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  1. Is online required 3 every game type ?
  2. Yes I don't how I Solution this problem
  3. I m trying to log in For 2 player split screen online but can't why?
  4. I have already Bomb 1,000,000 Fast method
  5. "We cannot complete the transaction" this is the big problem.
  6. What mean Blue "H ?
  7. العبه كلها هكر مو بس انت ، واجد ناس صارتهم ف اخفي اللعبه.
  8. It should game like bo2 , cod 5 , GTA and other. To be whitelited game.
  9. I agree, should be some game to be whitelited game trophy.
  10. Waiting For whitelited Games T_T
  11. @KING-_-FR0S اي حتى انا اخفي كاس حق اللعبه وراح ترجع في مراكز