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  1. Dying Light. As I just finished up The Division a few days back (finally) I am now going towards the platinum for Dying Light. Me and my buddy are almost done with only the collectibles and two random trophies left. The also should be my first platinum of the year :). As soon as we have the platinum we will finish up Bozark Horde Mode and The Following DLC
  2. Im currently jumping from game to game which frustrates me a lot. I cant seem to find a grip on one game as each of the games take a long time to complete the DLC for (Overwatch, GTA Doomsday Heist). But I will most likely start finishing up Lego Batman 3 as I really want to have that game of my list
  3. Just got done with Battlefield 1 back to 100%. During this week I am either going for Overwatch 100% , continue grinding Last Stand or Lego Batman 3 Platinum
  4. Just spawn in a tank, boat or best the Behemoth. Getting a multikill with those awarded me the Multikill part for the weapon requirement. Especially the Dreadnought on Cape Helles is an absolute beast
  5. Much easier than the previous DLC. Already have all trophies accept the Weapon Variants. Hoping to get that done by the end of the week
  6. 731 - almost at my yearly goal
  7. Alomst done with the second DLC in Battlefield 1. Then I will start grinding the Last Stand wins in The Division
  8. Im almost done with the Survival DLC for The Division. Already extracted 66/100 items in Survival. Should get this done by the end of the week. Then onto Last Stand
  9. Sounds fun - I would listen to it, especially while grinding some tedious games
  10. The Division Survival DLC and the Cratered Trophy for Overwatch
  11. Damn I also unlocked both trophies for Moira within two games in playing with her, while both popped within one minute. Atleast I am done with her trophies Now I will try for Doomfist again.
  12. For me it is Doomfist's Cratered trophy. After roughly 15 hours going only for the trophy it seems like it is impossible. But with the new trophies for Moira I think that I will be playing a lot more so that I can get my 100%
  13. Finally some doable achievments in comparison to Cratered Still on the grind to get that trophy
  14. Im also really pissed off about this trophy. I have roughly 400 hours on the game and I am still sitting at 98%. 15 of those hours are Doomfist Playtime in which I only went for the trophy as I dont enjoy the character. First I thought that Orisas Halt State was crazy but Doomfists trophy takes it to a whole new level.
  15. I guess. But either way New Game + should still be annoying at some points as you often just get one-hitted