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  1. We are also still looking for more People to join our Crew. We are not far away from reaching Level 20. Together we want to hit Level 50 to get the Trophy. Name of the Crew: OG Street Racers
  2. We also look for People to join our Crew. We are not far away from reaching Level 15. Together we want to hit Level 50 Name of the Crew: OG Street Racers
  3. Thought exactly the same just now. Let's see if some People will find easy methods for this.
  4. The Trail should come out at midnight on the 5th November. Just checked: can't find anything in the PS Store and the EA Access Hub. Is there a special time from when it's available? Cause i couldn't find anything to it.
  5. The Last of Us Remastered. But will probably take a break from it the time CoD MW comes out.
  6. I really liked Syndicate. Imo it was very underrated. London in the 19th Century was just a great setting for a AC imo. I always loved the Assassins Creed's more that were in Big Citys like Paris, London, Florence.... But with Origins they pretty much changed the complete Series. Since Origins and also Odyssey it's not a Assassins Creed Game anymore. It's just a Role Play Game with Assassins Creed Elements in it like the hidden blade. They did some things with AC that worked like the Black Flag Setting for example. But Origins and especially Odyssey are like if you would play a Skyrim or The Witcher just with the hidden blade in it. I really hope they go back to the old AC Setting.
  7. The quickest way (for me now) is to do 5 Lap Races with quick qualifying. Never forget to pick a rival and always do the F2 Intro. This way you get the best questions to get it quick up.
  8. I do short weekends but the question for me is really now: How can i get it fast? Can i skip stuff? What is the fastest way in reality?
  9. This should be removed. You can't see it on Peoples PSN Profiles either. An Option to hide it so that it's only visible to Moderators/Admin should be added.
  10. I did a thread about this already a couple of weeks earlyer I think crashing yourself out will get you fired from the team at one point.
  11. I play without assist with a Gamepad. But of course it depends on skills. Of course you have to look out. Most of the time i start from Pole and if not from P2. So with a good start in a 5 Lap race i will disappear really quickly from the carnage.
  12. Pure Gold was really easy for me. I got it without even really thinking hard about it. I'm Level 16 Online and got it right away. But that's because most of the time i finish P 1-3 almost every race with most finishes being P 1-2.
  13. I went with the Nintendo Switch Version this time! Way to hot to play inside. Really plays great on the Switch playing it outside.
  14. Some people already got both trophies. Trying to figure out on how to get this trophy quick? My guess would be starting a new career after getting the first of them two and just do short weekends?
  15. This seems to fix all the trophys that are still not obtainable. Patch Notes: Tyre wear will no longer scale in qualifying sessions when race distance is set to 25% or 50% Car setups will no longer change in multiplayer when going between sessions Fixed a crash seen by users who had been eliminated in Q1 and then closed the game during the press interview Fixed a number of instances where some Trophies/Achievements may not unlock in certain circumstances Various other stability and bug fixes Q: UPDATE: OUT NOW!