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  1. #46 Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Well - this sure did take a while. After playing through realtistic difficulty a few years back I finally decided to give this game another go after I had abandoned it back then due to the huge task of "Personal Decorator" which is nothing less than getting 100% in the campaign part of BO3. The grinding was actually quite fast but the crashes that occured during the grinding made it longer than it had to be. In the end only playing through the campaign remained, which was suprisingly the easiest feat. In conclusion it can be said that the campaign component was okay but nothing more. Now onto the first DLC
  2. Im at Level 20 and have paused the game until they add more content. I just cant be bothered to play more than two rounds of Online with some of the game mechanics and bugs. If they add more content such as Heists or more Story Missions in general I will get back to this game.
  3. I really hope that this game will be a good Open-World-Game, as this setting could really show some good potential. Since Read Dead Online was a big disappointment for me I am really looking for something to play
  4. Currently working on the Personal Decorator Trophy in Black Ops 3. There is still a lot to get through but we are currently making some good progress towards all the gun camos and attachments. After we get that done we will continue with the Campaign Challenges
  5. Platinum #45 Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Difficulty: 8.5/10 In the end I actually have to say that this game wasnt actually about the difficulty of the individual levels but more about dedication. If you create strategies for each level and know most of the enemey spawns this game is even doable for non-FPS-players. Another problem is the knowledge throughout the entire playthrough, that if you die you lose around 2.5 hours of progress. My successfull run took me around 3 hours and 20 minutes or so, while taking some breaks The proclaimed hardest level of the game "Courthouse" wasn't a problem for me - I didn't die once there. The level that gave me the most trouble was the Roswell underground section, due to so many things going wrong and so on... If you were contemplating about going for this plat - try it. The satisfaction at the very end was one of the best in gaming - Also this game is really a fantastic shooter!
  6. Wolfenstein II Extremely challenging game - but now it is done
  7. Just completed Mein Leben. It took me roughly 20 tries without practicing but it was all worth it at the point were you killed General Engel with an axe. Now I am exhausted
  8. Currently finishing up the last episode from HITMAN (Hokkaido). If I am lucky I should be getting this done by today
  9. 1. The Last of Us 2 2. Cyperpunk 2077 3. Read Dead Redemption I am already really looking forward to 2019 gaming-wise
  10. Still working on HITMAN. My progression was a little slow due to the release of the Christmas Event in Overwatch. But I think I should be able to continue working on the Map Marrakesch and get some more trophies
  11. Currently taking a break from Read Dead Online with the game HITMAN. But I will most likely continue Read Dead Online as soon as they fixed this joke of an economy. I have already finished the starting trophy set and am now working on the Paris map. I should get this done within the week. But at the moment I am really enjoying the game HITMAN
  12. I strongly agree with all the things you guys listed here. I finsihed the game two days ago and also already achieved all the missable trophies. I think I will start working on the and try to get the platinum but I am also aware that I probably wont get this done before beginning of next year, due to it being an unnecessary grind... I just hope I dont get burnt out by this game
  13. Read Dead Redemption 2: Finished the story today and almost have all non-trophy related side missions done. I should be finishing the rest of the side missions by tomorrow evening. After that it will be time to getting some miscelaneous trophies before tackling the long ones
  14. Thanks for posting those! They dont look hard at all Those should be some that you can easily get done in one day
  15. I dont know if I have missed it in this thread, but are these animals actually required for a trophy ( in other words: Do they count towards the 100%). Or are you guys just getting them to be safe, before someone finds out?
  16. I am soooo excited for this game Unfortunatley we still have to wait one more day before we can enjoy this game
  17. Today I got Assasssins Creed 4 Black Flag done For the remainder of this week I will play the Overwatch Halloween Event and then beginning from next friday dive into Read Dead Redemption 2
  18. Still working on Assassins Creed 4. I got lucky in my last rounds and had some good boosting partners, which now leaves me with only one trophy left - getting to level 55. I am currently level 49, which means that I willget this done mid of next week
  19. Damn this trophy list is really looking good - 100%,level 50. I think this platinum will have a similar rarity and time commitment like GTA V. Thanks for sharing the trophy list and I literally cant wait for this game
  20. I might me in the minority here, but I am actually looking forward to some tough multiplayer trophies, as getting the Mastermind Challenges (Doomsday Heist) were really a lot of fun to get with my friends
  21. I have finally completed Call of Duty Advanced Warfare with all its DLC's. In the end it was actually quite fun except constantly retrying Easter Eggs due to not getting good weapons at the start Now I am casually grinding some Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag levels in the multiplayer mode to get closer to level 55. Lets see if I can get this done until Read Dead Redemption 2 releases because then that game will have my FULL attention:D And I also recently got 2 of my 3 yearly trophy hunting goals done
  22. Damn. I hoped that they wouldnt add anymore trophies... But oh well, if the update is already out I should be getting this done tonight or tomorrow
  23. Just recently finished A Way Out with a buddy of mine - really nice and enjoyable game . Due to me now making the transition to University I am taking it slow with the trophy hunting. I would be happy if I could 100% Advanced Warfare until Read Dead Redemption 2 comes out
  24. I develpoed a solid strategy with a friend of mine that was based on our playstyle. We also never needed extra medicine as we extracted within roughly 30 minutes. It is important that you know Division Tech spawns, so you can craft the really strong weapons in the DZ
  25. As far as I can tell they have updated the trophy "Strike" to only hitting 4 people in 4 seconds. This should make it alot easier