21/04/2018 Rarity: Rare Enjoyment: 8/10 I've been trying to plat AC 4 for so long, but I kept getting burned out. I played it right when it came out, back when I wasn't too into trophies and it turns out I didn't really care about side objectives either. I had to replay almost every memory for the 100% completion trophy. It took me more than 4 years, but it's finally done. #59 Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag (PS3) Prizes, Plunder, and Adventure! Win every trophy. Date obtained: 27/04/2018 Rarity: Very Rare Enjoyment: 8.5/10
  9. If you find Glitch World too though to farm lives on for Elite, you can try Child's Play (the first bonus level). It has easier enemies and also gives about 20k points. I used that one because I got frustrated by doing Glitch World constantly and I thought it was kinda stupid farming for lives and continuously losing a few on Glitch World while trying to get more. It took me about an hour to get 70+ lives doing Child's Play.
  10. It's still a bit of a jump, but it's not as bad as Normal to Hard imo. The regular enemies don't have even worse/harder versions, except Sadiv66 who has more health and harder versions of it show up in some fights (before the 4th boss iirc and ones that keep showing up during the 5th boss fight). All of them can be beaten if you have enough lives (I'm farming for the final level right now). It's a given that if you're getting frustrated during Hard difficulty (like me), you're probably going to get even more frustrated during Elite. I did farm for lives (about 10 lives) before starting the first stage, because I definitely needed more than 5.
  11. It's 5 minutes on Elite, pretty sure it was 5 minutes on Hard too.
  12. Don't know if anyone else had trouble with it, but I had a lot of problems trying to defeat Espirro in time on Elite. In the end I just stood in a corner and spammed , the life-draining move. Ofc you have to have enough lives to do it, but I couldn't defeat him any other way.
  13. Yeah, I should've mentioned I'm playing on ps3. That one does allow you to unlock characters etc. with multiple controllers added add the last possible moment.
  14. Voted not to do anything. What other people do is their business. If all the trophies are legit, except for the way the game was obtained nothing should happen. Starting to ban people because they used CFW is a bridge too far. Someone using CFW to get a game does not necessarily mean they are going to hack trophies. That's like saying all hackers are evil and acting like ethical hackers don't exist. Some people just want to see how things work. Sony will get them eventually and if they don't, that means you officially care more about it than Sony, kudos to you I guess.
  15. Glitch world was available for me in Normal despite not having cleared any stages and I'm guessing the level cap is 99. I'm fairly certain you can go farm money and do stage 6 without magic. It does seem a bit glitchy though because I could swear I didn't use magic and didn't get the trophy. It might be that the special (which is mapped to jump + punch or punch + jump, not really clear) voids the trophy too. Also just to be 100% thorough, because the second controller 'last-second-join' works, I'm fairly sure you can easily get the 4 character clears by joining all 3 spots (providing you have the amount of controllers). Keep in mind that the fight does get more difficult. For example if the final Boss is doing attack 5 you need to hit him with all characters because you need a higher combo to make sure he doesn't do his 'ultimate'. Then you'd only need to grind upgrades and difficulties, also you don't need to beat a stage for it to show up in stage select, you just need to reach it.