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  1. GROOVY !
  2. You can both but without premium pass it will be hard to win or some luck
  3. Try hit survivors 2 hits and don't use your Bear trap too much
  5. Need for speed undercover 10 Years
  6. I remember when I want 1 month for Playstation now, It's say need or request credit card
  7. I think only you can buy 3 months or 12 because 1 month you need credit card
  8. So mean if anyone have season pass itlay you can done 100% with all dlc ??
  9. Imagine if all ps1 & ps2 games have trophy
  10. That right , it should make ps1 and ps2 support ps4 or ps5 with trophy and for the ps3 make more game in playstation now
  11. Idk if Sony shut down playstation store psvita or ps3 it should do ps1 and ps2 some trophy games but ps3 I think to put games in playstation now
  12. If true , I think you can download games as offline
  13. Nevermind I just got the trophy