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  1. Yes you can .
  2. I have downloaded game offline. I'm not from US , I have friend From us because he buy from in US and I have account already have Ps now
  3. I mean press , sorry
  4. Because some people do this
  5. Hi guys i find glitch in playstation store code psn The glitch is when you put code 10 , 20 , or 50$ together you with press X together I do it with new account, if you do 50$ it will give you double 100$ . Don't do that maybe you got banned From sony .
  6. Star wars the unleashed for ps3 today is has been 10 year September 16, 2008
  7. I know but I wish if 1% can delete
  8. Do u think you can delete trophy ؟ I know you can delete if 0% I wish if like 1% .
  9. But what about got 3 games by hack like bo2 ?
  10. It's easy put 3 controller and die then kill him together And finally I plat this game.
  11. Thank you
  12. The 8 brothers Blue Bomberman Pink Bomberman Black Bomberman Aqua Bomberman Red Bomberman White Bomberman Yellow Bomerman Green Bomerman For these you can unlock trophy only and you can share 4 Controllers to unlock fast
  13. Is Star Wars Pinball: Star Wars Rebel remove?
  14. Use the brother For trophy