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  1. Hopefully Sony care about trophy in ps5
  2. Wishlist/Gifting for Ps Store -Trophy progression -Timelog/stats for all games -ability to pin games on dashboard See twiiter Tidux
  3. I don't know when in whitelisted put , going forever!?
  4. Yes its 2 theme for pre order
  5. I think is only pre-order
  6. Mortal Kombat 11 = injustice 2
  7. rip Twisted metal ps3 Thank you
  8. You can complete in 3 min yes this is not cheat because you can complete half level last number and out .
  9. Because people do another account to get 10$ in pre day for easy plat.
  10. Only USA ?
  11. Sony says its 1,November it work But why still not working for now ?
  12. Off course it should be .
  13. Will be changed.
  14. Just do New account