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  1. Splinter Cell: Blacklist
  2. Maybe you can still play online through share play. It will be a pain though having to stop every hour to share play again
  3. When you say quit to xmb, do you mean pressing the PS button AND closing the app? Thanks for the info, appreciate it.
  4. That's pretty bad, at least we got the kuruma I guess.I've been reading the guide here and now I understand more what you meant on the previous message, the finales and all that. Oh so like when you do a free roam mission on rdr2, but can't you play on invitation mode (I played there on ps3, basically only those who you invite can join so you could play online solo) and do the prep? Well thankfully it doesn't affect the mastermind trophy. It would have been better that way yeah. Does it have to be in one sitting? Or can I do some preps with 2 people without dying, then play another with 3 people no deaths and it will count to both challenges?
  5. 12 hours per heist?? It has different endings? So I would even have to grind for money before getting the facility... Not counting that bonus grind, rockstar really likes to put grindy trophies on their games, specially the online modes. It's getting annoying. Thank goodness I could transfer my online progress form the ps3 so all I have to do is this dlc, the editor and single player...
  6. What's the deal with Doomsday Heist?
  7. Unless you run into some hacker or "special match" that levels you to 10 instantly. And there are some guys in McFarlane's Ranch that you can shoot and get to level 50 REALLY fast, that online mode is so broken.
  8. I'm focusing on them a lot lately, cleared Dead Nation, AC Brotherhood and Revelations out of the way recently. I was working on Resident Evil Revelations, just need that one trophy at the very least but now I gotta finish U3. Thankfully only need that one out the 3 games. Just realized InFamous Festival of Blood has online trophies, dammit.