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  1. Took me around 3 hours with a "stop and smell the roses" play style, including the collection of all trophies.
  2. At the end of the game you are given two choices, "resist" or "walk away". I chose to walk away which lead to a small cut scene and ending credits. Upon completion of ending credits I'm taken to the menu screen where I continue the game. From there, I'm placed in a never-ending loop of ending credits and continuing the game again and again. Fast traveling, quitting the mission, choosing a different mission, restating the last checkpoint, and closing the game completely all fail to resolve the issue. Don't know if this bug is only connected to the "walk away" choice or not or if it matter which system it's being played on (I'm on the PS4 Pro). Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. This trophy is definitely broken. I too played this on Mastermind as a black character (the choice all the way to the right). Being that you cannot change the difficulty settings after the fact, there is no reason for the trophy not to pop. Very frustrating.