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  1. Some pretty good games, just picked up FF7, all the Naruto games and some more
  2. Looks like a 3/10 for me, the only "harder" thing is to get the Co-Op trophy, but should be easily achievable on release
  3. Looks pretty easy but a bit time consuming, probably gonna pick this up
  4. Yes, I did realize it too when I played it a few weeks ago haha, Umbrella is probably real then
  5. If someone is wondering if its still glitched me and someone else just got it, nothing was glitched or weird for us.
  6. Killzone Shadow Fall, got it with the PS4 release bundle but never finished it
  7. +1 from me!
  8. Hopefully they will remaster SR:2 too
  9. I didn't encounter any problems, if you do try re-installing the game.
  10. I hope this is true
  11. Looks great! Always wanted to play these three games. Even though I already got Shadow of Tomb Raider on PC
  12. Great! Gonna play it myself in the next time
  13. Looking forward to Shadow
  14. Seems easy but very grindy
  15. If nothing helps backup your savegame and try to reinstall the game, worked for me