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  1. Wolfenstein II: As my I am Death Incarnate Playthrough was completed a while back I am currently focusing on the DLC's. I have the Agent Death DLC done and the first DLC completed up to the Mein Leben run. I also just completed the story of the third DLC. This evening I will work on finishing the challenge maps (only 3) and maybe start my collectible run
  2. God of War Read Dead Redemption 2 The new Battlefield game Hopefully Last of us 2 Lego the Incredibles But I am sure this list will expand as soon as I have seen the press conferences from E3
  3. Damn this game looks amazing Now I am hyped and want to buy it day 1, but I still have two games to complete before moving on to the next game
  4. Currently trying to finish both of the remaining DLC's for Wolfenstein The New Collossus. But I wont be able to play until next week, which means I am already looking forward to it
  5. Thanks. I will give it another try in the coming weeks
  6. Yes,tried boosting it twice with no luck due to us not finding each other in lobbies
  7. Already excited to get both of those easy trophies Unfortunatley I will still have to continue trying for Doomfists Cratered trophy as I still had not had luck even after 22 hours of trying
  8. Done with Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. Now onto Lego Batman 3 where I only have to complete 8 more levels while collecting everything to get the platinum
  9. Borderlands the Pre-Sequel. Finished the Claptastic Voyage DLC Story today and now I only have to do some small tasks. Then onto grinding level 1 for every challenge and the 100%+ Platinum should be mine. Hoping to get this done within the next week
  10. Dying Light. As I just finished up The Division a few days back (finally) I am now going towards the platinum for Dying Light. Me and my buddy are almost done with only the collectibles and two random trophies left. The also should be my first platinum of the year :). As soon as we have the platinum we will finish up Bozark Horde Mode and The Following DLC
  11. Im currently jumping from game to game which frustrates me a lot. I cant seem to find a grip on one game as each of the games take a long time to complete the DLC for (Overwatch, GTA Doomsday Heist). But I will most likely start finishing up Lego Batman 3 as I really want to have that game of my list
  12. Just got done with Battlefield 1 back to 100%. During this week I am either going for Overwatch 100% , continue grinding Last Stand or Lego Batman 3 Platinum
  13. Just spawn in a tank, boat or best the Behemoth. Getting a multikill with those awarded me the Multikill part for the weapon requirement. Especially the Dreadnought on Cape Helles is an absolute beast
  14. Much easier than the previous DLC. Already have all trophies accept the Weapon Variants. Hoping to get that done by the end of the week
  15. 731 - almost at my yearly goal