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  1. Destiny 2 : PvP matches are done aswell as the 30 challenges. Now onto grinding exotics (12/15) and finding a emissary from beyond, which should spawn ths weekend. Then onto lightlevel grind
  2. Done with the story in Destiny 2 and reached level 20. Now on to PVP matches. Im almost done with those too
  3. For me its really important. When I joined this site I had a Completion rate of roughly 25 % or so. Now almost 75%. I am trying to get as close to 100% as I can but that will take a long time And I only play games where I know I can still get the 100%
  4. Destiny 2 - alomst done with the story on my main class (Warlock) and max level (20). Then I will start the challenge grind and get exotics
  5. I always loved the Dishonored Trophy lists. Nicely vaired and fun Will definitley be picking this up when its a little cheaper
  6. I have obtained most of the things I wanted even though I am missing a few legendary skins from the previous year. But from this year I got everything except 1 Highlight Intro
  7. Overwatch - getting both DLC trophies for Doomfist
  8. Same problem for me... I raged so hard with this trophy. In the end I missed 1 and 2 Keep on trying and dont touch any part of the bridge with your helicopter
  9. After I just got GTA V to 100%, I will now start with Assassins Creed Freedom Cry. This should be done within the week
  10. Isnt shy of a challenging platinum trophy. Nice trophy cabinet
  11. I cant decide between Overwatch and The Witcher 3
  12. Currently finishing off GTA V. Finishing off the GTA Online Heist DLC next week for the 100%. Then I will most likely finish Overwatch and finally make it 100%
  13. I just tried him out on a skirmish map woth a friend and it seems thst you have to use a "trick" to get the seismic slam killing blow trophy. Uppercut on to a roof were you can "glide" down before hitting the ground. The seismic slam will charge itself to 125 - the amount that is needed for the trophy. When you hit the ground and hit an enemy that has 200 HP he should be one-hitted
  14. Nice This could convince me to finally buy Doom and 100% it
  15. 6 people tagged with the Ultimate? I havent tried Doomfist on the PTR but looking st videos this definitley should be doable. I still havent gotten my Orisa "Halt State" Trophy yet but I will as sure as hell get it when I start going for this Doomfist trophies and I get bsck into Overwatch