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  1. I can see my Premium again on my profile homepage, but It's weird, because on forum I'm still just a member. EDIT: Now it's saying "Premium Member" again! Thank you for fixing it!
  2. first I bought it for michaelge1990 account in 2013 I think. then in 2014 or 2015 I've asked someone from your staff if it is possible to transfer this premium to another account, because I was moving on and he was so kind to do it. Unfortunately I don't have anything to prove it. I've searched for my ticket or receipt but with no luck... :/ EDIT: I've checked my inbox on my first account, but it's empty too. :c
  3. Today I've also lost my lifetime premium
  4. Thanks for the answers everyone. That confirmed my worst worries. I've never heard of "permadeth in one sit" before. This idea sucks, but I'm gonna play the game for plot and fun, then.
  5. Hey, 1. Can somebody who already have that game tell me if "Mein Leben" difficulty unlocks after finishing the game on any difficulty? 2. Does the game run smoothly on ps4? 3. Are there any major bugs? Thanks in advance!
  6. That's why I will hide that one in worst scenario.
  7. I didn't talk about downloading... I had no luck with redeeming US promo code on PL account. I guess the only way for me, to prove it right is to make a 8h live stream while this glitch occurr again. The chance to perfectly redo everything is very slim and don't worth trying as I don't really care much about leaderboard in that particullar game. Anyway... If anyone else has ever experienced "trophy won't pop until reboot" glitch (especially on 5.00 Beta 3 or Beta 4), then report it here. Other way just tell me how to hide flagged game and shortly after we can close this thread.
  8. Sorry, I've felt like I'm being accused. Also I still can't see US save even when I use search feature. US results are for PS3 only. :/ I've had 1 month ps+ to redeem in US, so there was no need to import physical copy for 5$. This promo could not be applied on my account due to region lock. :c
  9. Nice find mate! After reading thread you've mentioned I can see that many users have used save provided to trophy cheat when the game was free for ps+ subscribers and that's the reason why I was put into one bag with them. I'm still calling false positive. I won't give you "there's no resign on ps4" and even "I haven't used/seen that one before". Instead of that I'll give you this "There is EU save and my game was US region". I don't know if it works with other regions but I assume that after seeing [EU] in the prefix. Maybe someone else can confirm that because I don't have this game anymore.
  10. First of all I've should stated that I've not played this game for trophies and haven't read any guide, because this game don't even have a platinum. I've just played through the story and done many activities between them. The next time I ran the game I was as suprised as you are when trophies started to pop. I freed a group of slaves and boom! - Liberation Day + Seeds of Independence shortly after. This would not be odd to me if It didn't said - "freed your first slave". They have to be my +500 slaves. And by playthrough I meant not full playthrough. How do you call part of playthrough, semi-playthrough? Sorry for my english but it's not my native language. EDIT: Okay I've got it - game session.
  11. Mi5hmasH563 Game disputed: Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry Reason the game was flagged: (Too fast) "They obtained the trophy for saving 500 slaves 6 seconds after freeing their first slave. This is impossible to do. They also earned the trophy for plundering 30 ships 44 minutes after earning their first trophy. This is impossible because it should take at least 30-40 minutes to get your first ship. Then it should take at least another 2 hours or so to plunder 30 ships." Your dispute/reason it shouldn't be flagged: This is not too fast when your PS4 console\game stuck into "no trophy popup" mode till the endgame. As I remember this game took me two game sessions. One longer with no trophies popped up for me due to a glitch and second one to finish the game and collectables. I don't have any proof. BTW I'm on 5.00 Beta 4, if it may caused the problem.
  12. Oh that's good news. Thanks for sharing.
  13. As I see there is a trophy named "Complete Farewell" which should be DLC trophy. If it's not fixed then this gold bastard will prevent people who bought standard edition from getting platinum trophy? What do you think ? ;P UPDATE: Developers said they did it by mistake and this will be fixed on the release.
  14. I've finished the game without killing anyone and got good ending. After credits I've started collecting evidences as BLACK killing everyone. When I save and continue as RED I'm still having good ending. What am I doing wrong? SOLVED: Had to complete following chapters from start to end: Job for Robert Ramsey, The Victim, Jasper’s Dying Minutes, by killing everyone and abandoning all friendly NPC's. Next thing was to continue RED story and reload chapter.