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  1. I just saw it on Spain store too, even though the game info on its page here only says NA.
  2. Well, this took me way too long to post but I'll do it now. Here's my tier 1: - Medal of Honor (almost done!) - Medal of Honor Warfighter - Dreadnought - Rumbleverse - Tera The fifth spot is likely to be replaced but let Tera be there for now. I'm not sure wether to keep posting tiers or add the games as I do them, since there's always unexpected changes. For example, Rumbleverse would not have been there, were it not for the recent shutdown announcement. Both MoH are done for MP, but I need to finish the campaign on tier 1 mode as it is also an online trophy in the first game, and Dreadnought is also shutting down. This is the worst part of trophy hunting along with delistings and broken trophies that are never fixed... Shutdown season it is!!!
  3. It is a precaution. But... buying season passes just makes the dlcs free on the store, you have to go and claim them to add them to your library. If you don't, I'm not sure if the items will appear on your transaction history or library, only the season pass, which you could then show as proof to customer support that you bought it and maybe they can add the items of the season pass to your library. That's for digital season passes and dlc, in your case, I believe the code will unlock everything individually at once. And we don't know if you'll be able to buy the content from the in-game store. Most likely not. Also, these games can be confusing with all of the options and dlcs and upgrade paths, access passes for previous game content, etc. as well as issues with mixing physical and digital versions, so checking in the in-game store that you got everything is highly recommended I would say.
  4. I felt the same way. Seems like these people wanted the games to be altered and censored, so if the games weren't, this is a win.
  5. Does Persona 3 ever actually imply that you are lesser if you are a woman? These people seem nuts.
  6. 2 completely bugged trophies then. And... that's a serious bug That to do list must be looking rather big now 😓 Edit: Well make those 3 Ok, let us know once version 1.00 downloads
  7. Bad news Hopefully it does pop. Ohh I see so it's three types of magic, not 3 levels. Marverlous Light is the name of a spell, not a level. I'm not familiar with the game 😅 My original post is from many months ago too, so I've forgotten what the game is like. It's those 3 spells what you can't upgrade then. So, even if the magic does not get fixed, we are still able to progress in the game and get trophies, if those get fixed. Good to know about that sword
  8. Ok so the "No hit" trophies are at least obtainable thankfully, but too hard. Though it's not meant to be like that so hopefully Merrick manages to patch that. Only Faster than light unobtainable so far... There are another 3 trophies at 0.00% that you have not obtained yet. Guatavita, Coatlicue and Sun Beam. Please let us know about them when you get to them. Right, so the upgrades in general are bugged, not saving what you upgraded. Plus the wrong text for 2 of them. Hopefully everything is fixed soon. Heyy well done finding that secret level! I also wouldn't have known what a GDD is. Edit: Wait, so only those 3 types of magic have issues with the upgrades then? They seem to not be required for a trophy per se, as in, a "Fully upgrade..." but they probably help with the no hit trophies I assume.
  9. Huh? 👀 Looking forward to see which trophies are actually unobtainable then
  10. Well that's good, but there seems to be a lot more unobtainable trophies. You said you were still going through the game and reporting issues? I appreciate what you're doing. Please continue, I for one don't have this game.
  11. Glad to hear that Merrick has been responsive! How many trophies exactly are bugged? What's the list look like?
  12. Thank you very much! Hopefully we do see some patches early 2023. And thank you again for going into the discord server and reporting issues with the game and trophies. I should look into getting in discord servers for games to have some way of direct communication with devs. That could potentially help with bugged trophies. Also, sometimes server shutdowns and delistings are announced there first.
  13. So you have joined a discord server for the game and the, seemingly single dev for the game, has told you that he will fix it? That's great news if true Could you provide a screenshot of the message? In any case, we will see if he keeps his word.
  14. Yeah, so we might as well consider the PS4 version unobtainable too, for the time being.
  15. Well that's a shame about the PS5 version About the PS4 version, it could be that those people are simply not registered on PSNP, or maybe they're hackers?