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  1. Thank you
  2. Hey everyone! Pretty sure i got all KH platinums 🙂
  3. Anyone know if this game will have speedrun trophies like the first one ? It the only thing that i didnt like about the first one.
  4. There is about 0% chance that you will be back on the leaderboard without hiding the game. 😶
  5. The one left of the starting point, think it was blue ? But to be honest, i'm not sure if it the best mech to use, i only had to do 2 runs to complete this minigame so it might be easier with a different one.
  6. I got 14 millions by using the starting mech, not breaking the chain for almost all the run. Always blowing up a canister when enemies nearby and the glass when enemies on it so they die with the laser trap. Also, not getting hit by the final boss give a lot of pts! Focus on the radar so you always know where are the closest ennemies so you dont break the chain. Anyway, that how i did it
  7. I agree 100% with this, i don't personnaly have a hard time with the challenge but i find 2/10 very misleading.
  8. Would it work on ps3 Hyperballoid HD dlc trophy? Or it only work for ps4 games ?
  9. The first scare jump of this game is atrocious. Man did i lower the volume after it lolll 😂
  10. I just want to get this dlc done trophy wise, if some ppl would like to group up for this urgent mission, i would really appreciate the help. I just dont want to grind this up just to solo it. PSN ID : Tinyshade_Qc Thanks in advance
  11. I was playing this game on Ps4 Pro and 2 artifacts set glichted on me. But only the 2 unmissables lasts one in the final mission
  12. Collectibles dont carry over. But it dosent matter, you only need to complete artifacts set till trophy pop. It dosent matter if it a set you already completed in your original save. It will still count toward your trophy. You say that you only had one artifact set to complete. So it should unlock after you complete your first artifact set ( ignoring the white queen one )
  13. You will need to replay ng + for a short while until completing a few artifact set. This will unglitch the trophy. I was 90% on Lara notebook and 88% on the resistance. Started ng + and dr.croft unlocked when i completed 3 artifacts set. ( All completed before hidden city ) Also i think that you will need to complete as many set as you needed in your original game. ( I also think that the white queen dosent count for the trophy counter. ) So if you needed 4 set to complete you will need to replay ng+ and complete 5 sets ( That including the white queen set since it will probably be the first one that you will complete )
  14. Yes, you can complete 2 artifacts set on by getting all documents and relics in peruvian jungle ( a few of them are also in the tombs and crypts so you need to do those too )