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  1. Is not worked for me i started a lair with 5 player 2 did leave i did beat volgon and didnt get the trophy
  2. So a another lie again i see
  3. Is not only about money.. all time i did plat everygame i started till now and that game unfinished destroyed what i worked hard and proudly to ash
  4. I dont think they will patch it eventually sadly
  5. Thx for the add
  6. I am interested to join your club aswell im stuck at lair trophy i wish we can help eachother my psn ID is GretchenWebb23 if your interested to add me there and ingame
  7. Im currently playing Temtem (ps5) but i am stuck with the 3-player lair trophy and i play diablo 2 (ps5)
  8. Everyone became optimist... is sad to read
  9. Hello if someone want to try help me i will be happy is for the 3 player lair trophy thx you!
  10. I will be happy if they stop add dlc but is will never happen right?
  11. Ifthe survivor glow green hit him is count i got it recently
  12. What about knight trophy do you need to hit it or only the summon? Im still confuse by this 1
  13. I wish youre right Matt is about 5 month i lost hope that game will be fixed im not pessimist just first time is happen to me
  14. Never seen 276 coment for a hedgehog game before is interesting
  15. How can a hedgehog made everyone insult each other? We all know now is possible