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  1. Ok; here's my list ^^ 1/ Dante's inferno (easy platinum, but hardcore 100 percent; and to my opinion, still one of the best games on ps3) 2/ God of War 3 3/ Gran turismo 5 (ouch, this one made me suffer a lot; i remember going to work without sleeping some days because of this gold trophy haha^^) 4/ God of War 5/ Final Fantasy XIII (nice game; but very long farming at the end, prolly more than 200 hours) 6/ Fifa world cup 2010 7/ Rayman Origins 8/ Fist of the north star Ken's rage 9/ God of War 2 10/ SSX So yeah, a pretty decent list to start trophy hunting i guess^^.
  2. Got Wipeout HD's platinum like me ^^
  3. All Prince of Persia games; because i already did the forgotten sands platinum (was free with ps plus), and i discovered this great franchise a little late. So, i think ill go for the platinum on all of those games^^. (nice topic idea btw^^)
  4. Hi there! Got exactly the same problem here, watertownsfinest; i tried this with my cousin's i phone 6 and then the tablet, but everytimes the AR studio's apply starting well; but keep crashing after about 20 seconds (and got this same message about the second screen who stay in black all the time). Maybee i should log on playstation app with my own password and ID and not my cousin's ID? I think we already did the update for playstation app. So well, if anyone got a good idea; it will be nice; thank you very much guys^^.