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  1. I honestly wish I could sit down and binge on a good ps3 game, but for plenty of reasons I cannot. And League of Legends bypasses many of these reasons just by inherent design! 1. I'm cheap. And the only game store within walking distance is OPAF (over-priced as fudge. What, were you expecting something else?) League of Legends is free unless you want to pay for it (guilty.) and isn't pay to win. 2. I don't have time. Four classes and a 12hour per week job doesn't sound like much, and in actuality it could be much worse (I'm really expecting to be slammed Spring 2017) but I place priority on my schoolwork (as one should.) As such, I don't like playing for more than one hour at any given time. Luckilly, most League games last less than 50 minutes (an hour when you factor in waiting for a group and loading) Aaaand 3. I cannot carry my ps3/games/tv with me everywhere, yet my laptop fits right in my backpack! Anywhere there's an outlet and a table, I'll play League. Those are obviously not the only reasons, but they are the biggest. College is rough
  2. I'd love to participate! Sign me up! ...is what I would say if I didn't read the rules and see that I am faaar below the post count requirement. Darn. Perhaps it is better this way. At college, game stores are few and far between, mailing isn't really an option because of my parents' paranoia, and I only ave a ps3 availible (with a ps4 at home, granted. No Vita though...) Well, if there's some way I, a newbie, can participate, please tell me. If not, expect me to be cheering from the sidelines, trash talking the people who aren't, and trudging through homework when I'm not. Best of luck to all
  3. Actually, the thing about most (not all) of my ps3 games is that they were played via a psNow subscription via my ps4 before I got my ps3. I would indeed have to buy Ascension, but it's only $5 at GameStop so I could easily do that. I like the idea of Prince of Persia best, but I've never played any game in that series so my plan right now is to buy and try games from multiple series and potentially then decide. It won't earn as much PP Points, but eh, I might not care as much as I think I do. The ultimate goal is 2^8 platinums so any will work. Thanks all for the input!
  4. So, I've been considering starting a project platinum series to jumpstart my inevitable goal of 2^8 platinums, and since I received a gift card from my grandmother for Valentines Day, nows as good a time as ever. But being a college student, I am too lazy to decide which series to start with, especially with my criteria. I only have my PS3 at my dorm. I have a ps4 at my house, but I don't have a vita period. So PS3 is preferable to ps4 is preferable to vita. I have a roommate who may or may not be receptive to jrpgs or the like. Haven't really tested the waters there. So series like neptunia or atelier would not be preferable. Nothing too time consuming. I have homework! This says nothing about difficulty though. Since the nearest affordable game store needs a bus ride to take, I want to buy all the games at once. So affordability too. Otherwise I'm good to try anything. So, good friends of the forums, what do you recommend?
  5. Hmmm... A cult classic MMO based in Texas... I can only guess... I can only guess... Anyway I've essentially put Disgaea on the backburner myself. I downloaded Shadow of the Colossus and have been playing that whenever I have time, as I don't have nearly as much of that crap now that I'm back at college. Each colossus literally takes just a few minutes to kill, and I'm honestly surprised it has a really low trophy rate for just about every trophy (even the initial first colossus one is sitting at roughly 75%!) but this thread is for Disgaea so feel feel free to disregard my ramblings. Still haven't beaten the third chapter as a result... Now I still want to actively participate, but it appears like yet again I got a little too eager. Besides, I got a job interview Wednesday, and if that goes well (which I REALLY hope it does...) I'll have even less time for gaming. Ah well. At least this semester I have three less hours of classes. That's something, right? I'll end this post on that note. I wish you and me the best in our platinum acquiring antics!
  6. All of these suggestions are good; however, they fall within the wrong time frame. I edited the opening post to better specify, but the class is U.S. History 1865->present. This means no Revolutionary War, no Western expansion, no Civil War... But yes to the Great War(s) (or World War(s)), Cold War, and even to modern day ethical issues that didn't necessarily exist twenty or thirty years ago. Games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which revolves around the ethics of body modification/augmentation, and the class issues it presents. Also, that Fallout example was perfect. Completely forgot about that one.
  7. For once in my life, school has finally given me an excuse to play video games! If you don't know me (which you wouldn't unless you saw my greeting post some time ago...) I am a college freshman, and this semester I am taking a course on United States history from the end of the Civil War to the present. One of the possible assignments I can do for this class is an analysis on video games that have historical themes. Yay! So obviously I'm going to attempt that one. However, what games are good? Note that I'm asking for suggestions on games that will help me write the analysis. I am not asking anyone to write my paper for me. Please don't. All I need to know about the game is the time frame in which it deals with (Gilded Age, WWII, etc.) Some games that the syllabus gives as examples include Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, and Bioshock. And though I haven't played this particular one and it wasn't on the syllabus, I know Spec Ops: The Line would be a great example. Also remember the class only deals with history following the Civil War. By the way, the games do not have to be good. They just have to be heavily thematic. Thanks for your eventual suggestions! I'm assuming I'll get plenty. Wish me well with my studies, and have a great day!
  8. Okay, I actually know these questions now! Well, save for one... Alright, so I'm not quite past chapter 2 yet, and I said I was gonna try to clear chapter 3 by tomorrow. If I'm to hit my own personal checkpoint, I'll need to either extend my deadline or strictly play Disgaea tomorrow. Honestly I'm not certain what I'll do about that in particular. Also again, I'm still not sure if I can take screenshots with this game (and also how to do it if it is possible.) I think it may be because I can't update the game (blame my Internet...) With regards to your photos, however, I haven't found how to get the two characters/cheat shop you showed. Are they exclusive to the Vita version? Are they dlc on the ps3 version? In either case, I'll be unable to get them. And I see why you like the one character, but I have to say Fenrich so far is my favorite character. He's clever, conniving, witty, cunning, meticulous... and funny. But I can say that about any character in this game. The writing is just amazing in that regard.
  9. Alright time to get the ball rolling! I went ahead and got the intro anime trophy over the weekend but now the real fun starts! Well, I say it's fun now... Anyway, I'm stuck figuring out how to take screenshots with my ps3. All the methods I found through an Internet search proved fruitless, and my last resort would be to take pictures with my phone, but I'm pretty sure no one on here wants to see those pictures (heck, I don't even...) I'm going to get started pictures or no, but at least let me get the trivia questions out of the way first...
  10. So it would appear that the ps3 and Vita versions of D4 have different trophy lists... As in VERY different trophy lists. Just to be clear, I'll be doing the ps3 version. I've got another free week before I go back to college, and then life becomes busy busy. Because of that and my own unfamiliarity with the Disgaea series, my goal will be to get New Party Established (clear chapter 3) by Friday, after which I will hopefully know what I need to do for the future. Best of luck to us.
  11. Hmmm... I hadn't really given much thought of what to do after 128... Keeping with the whole powers of 2 thing I have going on, 256 seems the next logical step. But I don't even own 256 games period, across all my consoles and handhelds, let alone ones that have a trophy list! I'll stick with 128 as my long-term goal, as 256 just seems absurd right now. Also, one of two things is happening. Either my computer isn't quoting you guys when I click the quote button or I haven't been around long enough to unlock that. Can anyone tell me which?
  12. You've got my attention! As fate would have it, I recently acquired Disgaea 4 and haven't touched it yet, so I'll play along on that one. I don't have a Vita though, so if I were to get more games, I cannot get D2. But I can easily find the other one for the ps4! That begs the question, could I play along with Disgaea 3 so I have three games? Anyway, the last (and only so far) game I played in the series was the one for the ds, and that was years ago. I remember only a few details from it, so all this talk about submitting a character is going over my head... Eh but I'm sure I'll figure it out as I go. Once more, count me in!
  13. Yeah this forum does seems to be on the friendly end of the toxic spectrum... That's a good thing. It's extremely reassuring to know there exist gamers who care about doing well and achieving while simultaneously being friendly in the process. Having played League of Legends for a few years, I was almost starting to abandon hope haha. Nice to meet you all! Hope our trophy hunting paths shall cross! Also, one last thing, I have both Dragon Age Origins and Inquisition, and I've recently started playing through the latter, but is it better to start with the first?
  14. Salutations! I am but a humble connoisseur of the finest of digital... ...On second thought, screw being formal. Hi there! I'm ENinjask123, or if you'd prefer an actual name, Mitch. I'm a college freshman studying computer science with aspirations of being a game designer someday. Though I won't pretend that'll be easy to accomplish, but that's its own tangent. You probably know why I'm here (doesn't everyone come here for the same reason?) but I'll say it anyway: to have a good time collecting platinum trophies. So far I have two, one of which was earned yesterday GO ME!!! *Ahem* but I'm hoping to double that. And then double it again. And then double it some more. Being a computer science major, it seems reasonable to think in terms of twos, so how does 128 platinums sound? That's it. My ultimate goal is 128 platinums. No rush though. Unless of course you're referring to the band Rush, in which case the answer is always yes. I'd like to meet some of the more experienced trophy hunters, and possible get involved a bit with community projects. I've been looking at the Project Platinum threads and that seems really fun, but I'm waiting to build my game library and my skills first. That's it for me! Someone else respond now so I know who I'm typing all this for. Cheers!
  15. I really enjoyed my time playing Just Cause 3, though I need to do trophy cleanup with it still. The reviews I looked at pre-purchase generally agreed it got more than slightly repetitive, but, at least for me, the explosions never got old (though thinking about it, they probably did and I just didn't care.) Shadow of Mordor is the only other one have from the sandbox genre, but I'm not a huge fan... That is, not to the extent of JC3. As for open world RPGs though I'm no expert, despite owning Witcher 3 and Dragon Age Inquisition, though both are really good from what I've heard.