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  1. Not out still over here in Germany. Will still wait a bit for it.
  2. My PS Plus Membership is still fine. Even if i search for it (PS4, PS5, PS App) it only shows up for 24,99€
  3. I just looked up my libary and can find any PS Plus game of the past years in there except Battlefront 2. If i go to the Store, it shows up for 24,99€. Anyone else got that issue? I looked it up and it was in PS Plus in May. Had downloaded it before and also played it. Also after searching in my email inbox i found the receipt for it. Already tried to restore liscenses. Didn‘t work. Only other option here to contact PlayStation Support?
  4. Gran Turismo Sport crashed a couple of times for me while booting up and using picture in picture mode.
  5. I‘ve got somebody in my friendslist, that got the level 50 trophy & platinum in like 2 weeks in 2017. Was that possible with a glitch or a boost method back then?
  6. Damn, this program gave developers the opportunity to bring PS2 Games on PS4 (and PS5) and they didn‘t never really used it. If only Rockstar Games brought Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition Remix & EA both Underground 2 & Most Wanted to the PS Store. Sadly no developer is doin anything with this program anymore. Very sad.
  7. @ProfBambam55 No, all good. I just misunderstood you. (i‘m from Germany) You‘re right. It was with bags on the ground. Didn‘t knew that they could (before the GameSpy shutdown) just add cash to your profile without it. I just thought that you meant it this way. But what they still can do is teleport you on these bags of money. What is a bit of the same thing but with less and slowly more cash added to the players profile. If you don‘t turn off the PS3 quick enough, than you‘re literally F‘ed. I hope that Sony keeps up with the updates for the PS4 (especially since the PS5 is BC). I don‘t want to see stuff like this on PS4 games in 5-6 years.
  8. It‘s just funny to me that Syndicate glitches that much on PS5. What did developers just program different on this game than on 4.000+ other games. Couldn‘t Ubisoft just bring an update (if they cared enough and think it‘s worth it) and fix this mess?
  9. Might sound stupid: But is it really possible for him to cheat on a PS4 game? Are there any ways to modify save games like this on the PS4 already? And why should he only use it for one trophy that he would get anyway (Vice City case). To GTA IV: It‘s easy to get into an lobby where modders spam money on you. I landed in such an lobby, but thankfully i already had the Rank 10 trophy so nothing could happen to me. @ProfBambam55 I know you‘re the expert of GTA IV (especially Multiplayer) but it happened to me AFTER 2014. There are still modded lobby’s out there. But the last time i landed in such an lobby was probably 2-3 years ago. Didn‘t played GTA 4 for a year, but last time i played GTA 4 MP a lot (just 4 fun) at the end of 2019, i didn‘t run in a single modded lobby.
  10. The PS4 disc drive never had a CD laser. So PS1 Games were never possible in the first place. No news here.
  11. Since Road Bustle was resolting for some people for popping trophys out of order by just getting the trophys to quick. Would a similar result here remove people from the Leaderboards? I am very forfeited with games like this. I wait till the trophy pop‘s up before i continue playing so it won‘t pop out of order for me. But of course doing it that way, it takes a lot more time and you can‘t really compete on the leaderboards for fastest 100%. Would here your people thoughts of it and what you think 😊
  12. Just found someone on PSNProfile that unlocked both trophy‘s at the same time. You can photoboom pretty much at any time. And if you take a picture of yourself and someone that‘s vomiting and another person is next to him, before or after the person vomits, you get both trophys at the same time. The person that vomits can also photobomb your picture.
  13. That really sucks. Developers bringing out patches that glich trophys and can ruin peoples complete PSN Profiles Profile.
  14. I like that it‘s just QUIET. Even more quiet than my PS3 Slim. Both on the Launch PS4 and the Launch PS4 Pro model i changed the thermal paste. They got a bit quieter for 2-3 months and went right back into jet mode. The PS5 in that way is really that, what i hopped for. Sony designed a brilliant cooling system. It doesn‘t matter if i play PS5 or PS4 games, it just stays quiet. If it comes to features for me, the star of the show so far is (almost obvious) the DualSense Controller. The adaptive tiggers make you feel much more involved in the game. Can‘t wait for more Games to take use of it.
  15. 23. Started this account with 12 1/2 back in 2009. First 3 PS3 Games that i played were Assassin’s Creed 2, GTA IV & SmackDown vs Raw 2010.