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  1. rip Twisted metal ps3 Thank you
  2. You can complete in 3 min yes this is not cheat because you can complete half level last number and out .
  3. Because people do another account to get 10$ in pre day for easy plat.
  4. Only USA ?
  5. Sony says its 1,November it work But why still not working for now ?
  6. Off course it should be .
  7. Will be changed.
  8. Just do New account
  9. This is going forever no platinum!
  10. Yes my friend me too Some people already hack game and hide the game and he in leaderboard I have already hide games but I know no chance.
  11. Too many people flag this game I don't why when but whitelisted game T_T !
  12. How

    So . No trophy for US?
  13. No , its €4.99 in germany
  14. Enjoy