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  1. Fulfiller of Dreams All trophies collected #83
  2. Hall of Famer Achieved 100% completion
  3. Mr. Climax Triggered all Climax Heat variations for Kiryu, Saejima, Akiyama, and Shinada
  4. A Toast Together Finished the final hostess club event and made a toast with everyone
  5. More Speed, Less Haste Complete 'Vengeance' single player level on Veteran mode in 17 minutes or less.
  6. Survivor Stay alive for 8 minutes or better on any of the Survivor mode single player levels. Seasoned Squaddie Complete any multiplayer level. Networking Complete any co-op assault map over PlayStation®Network. Idle Sentries Finish any level with five Sentry guns in your inventory.
  7. Exterminator Kill 1000 aliens in single player. This game is like a Dead Space younger brother..shorter, smaller and a little bit annoying..but its cool
  8. Tekken 7
  9. The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
  10. Tale of Sword and Soul Unlock All the Trophies #82
  11. Yeah yeah, everything will be great with MP. But at some beautiful sunday morning all ghostbusters over here will give a shiny notice "the servers will be shutdown because..well we dont give a f** about you, trophy hunters, we just need to save some $" . And then there will be a madness like now with TLOU MP on PS3. Im too old for this.
  12. Perfectionist Collect all possible in-game trophies. #80
  13. First of all Varhur, play this game. Then you will have answers for most of your questions
  14. I aint gonna pay two times for same game just to know that servers will be shutdown without any warning again.
  15. Never Runs Dry Complete a level without triggering an enforced reload (i.e. reaching zero bullets)