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  1. It will more than likely stay as is. The game has only been recently updated to promote Cold War, and that's it. The above mentioned all BR modes that are currently in circulation, which have stayed the same for ages now.
  2. Yeah, I'm unable to connect. I heard somewhere that LBPV was unaffected and that was probably the case until recently, RIP. Still need to do 50 Unique Plays, among other things
  3. So I might try and brute force my way through this game. The thing is, I can't remember how many "online" flags I got before server shutdown. I haven't got the game installed currently so I can't check but - is there a way to differentiate "online" flags from others? Sorry if it's a question that has been asked already
  4. It's still fairly expensive, especially in certain parts of the world. You can't just expect everyone on here to own a PS4 man.
  5. 26 May: delisted in Europe and Middle East regions. Server shutdown for these regions is slightly later than US/Japan. 25 August 07:00 GMT 2020.
  6. Ratchet and Clank 2016
  7. I plan to get 100%. My only worry is Dragon Fin Soup which still doesn't have a patch (without this patch most trophies for it are unattainable) For any games I can't be bothered with getting the platinum for but want to try out (Fallout 4, for example) I have an alt account for it. The only reason I wouldn't do this is if I wanted to become #1 which will never happen lol 2021 EDIT: This aged well... DFS never got a trophy patch, I've long lost my 100% completion status and I've yet to play Fallout 4. At least the old me knew I was never going to get to #1. Smart kid.