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  1. Can you get them after you've finished the game? By replaying missions?
  2. Looks pretty easy. I think you can plat it in about 3-4 days.
  3. Hello, I've got a problem. I uploaded every highlight after a online fight but the trophy won't pop? Anyone else got this problem?
  4. Thanks! Tried the submission method and it's working flawless :)
  5. You can also add me
  6. I got the "Walls of the ruler" trophy when I completed the location.
  7. I need the online trophies too, feel free to add me
  8. Batman Arkham Origins
  9. Nice guide! Helped me a lot 👍
  10. If you're castle is being captured they might get caught. Happened to me.
  11. Add me for the " Friendship Rules" trophy