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  1. I would, the game is worth it and it's one of the harder platinums to get and one of the special ones. I just last year got the last Multiplayer Trophies out of the way. Now i go back every few months to do everything related to the 100%. Just did all the 200 flying rats and now i'm doing all the monster stunts. The Single Player stuff for getting the 100% (besides maybe the flying rats) is fun. Most of the Side Missions i never did before so they are in a way new to me.
  2. You mean all the achievers right? I don‘t believe old bountys will work here.
  3. So... will there be anything we start or?
  4. 1. GTA IV 2. Red Dead Redemption 1 3. Resistance 2
  5. Let's get this petition started. I mean better than doing nothing.
  6. Last time i started this game on PS3 was a long time ago. I got the PS4 Version just like the PS3 Version at Launch. Of course as soon as the PS4 Version came out i stopped playing the PS3 Version. I got the the Platinum for the PS4 Version in early 2015. Recently i looked up what i was still missing on the PS3 Version on the trophys and saw that i didn‘t got this trophy. They should at least activate this feature for like a day so people have one last chance to get this trophy. Kinda regret that i never did the last 3-4 Online trophys of the PS3 Version. But i learned from it and now my priority is to get the online trophys out of the way first.
  7. This thing really sucks. But i kinda saw that happening as soon as they stopped doing Updates for the PS3 Version. Everybody (including myself) jumped on the PS4 Version '14 and stopped playing it on PS3. As soon as developer stop working on a Game (back on the PS3 especially) it will be hacked and broken. Just like RDR1 MP and GTA 4 MP. But at this point Bountys should be reactivated in the Game. If they don't bother to fix it and people can hack money anyways then you could start reactivating it cause it wouldn't make a difference then anyways or am i seeing this wrong?
  8. But you will need it for the „Lending a Hand“ trophy!
  9. Good Job on Sonys end then if this works. I kinda had the feeling already that it would work cause i wouldn't think Sony would release it otherwise. They just say that it can destroy your Saves and other stuff to protect themself (of course they can't test every Game ever made). Maybe if someone tries like for example an Need For Speed Carbon from 2006 (Launch Game) on PS3 there could be problems and Sony just protect themself if anything goes wrong. If RDR1 works on PS3 then GTA 4 Offline/Online should also work without a problem. Since GameSpy was shutoff they moved Servers over to Sony and the Online save file since then is saved on the PS3 for GTA 4 and RDR1. And Savefiles don't have problems so far from what people are saying on the internet. Also would be interesting since Naughty Dog is talking about this feature if they (for example) make UC3 MP work without rank reset same with other Games like The Last of Us if the Multiplayer on PS3 has any problems for people. They turned it around in a good way without the PSN database being designed to do this kind of feature in 2006. Good Job Sony! People now can change there ID and play GTA 4 or Burnout Paradise with DLCs for example without losing anything and play it like they did 10 years ago.
  10. PowerPyx said, that there are missable Story Missions. So if you do you first run in the Story for fun you have to start the Story Mode again if you want to go for the 100%? That's how i understand it. Unless you focus on Trophys during your first run to get every Story Mission.
  11. No way in hell that i get platinum on this Game. I normally don't play Zombies. Getting all of them Zombie trophys is almost impossible.
  12. Whats Up?, just wondering if the Servers are already Online? I heard that you need the Day One Patch to even play it Online. Is the Patch already out? Would be very interesting if anyone who got the game already could gave us some insides.
  13. Damn, is it true that the Servers will be online starting only earliest thursday night? That would kinda suck. How was it with WW2 last year?
  14. This Trophy is glitched to 100% The Trophy should normally pop very quick after a couple of online races. I'm doing the same thing i did last year with F1 2017. I play/do everything offline first. Cause they will reset the multiplayer rank probably again 2-3 weeks after the launch.
  15. Now this is really easy and i found it out on the fly while i was starting my career mode. As soon as you go into career mode you pick one of the top teams like Ferrari for example. You choose a Teammate and the first trophy "Great expectations" will unlock. Now this is important. Don't press X again instead go straight back with circle until you're back in the menu where you can choose your team. This time you pick Renault and choose your Teammate to get the "Contender" trophy. Once again you press "circle" to go back to team choose menu. This time you pick Sauber to get the "Something to prove" trophy. After you did this you got all the three contract trophys and you don't have to worry about switching teams for the career mode again. I hope this might help you guys out 😋