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  1. I’m currently playing the PS Vita version. I’m doing the right path to get to the jellyfish but it never shows up. Any ideas?
  2. Does anyone have any tips to quickly getting the trophy?
  3. For those having trouble with the Privateer Contract "The Giant and The Storm" here's a way that worked for me to get 100% synch on it the first time, I tried it. Going into this mission I had the Aquila fully upgraded. Use the chain shot to stop the ships then when you go to ram them rapidly switch between no sail and half sail. Source for where I found the tip:
  4. I can't seem to figure out how to unlock chapters 12c and 12d. I have played through the story once and have 6b unlocked.
  5. It's not a joke. I'm unsure of how to access the new account. This ^^
  6. I changed my names from Toon_Dark_Lord to Smnbrgss. Am I able to login using the old info? And what would happen if I create a new account using my changed name?
  7. Here is my build for defeating the Queen Valkyrie: Weapons Leviathan Axe: Level 3 Hel's Touch Level 3 The River of Knives Level 8 Blightbringer Blades of Chaos Level 3 Rampage of the Furies Level 3 Gift of Apollo Level 7 Blightguard Bow runic summon: Wrath of the Wolf Armor: Level 7+ Ivaldi's Cuirass of Endless Mist Level 7 Perfect shard of the realm Level 6 Eye of the winged chosen Level 6 Heart of the Valkyrie Level 7+ Ivaldi's Bracers of Cursed Mist Level 6 Sturdy relic of Fortitude Level 7 Perfect Symbol of the Realm Level 7 Flawless Element of the Realm Level 8 Ivaldi's War Belt of Deadly Mist Level 4 Brilliant Scale of the Chained Level 7 Ivaldi's Corrupted Mind Level 6 Eye of the Outer Realm Level 4 Aegir's Protection Level 6 Andvari's Soul Level 6 Tyr's Shard Atreus': Legendary Runic Vestment
  8. Is the resurrection stone worth buying?
  9. Does anyone have tips for getting this trophy?
  10. I've tried both shooting and using the sword against the final boss. Does anyone have tips for beating him?
  11. I've looked up many guides giving different tips but I'm still struggling to get this trophy. I'd like to know everyone's methodology for getting it.
  12. I've looked up many guides giving different tips but I'm still struggling to get this trophy. I'd like to know everyone's methodology for getting it.
  13. I'm in need of diamonds. Feel free to add me: Toon_Dark_Lord, just put Knack or PSNP in the request.
  14. I have unlocked all 24 insights unlocked, and have just watched all of them but the trophy didn't pop for me. Is there something I'm missing or is it glitched for me?
  15. Here are the tricks that I used to finally get the Homerunner trophy: - Skip the intro using circle - Turn the brightness to max - Also turn the field of view to max - Put the look sensitivity to max - Switch crouch style to hold, so that when you are skipping the intro you won't accidentally waste time by crouching. - Use sticky targeting - I was online when I got the trophy - Hold the left stick only forward and backward, and use the right stick to turn. - I looked up at the ceiling when on the second floor and stayed close to the inner wall of the hallway. - Spam X when getting the keys and opening the attic - I didn't skip the outro and the trophy popped, so I'm unsure if skipping the end affects it. I didn't smoothly pick up either of the keys or got into area under the stairs, so there is a small amount of room for error.