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  1. The cutscenes that you can’t skip are adding too much time so that it’s impossible to get under 50 min.
  2. How do you get the statue that is up on top of an earth pedestal that is surrounded by lava? World 3 Level 3?
  3. For unknown unknown trophy you can use rocks to distract.
  4. Glitch after tutorial level where screen is blue. Anyone else get this? If so how did you end up being able to play the game?
  5. Step by step 100% full walkthrough.
  6. Patch 1.02 out now and fixes trophies and is retro active
  7. Go to your boathouse behind Prosperity, craft dynamite, go to vehicle case and get the wingless plane (unlocked in a story mission), drive on water, throw dynamite, drive over and fly!!
  8. Use my video if you’re having trouble after all level 3 expeditions and outposts. Try this
  9. Tetra’s Escape Planet RIX-13 MidnightDeluxe Perils of Baking
  10. Entire world locations completed. View video to see all locations needed for this trophy.
  11. If you miss this during the mission where there are more than 25 little enemies then use the Hit n Run challenge. Do not do any bolts, instead go to where the large robots are shooting red laser beams and turn so you are in their beam looking away from them. With the reflector weapon just wait until the 4 little enemies get dropped and then kill everything, repeat until the skill point pops and so does the trophy.
  12. Anyone else have this glitch where the enemies freeze in place? Only happening near the base as seen in the videos.
  13. Dealing with exotic animals will increase more and more with each day that passes. Always carry a lantern with you.
  14. Really want Alice 3 too! It would be cool to have a part or whole game to be like Late Shift and The bunker that are FMV.