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  1. Yes like say above if you haven't done it yet delete your save data then wait for games to load give it a minute then go for trophy again.
  2. I've had Reinventing the Wheel trophy not popping. I've tried many different routes like reinstalling the game even downloaded it my little 1s Vita on same account and will not working. Has anybody got any help? EDIT: I got it to work in the end by deleting the game through Content Manager. Then I reinstalled Word Wheel and loaded the game and gave it a minute put haps in the first puzzle and it popped. I saw the game it slow method that luckydonut put in a reply on US version of the game.
  3. Thanks for following me :-)

    Followed you back...

    Have a wonderful weekend and hope WFC do well hehe

    1. DiViD1WFC


      Cheers buddy. After coming back from today's game in gonna lock myself in a room a just shout a lot. In other words we lost badly 😑😑😑

    2. BeTheBesty


      Awwww sorry to knowΒ πŸ™Β Better luck next week xx

  4. Haha yes I've done that too, well twice. Once on PS4 and PS Vita. My Name is Mayo is better than my last platinum Little House on the Prairie. That is really awful. My Name is Mayo is quite funny at times at least. Thanks for reply. When I was younger I used to say my American football team were LA Rams. Then the franchise moved and I lost interest in the sport. Franchise sport teams don't go down to well in the UK πŸ˜‰
  5. Thanks buddy. I love Yorkshire and Scotland. I try and get round the country a fair bit, well I suppose I have I felt deliver all across Britain πŸ˜‰. Thanks for the compliment about my trophy whoring πŸ˜‚ I'd rather enjoy a game as well but I have spurts of just whoring trophies. All the best to you
  6. Thanks buddy. I didn't think I'd get a reply. I did feel so lonely 😁
  7. I'm not really that new here. Although I've never here posted before. So onto my introduction. I'm a British and a football fan. My team is Walsall FC. I do follow Ajax and Rangers and go to the odd game of either here and there. I'm also a trophy lover. I turn from trophy whore and game lover (not so bothered about trophies) every now and then. I hope that enough for an intro for now.