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  1. Can confirm this worked for me as well on 1.03. No need to do a good playthrough on 1.0 first.
  2. As far as I know saves aren't backward compatible. I had to restart the game after downgrading. I tried to load a save from a later version and the game wouldn't let me.
  3. I tried the South End for a little while but the skeletons didn't spawn fast enough for my liking. I'd get maybe 4 per havoc form. With the newest patch, you can respawn at the nearest Vulgrim. I then saw somewhere about using the Blistering Bridge checkpoint which has 9 or 10 skeletons that you can kill and then respawn. This seemed to go faster in my mind and I was getting more kills per havoc form.
  4. Here's the thing. By my theory your profile is how your collectible type trophies are tracked. Everything you do on any save is added to the total for each trophy. The profile is the key. I know this because I backed up and reloaded my save to get both of the artifacts trophies, the humans trophy, and the enhancements trophy.
  5. So I finished the game just now and was able to get the trophy for apocalyptic. I then updated the game and downloaded my save from the cloud and beat it on balanced and got that trophy too. 1.0 is a mess.
  6. I'm curious as to how you were able to do this. If I try to load a save on 1.0, the game won't let me. It instead changes the save description to say 'please update the game'. And if I try to start a new game on 1.0, when I get to Maker's Forge and try to continue, a message pops up on the screen telling me to let the game finish installing. And I'm stuck there, because the game is finished installing. The second part has been confirmed on PowerPyx's trophy guide. Edit: I was able to continue past Maker's Forge by playing on easy. Of course when I change the difficulty, the game warns me that changing it might 'invalidate some achievements'. We'll see what happens.
  7. I found this the other day. I bookmarked so I can use when I have all of the hollows. Both Demonic and Angelic artifacts are on here.