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  1. This was just awful. Worst movie I’ve saw in 2022. Watching pearl In a few days so hopefully that’s better
  2. Unfortunately dlc doesn’t come with the streaming version but you can get every main game trophy including the multiplayer trophies and you can play with ps3 players
  3. Yes. My psn was banned for the dumbest reason. Me and my friend was in a pod on little big planet and someone join (a small child) and cussed us out. My friend cussed back with even harsher language. Next day I was banned just because he reported both of us and I did nothing wrong
  4. It’s got a corgi on it so I’m buying it 😂
  5. Bloodborne. Even when I first started it I didn’t like it but I kept at it and eventually fell I love with it and encouraged me to go for all the 100%s in the soulsborne series. New found respect for Fromsoftware
  6. Raid mode is accessible on the streaming version for revelations 1 but you can’t play co op. As for revelations 2 streaming version yes you can access it. Not sure if it’ll let you play co op but it’s very easy to do solo
  7. Yes you could but I would recommend a friend or 2 to help. Most random teammates are clueless. I boosted it with with a friend and my 2nd console and wasn’t too bad but took us many tries to find the right team. Good luck!
  8. 2 players
  9. I think you sign out and start a lan game then quit out and try to go into multiplayer. Been a couple years but i think that’s the solution
  10. I did most of the 100% in co op with my brother so yea I thought it was good for a far cry game and a enjoyable time. The zombie dlc was a slog to get through but the mars dlc was some or the most fun I’ve had in a Ubisoft game. 7.5/10 overall. Not the best but definitely a fun time
  11. Crash team racing nitro fueled is my personal favorite. When I first jumped into it I really didn’t care for the driving but after a few hours it felt very rewarding and satisfying. A close second is Star Wars racer revenge
  12. Saints row the third is a absolute blasty blast in co op. Can crash a lot tho :/
  13. I really want to pick up the Witcher 3 as I’ve never played it. Is it as good as everyone says it is?
  14. This worked! Thank you!
  15. Fallout 76. If I had a time machine I would go back and kick my own ass for making that awful decision 😂