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  1. I guess even by getting the 100 wins boosted this one isn't possible in 2 Weeks? What is it about the career mode? If i understand correctly i have to do 20 hours of boosting to get my Heel Rating to lvl 10?
  2. Why do i have to play every single day? I can do more then 1 win a day right? Should be easy if i always go search for the same stuff my boosting partner is searching for and do the pin right away or not??
  3. i'm thinking, is it worth it? What's the most grinding or most frustrating part? Getting the 100 Online wins? Would love to hear your take on it.
  4. Can i get both New Game+ Trophys in just one Playthrough? Or do i have to do two?
  5. For me the Boat isn't quick enough for the Boss that is what i mean....
  6. My Boat just can't compete with the KI. The KI is just driving away in the far distance. The other Bosses weren't much of a problem. What's wrong with this one? Is there a trick that i'm missing?
  7. I can't really find anything about it. Does anyone know?
  8. I just did all the Drift Zones. Found it easier than most people were saying. Now i'm doing this trophy. I bought a Nissan GT-R Premium and put it up to 399 in the Race Class. But there is just no chance on beating the "1% Club". The Lamborghini that one of the people in the crew is using is just to quick in the straight line. Also my GT-R Premium is driving like a board threw the corners. It's overtaking me like i wasn't there. What can i do to get this done? Am i doing something wrong?
  9. So how did you do it with Playlink? With 4 devices that have the app installed?
  10. How do i get my hands on the Asian Version of this Game?
  11. Just a question to everyone in the Forum. Did you guys tested the feature with the following Games and did they work? Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Need For Speed Most Wanted (2012)
  12. Which DLC Pack do i have to buy to get all the DLC Trophies?
  13. Can't anybody help me?
  14. Was this done for mistake? Better get this trophy now before someone notice.
  15. Finally a Lifetime Premium Member :)! Just want to ask is it still possible to transfer premium to a different PSN Account? Just in case i want to switch accounts sometime in the future.