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  1. Any update? Or is this actually No One's Diary?
  2. I hope not, if they're gonna pull some bs like masterminds again. I wouldn't like to have to grind 8 milion dollars like in the original heists either. It's just better if they don't add any
  3. Hey I just saw this game on sale and it looked interesting. Thanks for the info! How hard is it to get all trophies and how long? Can you give an stimation?
  4. Standing up against a full team in the last of us multiplayer on my own and and killing all 4 in one single play when they came running to me to gang up since they were 4 vs 1. My team started losing pretty badly so they left and it was just me vs them. I lost but the match but I got 12 kills in the end. Max Payne 3 100%? There's got to be more but I can't think of any right now
  5. Arcana Heart 3 Love Max!!!!! I would say it's a pretty good fighting game with interesting visuals, good character design and ost. Lots of content. I had a good time with it.
  6. You do, there's challenges that require to 100% all camps which means doing secondary things like getting all their specific scrap and insignias, that as you know, are different than scavenging locations scraps, but both are needed.
  7. Feels like I'm the only one just exited for this and not criticizing the graphics.... But they weren't the best indeed. I like the redesigned enemies and characters
  8. Thank you. Seeing it listed as ps4 jp 2019 while the vita versions specified NA and EU is what caused my confusion, specially since a lot of japanese games never come to the west
  9. Hi, so this game's page says it was released for ps4 on JP but no word for other countries, but from what I'm understanding reading the comments here it did release worldwide. Will I be able to platinum this game if I buy the EU version? Or will it just not have a trophy list?
  10. Looks pretty good. I will wait to see what bullshit the pull with the zombie trophies and expensive, never on sale dlcs, though. Oh, and possible microtransactions.
  11. I was going to tell you right away ps3 version but you don't mean that. The different ps4 editions only offer some money and you will already own a couple businesess online which should help with the insane amounts of money you need for the trophies. BUT, I've read that the businesses these packs offer are some of the worst, cheapest ones so maybe the special editions are not worth it.
  12. Glad it worked out for you and it was a very early frog! Same, I was pretty sure I had this one already. Well, I guess we didn't.
  13. Kerotans do carry over. I had to do them all over again up until the Volgin fight. I must have died in that battle and when I won I forgot to shoot the one Kerotan there. As soon as I shot that one the trophy popped. It was a bit annoying going after each and every kerotan again, not knowing which I missed, but it's one of my all time favorite games so it's not like I didn't enjoy the extra playthrough.
  14. Awesome month