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  1. What a terrible month...
  2. What? I don't think any account gets terminated just for not login in
  3. You're welcome
  4. A friend got me this one and it's very comfortable, highly reccomend. wired mini controller big ben interactive ps3.
  5. Surprisingly low!! Well kinda, I just counted and it's 108 games!! Still a lot but I honestly expected way bigger numbers. And I will be focusing a lot and I mean a lot in them with some ps4 games mixed in (specially ones with onlines trophies or that I started and want to 100%). Pretty much everything should be done by 2024 for the ps3. There are still around 15 games I want to buy for ps3 though.
  6. I don't like the ammo being so scarce from what I've seen. At the same time I do like it because it incites me to use other weapons and not just the super shotgun but idk, maybe a balance between the two games would be perfect. Having the game incite you like I said to use other weapons but not FORCING you like it does on eternal
  7. It's not. You can boost the online trophies and for the other gamemodes you really only need the basic things and somewhat know how to play with some characters. I'm not good at fighting games, managed to plat tekken tag tournament 2 and soulcalibur v and that was hard sometimes, fighterz is not that hard. Only need zeni now and I don't even know any full combo. I use basic controls even though most of them, the left joystick + ///, circle up and attacking in the air, some blocking, superattacks, etc. I don't really use autocombos anymore, specially full autocombos. But there's that too, autocombos will help you as a beginner.
  8. I don't need it but I did until a friend helped me out. Couldn't plat the game for a long ass time. This is nice of you I aprecciate that
  9. Happy to help
  10. They are paid. Fortunately they are not the most expensive dlcs of cod games (which tend to be expensive as fuck) and fortunately you only need 2 out of 3 dlcs to get 100% trophies. Be VERY CAREFUL, the dlcs have different regions, check out your disc (not the case) and buy the packs with the same code in the store. If your dlc and disc have a different code it won't work.
  11. What did QTEs do to you?
  12. The online was not that good and absolutely terrible grind to get to 50 and get some money for very expensive items, but ever since the roles update it got better and better as a whole, and way easier when it comes to trophies. The gold medals for missions were terrible because it didn't keep your current inventory, it was a set one, and a poor one at that. Most importantly, they gave you pretty much the worse horse they could so you would run out of stamina and items to refill it and yeah it was frustrating overall and specially on timed missions. But I heard they patched that so your concerns about that should be no more. I must say though, red dead online is similar to gta online, not exactly as old rdr1 online. But anyways do yourself a favor and play this masterpiece.
  13. Yes it's only about the account creation year. I played it for the first time last year
  14. What's with the precise percentages and 0.00%s?? Anyone know estimated time and difficulty?
  15. March 2020 DOOM 2016 Assassin's Creed The Ezio Collection