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  1. 2 players
  2. I think you sign out and start a lan game then quit out and try to go into multiplayer. Been a couple years but i think that’s the solution
  3. I did most of the 100% in co op with my brother so yea I thought it was good for a far cry game and a enjoyable time. The zombie dlc was a slog to get through but the mars dlc was some or the most fun I’ve had in a Ubisoft game. 7.5/10 overall. Not the best but definitely a fun time
  4. Crash team racing nitro fueled is my personal favorite. When I first jumped into it I really didn’t care for the driving but after a few hours it felt very rewarding and satisfying. A close second is Star Wars racer revenge
  5. Saints row the third is a absolute blasty blast in co op. Can crash a lot tho :/
  6. I really want to pick up the Witcher 3 as I’ve never played it. Is it as good as everyone says it is?
  7. This worked! Thank you!
  8. Fallout 76. If I had a time machine I would go back and kick my own ass for making that awful decision 😂
  9. Kingdom hearts 2 is probably the only game I still play after getting the platinum. Speed ran it. Got the platinum on level 1 (not counting level 99 trophy). Got the platinum more times I can count. Absolute masterpiece
  10. Hopefully no resistance stack. Other than that this is cool if you can get this version for 10$ if you own the original
  11. Been a while since I played KH but if I can remember I think your best bet is to craft the mythrils then craft the dark matters. also you get mythril shards from pot spiders and behemoth in the end of the world. Mythril stones are found at the pot spider mini game in agrabah and mystery goo is from the white mushrooms (randomly spawns) and with these materials you can craft mythrils!
  12. Not too bad. The Only pain was to craft the Ultima weapon. Not hard just tedious to pause and use a translator every time you need a material
  13. Nice to meet you!
  14. Eh not really. If I like a game or if I’m doing a series and it has a ultra rare platinum then so be it
  15. Odyssey is much more of a grind compared to unity. Odyssey drags on 30-40 hours than it should. As of activities there’s is a lot more to do in odyssey for the 100% but sometimes less is more and I definitely enjoyed my time in unity compared to odyssey. I wouldn’t recommend it if your new to AC. Definitely go for AC 2- revelations or even something like rogue