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  1. That's a shame, and it may in fact never be patched, but we could try contacting the devs. There has to be a way to reach them, then it might get fixed... if they care.
  2. The new rule allowing to post any finished games after registering saved me on this one, because I completely forgot to report here that I finished Super Bomberman R Online, 9 days ago. It does have a single UR trophy, so it counts!. When the news of the shutdown broke out, I joined a session soon after and almost immediately was messaged and offered help by someone who bought the Premium Pass. Got it done in about half an hour. To all of you helping the community out with this, you're all legends. (Oh, in case someone doesn't know, the game is a f2p 64 players battle royale. You can get all trophies in private matches quite easily, but the feature really is behind the paywall of the premium pass. Yes, private matches. And with the announcement of the shutdown the pass was delisted so you need to have bought the pass or find someone that has, for the easy completion). 1. Skydive: Proximity Flight (1.77%) (0%) 2. Blur (1.53%) (86%) 3. Super Bomberman R Online (3.59%) (100%) 4. Rage (4.03%, 0.72%) (8%) 5. Echochrome (4.18%) (0%) 6. Echochrome II (1.18%) (0%) 7. Jump Force (2.84%) (0%) 8. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes PS4 (4.30%) (100%) 9. TERA (3.08%) (0%) 10. Dauntless (0.13%) (100%)
  3. Wolfenstein 2's Mein Leben is hard, but not impossible. I haven't done it yet but there's glitches to skip levels and many different guides at this point, to give you ideas and tips for strategies on how to overcome the different areas of the game. You should be able do it with enough perseverance if you're okay or better at FPS games. But most of all, remember why we are here in the first place, because we love games. Don't miss out on these great games because of this bronze trophy. If you decide to not attempt the platinum you should at least enjoy the game in an alt account. It's a great game.
  4. SoulCalibur II HD was already delisted in EU (or at least the Spanish store) already. But not in NA store so that would be affected if it were to be delisted. Not sure about other stores like the japanese or hong kong stores.
  5. Yeah, it sucks when there's no guides for a game, or proper guides since like you said the trophies are different to those achievements. Please let us know if you find anything when you get to this game.
  6. The trophy list just appeared on this site and, interestingly enough, the same artwork is used uncensored for the trophy tile that you will see from your console. So was it only censored for the trailer? Why bother then.
  7. Huh? I reported that this artwork was censored on its youtube launch trailer on the Playstation channel... Interesting that the trophy list art is not censored.
  8. If getting 1000 bly isn't grindy, then it looks to be glitched. Or else why do people all miss the same trophy?
  9. A launch trailer for the game "Amazing Princess Sarah" was just published on the official Playstation Youtube channel and someone on the comments said the cover art was censored. It's true, the game's art on Steam is more revealing. Not sure if there's more censored content but at least the cover art is.
  10. There's not many owners for this game, and there's a few trophies at 0.00% due to that in some of the stacks, but the one trophy that's 0.00% across all 4 stacks is "Collector of Useless Things". It could be that it's a grindy trophy, but there are several people sitting at 98% missing the very same bronze trophy. Does anyone know something else? The devs are Infamous Quests and the publishers are Phoenix Online Studios and Ratalaika Games. Maybe they're not aware, we could try contacting them, if it's actually glitched.
  11. I'm glad this thread was useful then! Hope you enjoy the game if you do get it
  12. Oh god... my bad. I totally overlooked that, despite checking the app ps store. It makes sense from my perspective. I've been checking the new releases since the second half of last year, but I stopped around October and they added up. I've been catching up these last few days. This trophy list is on page 23 of latest releases with the January games, because the list was uploaded early I guess. So there's my confusion, how come a game from January is still all 0.00%(s) in May? But it didn't release then, so thanks. I wonder if I should delete this thread...
  13. All 0.00%(s), no owners at all... At first I thought it might have never actually released on PlayStation, and in need of reporting to the "Update a trophy list" thread, but it's there on the app for 20€. Is it that bad that no one bought it or maybe it's a non-syncer? Here's a trailer: Seems like it also released on Switch in 2019
  14. Yeah the cover art looks pretty good. This seems like another easy plat from eastasiasoft but it looks interesting enough, I'll try it out sometime.