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  1. So did I when I played the game, but then it all corrupted and the saves were manual...
  2. Golden advice^
  3. Thanks for the reply, it makes more sense now. And yes, I will make it a habit to save data to the cloud. Thanks.
  4. I have had PS plus on the PS4 since King's quest was announced, but my autosave to the cloud was not turned on for some odd reason :'(
  5. I mean, the main reason why I made this post is because I wanted to which games that I nearly had finished (in terms of trophies) that I'll still be able to finish quick (not having to do countless of playthroughs) if you know what I mean. For instance, Heavy Rain I had nearly completed that game, but now I have to start over again, and I think I'll be able to complete it quick, since I already did all the stuff on my old save file, and the only thing I need is a different ending, and some missable trophies?
  6. I mean, honestly, you could just erase the fourth one for the ps4 trophies, since it doesnt matter which percentage I'm at at the current state. There is really no game that I really want to play at the moment, and I have no idea where to see a list of oldest / newest purchased games. The only "path" I, myself, feel valid is the 5th, so I'll take that into consideration thanks. I had finished the online challenges for Mad Max, but my PS4's system ended up going into a safe mode loop, which corrupted my save file, since I didn't back it up to the cloud, which is my own fault, so it has nothing to do with me not being aware of the time span of my backlog??? I got the plat in Spider-man and GoT, but cant be bothered to 100% the trophylist, since I literally have to start the games all over again, complete them once again, then unlock new game + and then complete them again, which totally sucks. I lost all of my savefiles for my PS4, if it wasn't clear enough out from the title of the post..., so the percentage doesn't really matter? Or am I getting something wrong.
  7. Hi, since I lost all of my PS4 save files that I've gathered for like 6 years (including a mad max save file, where I had completed the online scrap challenges, but hadn't gotten the now unobtainable trophy, because I was saving it for later), then I wanted to ask you guys where I should start as you can see there are a lot of games that I've played, but never really finished, and I'm gonna have to start over nontheless. Please, take a look at my games, and help me create a list / backlog, so I can do all of them as quick as possible. It really sucks that I had to lose all of my save files because of system corruption that happened a couple of days ago when turning on my playstation, but I guess that's life, and it is my own fault for not manually backing the data up to the cloud; let that be a lesson.
  8. Ended up losing my save, because my PS4 suddenly went into safe mode, and the only options I had was to factory reset it. So, to the ones of you who only have completed the scrap challenges remember to save the file somewhere else, than on the local storage.
  9. Remember to save your save file to the PS plus cloud, otherwise you'll end up like me. I had completed all the scrap crew challenges, before taking a pause from the game, and then all of a sudden when turning on my PS4 a morning it went into safe mode. I couldn't do anything else than factory reset it, and hope that it was saved to the cloud, which it wasn't. The only thing that was saved on my cloud was a mad max save from 2018, which I hadn't played on. So, to the ones of you that only have completed the scrap crew challenges, and only have stored the game locally, then I advise you to store it in the ps plus cloud.
  10. I have it on CD...
  11. I've played the game physically for many years on the same save, but ended up taking a break in 2019, but now I've come back to complete some trophies, and to my surprise it didn't load my save, yet it went into a new game. This is annoying, because I haven't deleted any save files, nothing has been corrupted, it just can't load the save file. In the tab where game saves are stored I can still see the original save and the new that it creates everything I jump into the game. Yet, nothing happens after deleting the new game save, and keeping the old one, it just keeps going into a new game. Any tips of what I can do? It'll really be a bummer if I've lost the file even though it is still there?
  12. When writing the post, I was thinking of Steam, but I know that PSN has a same form of refund system. But I'm not sure of the criteria; if you've played it under 2 hours, you can refund etc.
  13. If you bought it digitally, and haven't played it for more than 2 hours, I'm sure that you can get a refund, if you write to support?
  14. did the DLC work?
  15. Haha, no problem.