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  1. its back thanks
  2. i did use it- Restore profile, ive put a code and synced
  3. ive deleted my profile from psnprofiles but later i wanted to restore it but it says " DarthDeathscythe has no trophies and cannot be tracked yet " . i did restore action with code, thanks for the help
  4. Does hits when it says "you were annihilated by the invasion boss" at the end of the match still counts?
  5. Fulfiller of Dreams All trophies collected #83
  6. Hall of Famer Achieved 100% completion
  7. Mr. Climax Triggered all Climax Heat variations for Kiryu, Saejima, Akiyama, and Shinada
  8. A Toast Together Finished the final hostess club event and made a toast with everyone
  9. More Speed, Less Haste Complete 'Vengeance' single player level on Veteran mode in 17 minutes or less.
  10. Survivor Stay alive for 8 minutes or better on any of the Survivor mode single player levels. Seasoned Squaddie Complete any multiplayer level. Networking Complete any co-op assault map over PlayStation®Network. Idle Sentries Finish any level with five Sentry guns in your inventory.
  11. Exterminator Kill 1000 aliens in single player. This game is like a Dead Space younger brother..shorter, smaller and a little bit annoying..but its cool
  12. Tekken 7
  13. The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
  14. Tale of Sword and Soul Unlock All the Trophies #82
  15. Yeah yeah, everything will be great with MP. But at some beautiful sunday morning all ghostbusters over here will give a shiny notice "the servers will be shutdown because..well we dont give a f** about you, trophy hunters, we just need to save some $" . And then there will be a madness like now with TLOU MP on PS3. Im too old for this.