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  1. Speed run, especially when pausing the game doesn't stop the timer......LET US GO TO THE TOILET!
  2. I'd possibly just delete trophies for duplicate games on my account. For example, I have one solitary trophy earned for The Witcher 3.....I later traded up for the GOTY edition, which has a separate trophy list. I'd maybe delete the original game Similarly, I have a few PS3 games each with one or two trophies earned, as I played for like an hour or two, that I later traded up to remastered PS4 versions and have either finished or plan to. I'd maybe get rid of the PS3 versions from my account. Other than that, games on my account that are incomplete because I didn't enjoy enough to complete don't really bother me that much.
  3. Same....I personally found the game fun to play once I got into.....absolutely loved the Kidman DLC from the start (although I've not done Kurayami mode yet)....I didn't love the Executioner DLC though, end yet to finish that one. Akumu mode was tough, but overall wasn't too bad as you can save after each chapter so it's not like you have to do the game in one was a while ago that I played but I'm sure the chapters still have checkpoints so if you mess up you don't have the frustration of losing hours of gameplay a la Dead Space 2's Hard Core mode....was still rewarding to get through it though. I say, if you already own it 👍
  4. Beyond: Two Souls.....loved my first playthrough but I had to psyche myself up and then drag myself through replaying some chapters....Navajo especially
  5. New album is great!
  6. Thanks for the recommend....added to my wishlist....just finished up a few and my stash is starting to run low and its stressing me out 😁 I recently read: Dark Matter was the fastest I've read a book in a while....couldn't put it down The One was more of a slow burner initially, but hooked me right in once it started getting dark and twisted and literally just started on: Only a few pages into this but I'm getting a good vibe and think I'll enjoy
  7. 87: Rise of the Tomb Raider Got the platinum for this a few days ago. One of the rare games that I bought on release and actually played it immediately, without just tossing it onto a pile for later. Platinum only took as long as it did because I found the grind on par with the Arkham games and I can only manage running around a map for collectibles in short bursts these days before I get bored. That said, it's one of my favourite TR games, with the only main title I've never finished being AOD. I even enjoyed replaying each level in score attack and I usually can't bear putting myself through stuff like that. 88: Life is Strange I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed this. I rarely buy these types of games but will pick them up when they're free on PS plus or maybe when they're dirt cheap...I usually just dip in and out of them when I have a spare hour or so to kill time and thought this would be the same, thinking it would take me a few weeks to get through the story. Absolutely loved it though and couldn't tear myself away, especially once it hit the last two chapters and it started messing me up.
  8. This is the trophy I immediately think of.....I did it on PS3 Vita would've ended up being launched across the room.
  9. #84 I regret not playing this a bit obsessed with it over the holidays. #85 I had fun playing this but felt it could've been better. I had to turn the sound off after my first playthrough because of annoying characters and dialogue.
  10. Aliens vs Predator - I don't like it and don't think I can bring myself to even finish it AC Brotherhood - Wack job MP trophies, can't be bothered....I started on them at one point and I'm surprised I've not snapped the fucking disc in half Batman: Arkham Origins - I dragged my arse through my first playthrough and don't ever intend to play it again....if it wasn't a Batman game I may never have finished it the first time Dark Souls - Decided to leave it and have at the remaster instead, when it's released GTA IV - I'll get around to finishing this someday but the online aspect doesn't appeal to me in the slightest Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe - Even if the servers were still up, I don't like the game enough to ever play it again Red Dead Redemption - Same as GTA IV Skyrim - I started it but got rid of my PS3 copy when I bought the PS4 version I think the only PS3 game I still own that I definitely would like the platinum for but will never achieve is Ghostbusters: The Video Game...I love the game and would've loved to have jumped into the MP for a try at least but I was too late. Any others, I'm still either undecided or just haven't motivated myself to try yet.