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  1. Killing Floor 2 good grief, felt and looks like a free game off the iphone app store, super repetitive and a toal aliaexpress rip off off call of duty zombies.
  2. - Mafia 3 (better than mafia 1 remake IMO) - GT Sport (most hardcore fans disregard this entry) - Star Wars Battlefront, (Fuck you.This game is awesome )
  3. WHy are you posting this on a playstation related website????
  4. Was this ending in the original game? i really don't remember seeing this ending cut scene when playing back on ps2 Also was this a house of the dead reference? I noticed how the camera panned and the overall cut scene it is a reference to house of the dead (maybe idk), am not sure tho. I do know the platinum trophy name is DEFINITELY a reference to ASAP ROCKY's song praise the lord. Take a listen to it on YouTube and you'll know the reference this trophy name is making.Pretty cool reference and great song too!
  5. theres a few games with just a 100% trophy list but no platinum that deserve a platinum (cough cough re4) any speculation why a developer wouldn't include one?
  6. Uncharted series the fucking last of us. (Most overrated game in history)
  7. add my psn mriaborat9 for the zombie trophies help!!!!!!

  8. how do u know
  9. I have everybody at the end live except hank because he killed himself because of my unfriendly friendship with him and connor (it was unfriendly because i had to do it for a specfic trophy) IS it possible to load the specific chapters where i can determine connor/hanks/ friendship, do everything to increase my friendship with him, Save. Then load back the second last chapter? so i can cancel out the death scene? really dont wanna go thru a WHOLE another playthrough
  10. go on my trophies and Look at doom.
  11. This doesnt work for disc games? i want my doom platinum already
  12. Anybody want to go on my profile and see what games i can easily platinum within a day of playing? currenlty trying for COD ww2 and then mafia 2

    1. Cleggworth


      Saints Row 4

    2. Kittet3


      You look close to Prototype 2 and there's a glitch so you don't have to replay hard mode.

    3. MaximumOverdrive



      Hitman 2: Silent Assassin 

      Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 

      Tomb Raider Trilogy HD

      Mafia II

      Uncharted: Drake's Fortune