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  1. The trophy hacker at #1 in 100% Club leaderboard has been there for weeks but only showed up many weeks after the Uncharted 3 server went down for good. He copied the exact trophy order and time stamp timing of the legit gamer BEST.....TIME and made the trophy time stamps for 2015. That trophy hacker is still trying again to destroy the legacy of BEST......TIME even after his other account was removed for this same reason and action. They want to keep coping the trophy time stamps for a total time of 1 week 20 hours 38 minutes. The only legit gamer with legit time stamps for that exact time is BEST......TIME. He reported over a week ago and nothing was done. And I can't even report as the reporting button doesn't even show. It's real simple. 100% trophies in Uncharted 3 in under a month time is no longer possible because its been over a month since online servers went down and you would have had to earn online trophies before that time to even have a chance at 100%. Any gamers showing up on 100% Club leaderboards within the last 30 days or any time in the future should all be removed as the only way for them to show up is to trophy hack. I thought that was obvious to the cheater removal team but maybe not because is still at #1 after being reported over a week ago and has not been removed.
  2. From other account, I tried to find any possible way to pop Ashley Snaps trophy without shooting Ashley at the end of episode 6 and there seems to be no way to do that. Choosing to save Josh instead of Ashley from ground saw then choosing every comment option to get Chris and Ashley to hate each other then aiming at Ashley but not pulling trigger still leads to Ashley letting Chris in. So maybe when that leaderboard Asian player got Ashley Snaps trophy 15 minutes after Fatal Grudge trophy, it was done in a way where Ashley Snaps trophy was still on same game save as Fatal Grudge. 15 minutes is still impossible to me unless someone can explain it. Even the world record playthrough times for PC has 40 minutes of playthrough between the end of episode 6 and the end of episode 8 which are the spots when those trophies pop. I heard a professional PC speedrunner say that there is a way to glitch a character outside of map but it is useless because the game doesn't continue at all when it is done. And every time that I try to load a game save, it must overwrite the current game save so there is no way to blend game saves ether. And after a full playthrough when you have access to chapter select, you still can't just start from episode 6 then have Chris shoot Ashley then go back to chapter select to start episode 8 to hope that skipping episode 7 won't matter because I already tried that too. It just goes back to the full playthrough game save decision which was to not shoot Ashley. And starting new story removes the chapter select option from menu so that won't work either.
  3. Like I said before. This topic has nothing to do with flagging cheaters. I'm just trying to learn everything about this game. I don't believe anybody has hacked trophies in this game to begin with. I already tried to message them but no response. I only speak English and I doubt these Asian players speak English.
  4. I have spent a long time trying to find out how those trophies are legit. I believe I have found the answer. I will test my theory later this week on another account. It has to do with certain actions within the game. The trophy unlock order is deceiving because he was working on some other trophies before his first trophy. Also, there still is no way to skip episodes from a new choice made. The key was to never actually need one trophy to pop to trigger the other trophy. This game is fascinating. There could be 3 different actions surrounding one event and either each action could trigger a different outcome or 2 actions could trigger the same outcome even if most people would assume it would trigger the other outcome.
  5. After completely replaying Episode 6 to have Chris not shoot Ashley after a full playthrough to unlock all episodes from the menu, that change in choice only stays saved in the game save if only continuing from there. If I go to Episode 8 to try and skip Episode 7, it instantly goes back to my original full playthrough decision which was to have Chris shoot Ashley. So it appears the time stamps in question in between trophies Fatal Grudge and Ashley Snaps for 15 minutes are impossible as there is no known way to skip from the beginning of Episode 7 to the middle of Episode 8. It appears that you are able to complete your first playthrough without ever earning a trophy through a number of conditions and certain choices but the access to the episode menu will not help you skip episodes to achieve the Ashley Snaps trophy any faster than just going to a game save from first playthrough. If anybody knows how that player got trophies Fatal Grudge and Ashley Snaps in under 15 minutes in a legit way other than trophy hacking, please let me know.
  6. This topic wasn't intended to get people flagged. I was hoping to learn something new about this game and was hoping that nobody was hacking. Everybody seems to have their own way on how to get all the trophies and collectibles. I guess there isn't any short cuts in this game other than certain choices that you make.
  7. But how did he do it then if it wasn't done that way as he doesn't have a missing time stamp? And why would he just hack one trophy? This doesn't make any sense.
  8. I thought hacking PS4 or PS4 trophies is impossible. Maybe that player played the game offline by using a new user without logging into Playstation Network then logged in with current account 1 hour after getting first trophy. If you did that on PS3, it would show as no trophy time stamp but does anybody know what happens if you do that on PS4? Maybe it shows an incorrect time stamp instead.
  9. A lot of these players high in the leaderboards in 100% Club have clearly used multiple game saves to earn trophies faster by going back to trophy event with a different choice, but is this really allowed? Also, I have found an impossible time even when using the game save method within the first couple of trophies achieved by the 3rd fastest player in 100% Club leaderboards. Ashley Snaps trophy was earned just about 14 minutes after Fatal Grudge. It's supposed to take about 1 hour 14 minutes in between those 2 trophies as you have to earn Fatal Grudge in order for Ashley Snaps to unlock later in the game. How was this impossible 14 minute time done? The only thing that I can think of is if that this player changed the PS4 system clock time back 1 hour after unlocking first trophy. Am I wrong about this? How else could it be done?
  10. It's not in the works right now but the door is open to start making it after the 3rd Alien prequel film has been released in theaters. It takes 2-4 years to make these games. Just remember how good Alien Isolation was when and if the sequel comes out.
  11. This one simple answer to your problem. The owner of the game must have the PS3 activated for his or her account and always be one of the users on that PS3.
  12. Alien Isolation is tied to the Alien franchise films. Source is: Anybody making Alien Isolation 2 will most likely have to wait until all the prequel movies are done being made. The good news is that it looks like only one more prequel movie will be made.
  13. Notice that it didn't even say it was based from a video game from Creative Assembly or Sega because they no longer have the Aliens franchise license. Disney, 20th Century Fox, and FoxNext Games now hold the license. FoxNext was able to get the Amanda Ripley voice actor for Alien Blackout and made that mobile game pretty close to an Isolation game. 20th Century Fox and FoxNext could buy Creative Assembly for an Isolation sequel but they might not have to as they already made that Blackout game themselves. Brace yourselves to all you Aliens Colonial Marines haters. The next Alien Franchise game is going to be closest to being an Aliens Colonial Marines type of game developed by FoxNext and Cold Iron Studios. It will be a MMO shooter game with a most likely release date within 2020. PS5 is also likely to be released within 2020. Time to stop hating and finally get excited. Don't be one of those players too afraid to buy a great new game because Gearbox hurt your feelings. LOL
  14. Well, I don't agree with that logic either but to me it looks like that they are running that logic unless they make an Alien Isolation sequel anyways. I think the main problems with Alien Isolation sales were that many of the fans from the first Alien film possibly aren't even gamers, horror game sales are not AAA strong, and the game's promotion was weak. Other than that, I believe for the type of game it was, the sales were good but Sega doesn't think so. People will buy the type of game that they want instead of quality. That's why ACM sold way more copies than AI despite AI being so good that it got many game awards while ACM got trashed with low reviews and hated everywhere that you go.
  15. I was just thinking about the 2010 AVP game. It had a multiplayer with certain game types that involved Marines versus Aliens and when a Marine got killed, he would respawn as an Alien in a last Marine standing game. Should a part of a perfect Aliens shooter multiplayer have that? Or maybe a competitive Marines versus Aliens NPCs where it's a last Marine standing battle royale thing. It could involve up to 100 online players all battling xenomorphs where safe zone gets smaller like Fortnite or the xenomorphs get harder and harder to survive from and day turns to creepy night..