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  1. Never. Why? Red Dead Redemption & GTA 4 alone are the reason why.
  2. That's why i stopped doing rank up. Is there already a better way to rank up? Doing 25 % - 50 % Races is the best choise to rank up fast as well as doing it afk?
  3. So how long do you think it took you to hit rank 50?
  4. So Guys i tried to get the "Prize Catch" Trophy yesterday with a buddy of mine and we sat down for 3 hours and we keep on getting new missions and new mission. Normally a operation has like 4-5 missions and that's it. We probably did like 10-12 of them and still it didn't end. So i wanna know if this is normal or did the game bug out of us?
  5. What i hope really happens is Midnight Club 3 since i already gave up on the NFS Games.
  6. If you try to afk the trophy by doing 50 % races by hitting the Options Button will you even get much xp? Does it depend on how long you drive and go AFK? @Lightsp33d1987 Wasn't 1.04 suppose to fix the DSQ bug? I still get it most of the time in the Qualyfing sessions. The Multiplayer looks pretty much broken right now. I get like 5-10 race wins to my profil per race it's funny.
  7. @Lightsp33d1987 Thank you very much. Will try to do the same. Are you sure that you need 1 hour every lvl? The first few levels are going by quick. What's your guess? How long did you play for level 40.
  8. So many people think to get this trophy you have to become rank 50. Do we already know if this is 100 % true? If so, how much time will it take?
  9. It works. You can change it in the menu.
  10. I don't ever get a call in the Game and also don't have it in my Operation menu. What's wrong?
  11. Thx, will try that! I know that you can now create more then just 1 career but how do i do it? I don't find the option to do it in the menu.
  12. Anyone has a idea about what the easist way is to get this trophy? I'm thinking about losing 4 races in a row by DQ and then win 4 in the career mode to get this trophy.
  13. What is the best and fastest way to get this trophy?
  14. What do you mean with "The prince"? Do you mean "il Principe" @Starrk_01 Start of the new Semester.
  15. Whats Up Guys? So today i got the Platinum for AC2 on the Ezio Collection. After getting the Platinum i thought "Should i play AC Black Flag or Broterhood next?". I had Black Flag still wrapped (not even unboxed yet) in my Game Collection. It's the only main AC Title i didn't played and platinumed yet on PS4. I decided to play Black Flag next cause i thought it will be a little bit different with the pirat setting. Great game so far. Really enjoying it but now im thinking of getting back to the Ezio Collection and start playing Brotherhood cause of the Multiplayer Trophies in Black Flag. They look very boring and lame. I got only 1 Week left of my "Summer Break" (or Holiday whatever you want to call it i'm from Germany) and after that i don't have that much time. Brotherhood on PS4 without MP Trophys looks way more enjoyable then the MP Trophys on Black Flag. So what do you guys think? 🙂 (It's very bad weather over here in Germany currently so there is nothing to do outside like going on the beach or something to do. It's just raining and bad weather for almost 6 weeks.)