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  1. Nice This could convince me to finally buy Doom and 100% it
  2. 6 people tagged with the Ultimate? I havent tried Doomfist on the PTR but looking st videos this definitley should be doable. I still havent gotten my Orisa "Halt State" Trophy yet but I will as sure as hell get it when I start going for this Doomfist trophies and I get bsck into Overwatch
  3. Thanks. This should help me a bit with reaching infamy 25 what can be quite a pain
  4. I would LOVE if they gave you the option to delete trophy lists with already achieved trophies. There are a few games in my list that are unachieveable so thst I had to hide them. Deleting them would be really nice
  5. A friend of mine actually used one of these youtube "tricks" and tried it and actually got Destiny. That was the only game that worked but still
  6. At the moment Modern Warfare Remastered is my number one priority, but a friend of mine convinced me to pick up Payday 2 which again adds a lot of trophies to my backlog. The good thing is thst I have a lot of free time in the next week so I hope I can get some stuff done
  7. I actually oppose super easy games just to get a platinum. But if I had to choose it would be Colour Guardians 🤔
  8. Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered. Currently on my Veteran Playthrough where I am halfway done. I am really enjoying this game as it brings back a lot of memories of my childhood
  9. My friend had this same problem. Are you playing in an Singe ONLINE game? You are not allowed to play Solo Offline as for some reason this does not work.
  10. I think we will see: - Days Gone Gameplay - short gameplay trailer for The Last of Us Part 2 - more gameplay for God of War 4 - more gameplay for Middle Eart Shadow of War - hopefully some Bloodborne 2 Up to this point this year in gaming was amazing but I still want to get a lot done until all the great games release at the end of this year
  11. I agree with Maxie here. I got almost all my trophies in competetive play - also rapid discord. Up till thsi date and after 150 hours in competetive I must have gotten Rapid Discord alone several times. Also that the enemy teams is staying together makes trophies like "kill 4 enemies" much easiere as you just have too pair with a friendly Zarya Ult. I would also recommend playing with a friend so thst you can coordinate if you need help with some trophies
  12. Damn good luck to all those going for this. I only played it on PC and must have had Infamy two or three while playing for 100 hours
  13. Holding up relativley well up to this point, but I see a problem with my unearned trophies as I keep adding new games to my collection due to all the sales and this months PS plus games Hope that after this months ps plus games I can finally work on decreasing my unearned trophies
  14. Very solid month concerning the free games. Will definitley be picking up Life is Strange and Killing Floor 2 as I just completed Metro Last Light and I was looking for a new game to plat
  15. Currently working on Metro Last light Redux. Only have to complete my good ending playthrough and I am done