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  1. Pretty cool. Was one of my favorite star wars games when I was younger
  2. God I hope that’s a thing in the future
  3. Looking for a level 50 crew to join for the trophy. A invite would be very appreciated 😄
  4. Need for speed for the vita
  5. I think 10 is fine. 15 would be ok but 20 seems a bit much if you ask me
  6. the projects for the base game safe houses are not there making it unobtainable for me but when I contacted Ubisoft they said it was only a problem for me so idk. Other than that it’s a pretty fun experience especially if your doing the game with a buddy or two. Definitely worth it
  7. In my case for the ps3 it was pretty easy but I also grew up playing the sly series and got to know everything about it. Overall the only bad part about sly 1 is the stupid races and protecting Murray missions. Now the vita is entirely different. That experience was awful 😂
  8. I really enjoy both but when it comes to grinding it has to be a game I really enjoy such as Friday the 13th or kingdom hearts. A challenge is always appreciated as long as it’s doable with practice and patients
  9. @sepheroithisgod this man is just a god and possibly has the best trophy list I’ve seen. Seems very respectful and a chill dude. He is the perfect example of a great trophy hunter!
  10. I fully agree with you. I love the challenge that is birth by sleep and DDD. Hopefully a trophy for completing the game on level 1 is a thing in the future lol
  11. Double check that all of the songs have “cleared” under them. I had the same problem and I died and didn’t complete them. Hope this helps
  12. Finished my melody of memory platinum!
  13. Thank you for sharing!
  14. Fallout 76 with a 5.68%
  15. 5 or 6 depending on how skilled you are at rhythm games. I personally struggled with the 50 chains on proud but practice makes perfect