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  1. I think it's possible. The question more is: is it worth the time? Just started and got my first two pole positions and my first win. You could try this: try to get 1 win and 1 pole every day. After 90-100 days you should have the trophy.
  2. Good job. This is one of the many reason why I prefer disc over digital.
  3. It even uses the same trophy icons.
  4. Got it working via Direct Link Thank You Guys!
  5. Trophys are popping for me already for 13 hours. It's just invisible on the trophy servers still. The same they do for big games before launch to not spoiler anybody. Still I don't understand why it's still invisible cause it's out now everywhere in the world.
  6. But wouldn't they need to put the disc versions of shelfs everywhere? Here in Germany I can go to the next GameStop and get a brand-new copy of GTA IV for PS3 without any problem. There are still a lot.
  7. Tired to add my PSN Profiles Banner to my Profile and it doesn't work like it does in every other forum. There is no option to add BB Code and HTML just shows the text on the profile. So how to add it?
  8. That's very smart imo. The topic is over, most version got the patch and everybody forgot.
  9. Still NO patch on both version for PS3. It's almost like they did it for PC and Xbox and "forgot" to do it for PS3. Nobody complains and nobody really notice.
  10. Would be funny if a Remaster would be coming with the same trophies. You know just to see how long it will people take to get all the multiplayer trophies again.
  11. We will see it anyway at midnight today
  12. I got the Multiplayer done last year also. Still need to do the 100% but I'm currently busy with other games.
  13. It's funny, you see more and more people getting the platinum. Most of them did it over 8 or 9 years.
  14. Wrong. It's the PC Version on High Graphic settings with higher Resolution.