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  1. Completed God of War 3 yesterday and am now trying to get the annoying Doomfist Cratered trophy in Overwatch. 25 hours of trying and counting
  2. Have been playing tones of Overwatch over this week, but I am looking forward to getting God of War 3: Remastered done this weekend
  3. God of War 3 - I am currently taking my time with this project. Playthrough on Titan difficulty is done and the challenge missions also (screw those). Now all that is left is two misscelaneous trophies and collecting all godly possessions. Should be getting this done by the end of next week
  4. God of War 3 Remastered: Finished the story and some collectibles. Now I will do the Titan Run and the Challenges. After that my last collectibles and then I am done. I should get to continue working on this this weekend
  5. I have now started to play God of War 3 Remastered. In comparison to Wolfenstein 2 Mein Leben runs a very enjoyable experience. This weekend I will see and get some progress done
  6. The Last of Us 2, Ghost of Sushima, Read Dead Redemption, maybe Battlefield V - lets see what the reveal looks like this month, Days Gone. And I am hoping to watch most of it live
  7. Wolfenstein II: I am around 18 attempts into Mein Leben and it is getting more and more frustrating.... Lets see if I continue with runs during this week or if I start and 100% God of War 3 Remastered first to relax a bit
  8. Holy Shit I am so angry right now. I finally made it to Ausmerzer in my 17th run and had just killed the big grenade launcher robot in the area prior to the final boss fight. After I cleared the bottom enemies I went up the ladder to trigger the dog from above, went back down and started firing at the enemies from down below. After a while I went back behind cover to see if I could hit some more enemies. Then I press triangle to switch to my Lasergewehr in akimbo as I had it equiped prior to my assault rifle. But FOR WHATEVER REASON he took out the grenade launcher. But I didnt realize it so I started firing. When I realised it my health was at 20 HP and No armor. I picked up some remaining armor parts from the big robot bringing me up to 35 HP/40 ARMOR. As there were no ressources at the bottom anymore I decided to go up and challenge the guys from above. But then as soon as I got up the stairs I got one-hitted by that Bitch-Ass robot sitting on top of the ledge. I was around 10 meters from health away
  9. Run 16: Ended in Manhatten Revisit. The second guy when you exit the helicopter killed me. I gave him a akimbo headshot with my handguns, thinking he would die like always. Thats why I reloaded. During reloading he got up and literally two-hitted me
  10. My Run 15 ended at the exact same spot. But now I have trained Venus and should have a solid strategy for Ausmerzer Part 2 and Venus. When I survive Venus I should be in the clear I will do my next runs tomorrow as I am exhausted If I am very very very lucky I have a shot at getting this done tomorrow - Also good luck to you
  11. Run 14: Died at Venus Part 1. Tried to stealth trough the the part but then got spotted. Killed a few guys but then decided to rush to the lab as it seemed clear. Then got killed by 3 dogs that insta-killed me. But run 15 was just started - Lets do this
  12. Run 13: made it back to Mannhatten Bunker without a problem. But then I get literally one-hitted by the guys rushing at you after grabbing the documents Will be starting run 14 either tonight or tomorrow morning
  13. Run 12: This mode is starting to break me. Run 11 ended with the robot not spawning on the ausmerzer were you use the weapons to destroy the doors - cutscene again. Run 12 ended in Manhatten with the Robot in the subway tunnel hitting a grenade laying around and one-hitting me. Never had issues up to Mannhatten revisit As I can only get around 2 tries a day done I will have to play a lot this weekend
  14. Run 9: I am able to make it past the courthouse without a problem with my own strategy but I died in Manhatten while atempting the level skip glitch... I will also have to train the Robodog ride in New Orleans a bit more, as this one is also very risky - but at least I am making progress
  15. After completing all the DLC for this game I have recently started to attempt Mein Leben runs. I hope I will make progress fast