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  1. Hello if someone want to try help me i will be happy is for the 3 player lair trophy thx you!
  2. I will be happy if they stop add dlc but is will never happen right?
  3. Ifthe survivor glow green hit him is count i got it recently
  4. What about knight trophy do you need to hit it or only the summon? Im still confuse by this 1
  5. I wish youre right Matt is about 5 month i lost hope that game will be fixed im not pessimist just first time is happen to me
  6. Never seen 276 coment for a hedgehog game before is interesting
  7. How can a hedgehog made everyone insult each other? We all know now is possible
  8. Can we atleast argue on stroke the dog post the picture is more cute then that hedgehog
  9. My philosophie is to have a good quality platinum then 10 worst one i judge no one but i will not stain my account
  10. Anyway how you can stroke a hedgehog you will hurt yourself
  11. Is not complicated if you plat a game like yakuza who can take 100h for 20 buck the collector you save almost 100 buck for a couple of that ridicule platinum ima not call them a game that will insult me,
  12. Is almost 1 year i started the game i start to think they will never fix it i regret so much to started it without know is possible to plat it geez
  13. Sorry to bother, is there someone who have info for a update in monster crown yet i start to be impatient...
  14. The hardest is getting the map we can play 30 match before found 1 RPD and be killed on the beginning by a wesker after you find it...
  15. They will never fix it they like seen us eat our fingers for a silver trophy...