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  1. Yeah I get where you're coming from, but I'm aware of that. Still appreciate it, someone might not be aware that the new ps store is ps4 and 5 only and all that. That's nuts
  2. Add to that the EU version of Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel. If I recall correctly it was only available digitally on EU for 15€. But there's a physical copy for both of these games.
  3. That's unfortunate, thank you for checking. Ps Prices still shows most of the dlcs and definitely the main games. And I was checking it on the ps3 spanish store.
  4. Yeah, it sucks. At least there's a physical version.
  5. I'm checking all the games in my to buy list for ps3 for free dlcs and this no loger shows up on the spanish store. I had it noted as 10€ or 20$. PS Prices says nothing found when typing the name on EU and US stores. At least there's a physical version...
  6. I think this got delisted. I can't find it on the spanish store, and ps prices says it's not on the US store, but that may be old news since I had it noted in my to buy list as 15€ or physical. But now I can't find it on EU either.
  7. I quickly searched the game on ebay and it has a physical version for ps3. Doesn't seem to be the case for vita so maybe only the vita version is digital only?
  8. Will the physical version come to the west?
  9. Were the Soul Sacrifice games and Freedom Wars actually shut down????
  10. Wth. Please everyone, contact the devs on twitter or any contact method they have about this.
  11. It will be nice to play through this series again. The original trophy list was a pain because of "dedication" and "tooled up" if it glitched on you... ...but like Kidson said, the MP was so much fun. I remember a map on the top of a building, I still remember those corridors on the lower area. The town hall too...
  12. I'm pretty sure the old gta games on ps4 are part of the ps2 classics. So digital only, right? As of the week of October 11th? That doesn't really make it clear wether they will be removed on October 11th or wether they'll stay the whole week. Also, they are not on sale right now so it's 35€...
  13. I think I have a different issue than most here. I was able to send, receive and complete a challenge with my alt, it took a few tries but I managed to get that trophy just fine. The problem now is: that while my main account does appear on leaderboards, none of my alts do, and I added 2 different people (one of the recent players here, saint_nemesis and a lvl 50 person still playing for fun online), and none of those appear on the single player leaderboards. I can't see anyone yet so I can't add them as my rival. I was able to do the challenge trophy, supposedly the most problematic, but not the rival one. Should I try adding more people? Can anyone here that appears on the leaderboards add me maybe? Edit: After adding a third person, finally someone showed up on the leaderboards. Got the trophy. I'll just leave this as it is, in case someone experiences the same as I did. Keep trying to add people.
  14. Oh, I thought it was going to be global from the start, just earlier in Europe.
  15. Apart from the CERO Z part, which I don't completely understand, isn't this old news? Well it's confiming it for the japanese stores of ps3 and vita but months ago it was said that, due to security reasons, you would have to add funds via pns cards only on ps3 and vita. So, apart from the cero z, nothing's changed?