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  1. Hello, Can you tell me if when you played for the private trophies, could you change the settings, like to match finishes with 5 kills? I've noticed that when changing the settings of the match, it simply doens't save, so I have to play all 10m.. Did you have this same problem?
  2. With My Devil Trophy!

  3. Hello guys, I got the trophy on March 20th with all brazilian friends. Unlike the most of them that played with a NAT1 player, I got the trophy by playing on same network (NAT 2 in my case) with 2 European discs. It's weird but it It seems that it was some occasional event on that day. I left my alt account to try to get this trophy a week later and confirm this theory. If I succeed, I'll reply here, and suggest to you guys to try again, and I'm not sure if is region block or something, but perhaps you guys use a Brazilian VPN and give a shot. When I started this game, I was trying under an USA VPN and sometimes some Europe country, but no success. Performing a NAT 1 configuration helps to add more players, even if you don't share same network, in this case you have more chances after invite 3 players into your squad, to at least play a match with one guy. Another usefull info, is that you don't have to start a match from beginning. When I got the trophy I joined on a half of ongoing match, and in the end ( screen that shows your K/D ) the trophy popped BEAUTIFULLY. I wish luck to you all to get this f*cking trophy! Don't give up
  4. Can share with me too? Sorry no German for me :/
  5. Did you used Nat1? I mean your PS3 was directly connected on your modem or directly connected on internet cable (which is supposed to be connected on modem). To simplify your IP was LAN or WAN on your PS3? If possible try explain in details what you did, what configurations have you done and so on. Thank you
  6. Same problem here!, when try to enter mp, gives an error message: "Connection Error. Please try again".
  7. IT_BURNS_LOL, makes sense what you said. So I'll try to block on my router, the And try the VPN. Your main account to try multiplayer is Best_PC_gamer? We need to create a private chat at skype, it's more fast to speak. Can you give me your skype ID? If possible, we create a chat group with your friends who also triyng to play, the same for me.
  8. IT_BURNS_LOL, Can you ask to your friend what is the PS3 and internet configuration? Whats his/her country, etc. Today, maybe tomorrow, I'll try the VPN.. I tried a public VPN to connect, but no success..In public VPN, I can't log on at my psn, the conection gets down. I googled and find "a way" to correct this...maybe works,and I will be able to connect to my psn with an Australian IP for example, and finally tries to connect Crysis multiplayer. I have some friends who are trying to connect and wants to do all online trophies, If you still connecting to multiplayer, we can define an day and hour to make a boost.. If it is of interest to you, Can I send an invitation to your Best_PC_gamer PSN?? Thanks in advice.
  9. IT_BURNS_LOL, did you already tried to join the game throught a VPN conection? I've read that some countries like (Australia), can join normally the game. I didn't tried yet, had no time for this. I expect to do in this week. but, I've tried to connect with 4G connection, but didn't work. Taliesin_2943, if possible, please give us more information about your connection. I'm from south america, and the game freezes too. It's a digital copy of crysis 2. And sorry for my bad english