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  1. Never experienced any of them
  2. Ah okay may get the PS4 then
  3. Just before i start talking about skyping etc, let me just mention all the games I have on PS3 which i play often: -FIFA 13 -Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution -Call of Duty BlackOps 2 -Call of Duty Ghosts -GTA V -GTA IV So basically i had a headset and it broke etc so I can't really talk ingame etc so now only option is speaking to friends on skype while playing a certain game. So if any of you guys wanna do missions on GTA V, play 1v1 on either COD games or even up for a fifa game or naruto fight, reply on this thread. My skype account is: KashSenpai I have two PSN accounts, one of them are shown in my signature and the other is KashSenpai. Simply reply with what game you want to play with me and i'll tell you which account to add. My stats on COD have been messed up due to several hacking/modding in past experiences by other players on the game. So wanted to make a fresh start etc. New account:KashSenpai
  4. Hi there, so i've already asked people on this forum about how to get certain dlc packs on COD BO2. And i was searching on Youtube how to get them free or whatever because i know many people who have by simply just purchasing the game and no season passes etc and from the comments of the videos i came across people talking about game sharing. So i wanted to ask what is game sharing and how it works? Does it require the details of other users etc?
  5. Right now I'm not sure if i should bother buying a PS4 or Xbox One because Microsoft are gonna release Xbox One S on August 2nd so Sony would have to create another console which counteracts their company. Plus PS4 release date was in 2013 which is nearly 4 yrs old :/
  6. I did buy the standard version in a shop ?? Quick question: Is it only on tranzit mode that it's possible to deposit and withdraw money in game in the town map? Or is it possible in survival and grief modes as well?
  7. Well tbh i'm still happy lol, but had to create a new psn account just for cod, because as soon a i started playing bo2 there were just lag switchers etc everywhere and i literallly couldn't find a single game where i could actually play properly, but now i haven't even encountered a single problem on the game
  8. Hey guys, just downloaded Pokemon Go and i want you guys to give any tips on the game in this thread Please comment below!
  9. PES myClub 2016 for PS3.
  10. bro the problem is finally sorted out, went to play multiplayer and zombies and both work perfectly fine, i think activision actually did something about it so now we can play the game freely without any hackers now
  11. For some odd reason KashSenpai is not available to be chosen as an url on Youtube so it had to be KashSenpaiFitness even though it had the more votes :/
  12. Kashsenpai not akasunauchiha
  13. bro check out the new channel not my old one I see u stalked me a little And please vote on the poll above its still a stalemate
  14. Bump